A Thousand Days to Flatten the Curve And Succumb to Tyranny – C J Hopkins

ER Editor: Readers may also be interested in this longer assessment from writer C.J. Hopkins, who lives in Germany, titled

CJ Hopkins: We’ve Got About a Month Before New Normal Germany’s New Enabling Act Takes Effect

BE SURE TO WATCH THE TWEETED VIDEO BELOW – IT’S SHORT BUT DISTURBINGLY INSTRUCTIVE (the passenger speaks in English) (Go to Link at end to access Twitter video)

Of note:

For example, if you’re flying to New Normal Germany from some other country where reality prevails, the moment your plane enters German airspace, you are required to don a medical-looking mask, and not just any old medical-looking mask, but an FFP2 Filtering Face Piece as defined by the EN 149 standard, which has been proven to protect you from the BA.5 Variant of the Omicron Variant of the SARS CoV-2 Variant (i.e., the original Covid-19 Variant) by the “the Golden Syrian Hamster Model,” according to the New Normal German authorities.**

And that is just one of the numerous examples of the fascistic spirit that has taken hold of the country I willingly emigrated to almost exactly 18 years ago, which I now no longer recognise. Here’s another one, which will turn your stomach. It’s a video clip of a Deutsche Bahn Gestapo Officer (a newly created official position formerly known as “train conductor”) barking orders at a maskless woman, over and over, like in a Spielberg film, then finally physically assaulting the woman …

[German/English translation using Google: “What a nursery. Railway employee treats adult woman like a small child.”]


I think that will suffice in terms of examples of the atmosphere here in New Normal Germany.

Now, believe it or not, I have tried to give the German people the benefit of the doubt (i.e., as a people) during the last two and a half years. Sure, I have occasionally likened their behaviour to the behaviour of the German people during their unsavoury (i.e., Nazi) past, and I have compared the evolution of New Normal Germany to the early days of Nazi Germany on … OK, more than a few occasions, but I have emphasised that this disturbingly fascistic, mindless, order-following behaviour has nothing to do with the German character per se, because we’ve seen the identical disturbingly fascistic, mindless, order-following behaviour erupt in countries all over the world, but, at this point, if the German people continue to behave in a disturbingly fascistic, mindless, order-following manner while people all throughout the rest of the world go about their daily lives without having to show their “vaccination papers” to some goon to be allowed to enter a café and get a fucking cup of coffee, and otherwise exist in a more or less maskless, post-mass-hysterically-paranoid state … if the Germans are willing to continue to do that (i.e., behave in the aforementioned mindlessly fascistic, authority-worshipping, frightening fashion and make themselves the laughing stock of the world), I’m not going to be so nice anymore. I’m going to call them some derogatory names. I’m going to question their character as a people. I’m going to publicly speculate about exactly what the fuck is wrong with them.

I hope and pray I don’t have to do that. We’ve got about a month before the new “restrictions” take effect. Which is plenty of time for the German people to rise up and put an end to all this. I’ve been assured by my German friends that the German people will not do this, but what can I say? I’m a hopeless optimist. …


A Thousand Days to Flatten the Curve

The Scholz cabinet approves the final draft of the Infection Protection Act

The final proposal is as simple as it is absurd:

From 1 October 2022 to 7 April 2023, regardless of case numbers or hospitalisations, and even if not a single person is dying of Omicron anywhere at all, a general FFP2 mask mandate will apply to long-distance trains and airplanes across all of Germany; hospitals and care homes will also require negative tests. Federal states may impose additional mask mandates on local transit and in indoor spaces, including schools, though there will be mandatory exceptions for anyone who can present a negative tests. These tests are no longer state-funded, though, so few people will bother.

In only one point did the government bend to their critics: The notorious mask exception for the recently recovered and the freshly vaccinated is now optional. States can choose to enact the exception but they don’t have to, and so I imagine none will. It’s a way of withdrawing the idiotic rule while saving face.

The liberal justice minister Marco Buschmann, who helped draft the proposal with the help of Karl Lauterbach, explained to the press that the purpose of these measures is to “flatten the curve.”

Well, we will have had over eleven hundred days of curve-flatting here in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland by the time these rules expire in April 2023. That is a long time to be at war with a virus. Along the way we have lost all sight of the purpose of mitigation measures. There is no longer any direction, anything concrete that we are trying to achieve, or even the faintest vision of when it might be appropriate to stop. In the beginning we needed to keep our hospitals at capacity; now, Lauterbach says that the purpose of restrictions is to limit mortality, prevent workplace absences and reduce the number of long-term side-effects. There is no amount of evidence, no quantity of studies, no statistical proof that can stop these eminently rational science-driven policies.





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    Exhaustive study of German mortality data finds excess deaths tightly correlated with mass vaccination