When Will the Fearmongering End? When You Stop Responding

In January 2022, it looked as though the COVID-19 narrative had crumbled past the point of no return, as many health officials and world leaders finally acknowledged the COVID shots couldn’t end the pandemic and that we had to “learn to live with the virus.” Some even started speaking out against repeated boosters.

I discussed this in “Are We at the End of the Pandemic?” A major driver for that U-turn in the pandemic narrative was the emergence of the Omicron variant. While incredibly infectious, it caused only mild cold symptoms in the vast majority of people, leaving natural herd immunity in its wake.

Alas, newer variants, such as BA.5 and BA.2.75, have all developed ways to circumvent our immune defenses, including natural immunity, and this unfortunate and largely manmade circumstance now provides the fearmongerers with fresh fodder.

So, at this point, it seems the pandemic will remain a key justification for a “Great Reset” of societal norms, medicine, finance, transportation, food and the rest. In my estimation, the only way to eliminate this “Trojan Horse” justification once and for all is for the people of the world to cease fearing COVID.

As long as the fear of infection persists, it will be used to control and enslave us. In other words, the pandemic narrative will continue to be used for evil ends until and unless people start fearing global tyranny more than they fear a case of fever and sniffles, and respond accordingly.



One Response to “When Will the Fearmongering End? When You Stop Responding”

  1. newensign says:

    Quite right right Tap it is Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) that causes people to act irrationally. That is why the enemy spends so much on propaganda, because if people see it on the idiot box or daily rags – it must be true! Only just recently when speaking to two friends, said they took the jab because they were frightened!