Your next President: Michelle – Imaginative amusing storytelling by Jon Rappoport based on report by Joel Gilbert

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Michelle Obama Is Running for President in 2024

Read this sizzling piece by Joel Gilbert on American Thinker.

He knows the Dems are chomping at the bit to run Michelle in 2024.

Here’s my take:

They sifted through all the names. They signed up Gavin Newsom to act as gadfly in Florida and bother DeSantis. (They rejected Oprah. Oprah wanted to be High Priestess of the New State Religion, anyway.)

I think Michelle made the same kind of deal with Barack that Hillary made with Bill.

—No matter what you’ve done, you idiot, I’ll stand by you and defend you, IF you eventually give me my shot at the White House.

Your shot? Based on what? The fact that you’re my wife?

Based on the fact that I know whatever I need to know about politics. I know which issues to promote and which to attack. It ain’t rocket science, Bozo.

But I’m extraordinary.

In your own mind.

—You know, that kind of arrangement.

The difference is, Michelle is skipping the tiresome service in government that Hillary briefly endured prior to campaigning for the Presidency. Michelle is going right for the throat, like Trump did.

If she runs, I think she’ll lead with an FDR-type Public Works Project.

“We’ll employ every American who wants a job.”

Sub-text: Those who don’t want to work can collect Welfare.

I envision the main Public Work: a Transgender Highway from New York to Tijuana. Pride rest-stops all along the way.

The Supreme Court handed Michelle the issue of issues. “We’re bringing abortion back for every red-blooded American woman.”

Michelle would be poised to make Joe Biden look like Ronald Reagan.

The Obama’s old terrorist Chicago pals, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, would be popping champagne corks, if she ascended to the Oval.

“One step closer to communism.”

A victory for Michelle would send a signal to the Political Left—America is ready for full Woke on every conceivable issue.

They would be wrong. Michelle as President would escalate the cultural divide in the country to a level never seen before.

But running her for the Presidency would entail a major risk. If she loses, the Democratic Party collapses in a heap of failed desperation. “They pulled their most extreme strategy out of the bag. They tried a Hail Mary. They believed they had no other option. They ran a popularity contest. And they went down to defeat…”

Any PR consultant working for the Republicans ought to hammer on this DURING the Presidential campaign. “Look what the Dems are doing. They’re flailing in a mad panic. They chose Michelle because they had no real candidate to run…”

Finally, if the Dems decide Michelle is their girl, HOW will they run her? Will they send her out on the campaign trail during the Primaries to compete with a slate of other candidates? Will they expose her to that rough and tumble sport, and risk her making all sorts of ludicrous blunders? Or could they arrive at the nominating Convention without Michelle on the slate—and instead, a deadlock among a cast of losers.

And then, at the Convention, after two or three ballots fail to choose a clear winner, with the whole process bogging down…

Out of the shadows, on to an empty stage…

A lone figure, an unannounced person walks…




And immediately, everyone grasps the meaning.





And on national television, the crowd goes wild.

God and the Universe have intervened.

And the Dems ride THAT WAVE all the way to Election Day.

Watch out.

— Jon Rappoport

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