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A Dramatic Twist in Spain: Justice Gives the State 10 days to Reveal All Contracts Signed with Pfizer

ER Editor: A brief geography note. The Spanish court in question belongs to Spain’s four Balearic Islands, which form a small peninsula in the Mediterranean and comprise some popular tourist destinations such as Ibiza and Mallorca.

We had reported on the Uruguay case mentioned below, where the court is requiring all manner of data from Pfizer, such as that on ‘vaccine’ ingredients, side effects, contracts, etc. See this report by Megan Redshaw at Children’s Health Defense from July 8, 2022:

Uruguayan Judge Demands Government, Pfizer Turn Over Documents as Court Considers Request to Halt COVID Vaccines for Kids


A dramatic twist in Spain: justice gives the state 10 days to reveal all the contracts signed with Pfizer

Balearic justice has granted the Spanish State a period of ten (10) days to provide it with all the contracts signed with Pfizer and three other pharmaceutical companies whose anti-Covid vaccines were deployed on Spanish territory during the Coronavirus pandemic. News that has caused immense joy at the Spanish Association Liberum, which has constantly demanded that these contracts be made public out of respect for the citizens 

“Misfortune never comes alone” goes the saying. And Pfizer seems to have understood this well. In any case, less than a month only after the decision of the Uruguayan justice to obtain information on the chemical content of the vaccine from the American lab, it is the turn of the Balearic justice in Spain to demand from the Spanish State that it provides them with all the contracts that have been signed with Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca.

In any case, this is the information that  Lecourrier-du-soir.com has obtained, in recent hours, from Spanish media outlet UltimaHora.es. Indeed, according to this source, the Balearic justice acted at the request of an association known as Asociacion Liberum which continues to vigorously denounce the fact that the contracts signed with the labs are kept secret. According to the media outlet, the association has obtained the support of 549 inhabitants of the island in the legal showdown between it and the central state. The information was confirmed by the Spanish media DiariodeMallorca.es.

Pending the continuation of this affair, the Liberum association is already delighted in a press release published on July 29 on its website and read in full by Lecourrier-du-soir.com. In it, the association informs us that the court has set a deadline of 10 days for the Spanish Ministry of Health to provide it with all the information concerning the contracts signed between the Spanish State and the vaccine manufacturers.

The association does not hide its joy. “From Liberum’s legal team, we positively assess the unprecedented legal breakthrough. Finally, citizens will be able to have access to all these clauses illegally stolen (hidden) from the whole society. We have said it more than once. The Covid does not dictate everything”, reacts the association. Liberum concludes its press release with these three mottos: “we will win, we are the resistance, long live freedom”.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that a court has demanded that the State provide it with all the information on vaccines. At the beginning of last July, it was the Uruguayan justice which put pressure on the State so that the chemical components of the Pfizer vaccine are made public.

And on July 30, it was revealed in the press that an Italian court, seized by an anti-vax teacher, also requested that the Italian State publish data concerning the chemical content of Pfizer’s vaccine. The teacher in question took legal action after being sanctioned (by his superiors) for refusing to be vaccinated.

Will the Spanish government finally give in? Time will tell us. Our media is following this case closely and will not fail to keep you informed of the evolution of this legal standoff which now pits the Spanish State against its own citizens in the fight against an invisible virus.




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