10 NEW Signs Of China Imminent Economic Collapse & China’s Yuan CRASH!

What Went Wrong When

The 2019 video 10 NEW Signs Of China Imminent Economic Collapse & China’s Yuan CRASH! documented serious problems that largely went ignored.

“In this video I will show you 10 new signs that prove the imminent economic collapse of China. It is time to prepare for the upcoming Chinese yuan crash and the great depression in China. The Chinese economy is in the lowest level since 1990, but the Chinese media don’t talk about the real news. When the economic collapse of China and Chinese yuan crash happen, there will be no help from the U.S or Europe, or Japan or other countries and it will shock the whole world.”

Now many analysts are sounding dire alarms for the imminent collapse of China’s economy. A number of factors are now leading to China’s sudden implosion — some of which it could not have controlled, as discussed further below.

The 8/12/22 video below explains that instead of learning from our housing bubble in 2008, China created one even bigger! Because of globalization, almost everything in the US now says “Made in China” when it used to say “Made in America”. So, a collapse of China has major implications for America.

China’s Total Economic Death Just Started! IT’S OVER…