A unipolar world will soon be replaced by a multipolar one

Kedmi: The collapse of US hegemony will make the countries that have benefited from it suffer

When the US hegemony collapses, the states that are under US influence will be in a state of total uncertainty. Israeli political analyst Yaakov Kedmi speaks about it.

A unipolar world will soon be replaced by a multipolar one, and US supremacy in world politics and economy will come to naught. Attempts to isolate Russia have only hastened the collapse of Washington’s hegemony, says the political scientist.

However, the illusion of US supremacy is likely to stay around for a few more years. Yakov Kedmi explains: countries which got rich by using the Star-Spangled Banner will have to suffer.

“This is already being talked about openly all over the world, even by the Americans themselves, clearly not pro-Putin organs. They have written serious things about it,” said the political analyst.
The U.S. has thrown all its energy into a confrontation with Russia at the expense of the Ukrainian crisis. However, Kiev has deprived Washington of the authority to collectively put pressure on China, the Global Times believes.