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Evil Doers Will Suffer Extreme Pain


Evil Doers Will Suffer Extreme Pain

Anyone who does evil is going to have a bad outcome.  I’ve written about the “payback” and I think all of us are going to see the bad results in a massive display.  I have no idea when it is coming but I know it is going to happen.  The natural law or natural order always provides a remedy for the evil deeds.

Evil Deeds Produce Bad Results

As we watch the machinations of the “new world order” progress, we can see the idiocy of it and that it will result in very bad results.  Evil deeds always get paid back and no man can build an underground bunker strong enough to avoid the karma.  Many of them will commit suicide because the pressure of the payback will be too much for them to endure.

Governments and the Medical Industry

All governments and medical people have completely discredited themselves by going along with the horrible vaccine, mask, and lockdown fiascos.  They have destroyed a good part of the economy.  The economy can recover but not with the current idiots-in-charge.  Many doctors have died unexpectedly from the vaccines that they took in blind obedience to the govtards.  It is no wonder that MDs have the highest suicide rate in the nation.  It is like we are all living together in a Jim Jones style compound with the vaccines taking the place of the poisoned punch.

When there is no proper morality, there is nothing good about their field of endeavor.  Evil has a way of working its way into the minds and souls of people and that should be opposed at every level.  I call it “staying in honor.”  We can’t control other people but we can control ourselves using right reason and common sense.

Coming Implosion

The society of the world appears to be imploding.  But in just watching the various reports, I can see that it is happening.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the “new world order” will implode into nothingness and it is weak and ineffective.  Oh sure, they might seem to have the upper hand but that is delusional.  Just by being evil, they have already lost.  Some of us might suffer in the short term, but in the long term, we should keep ourselves in honor and work within the natural law.  By working within the boundaries of the natural order, we all will experience joy and happiness that we didn’t think was possible.  Now is the time for all of us to put ourselves together within the natural order and stay there.  Always keep the truth as the highest priority and life will be good.  Acting on the truth will always get a better result.

We don’t have to read a lot of book and articles.  We are all born with a latent knowledge of the natural law.  What we should be doing is to be thinking more and reading less.  We should all take the time to think using right reason and common sense; choosing good over evil, right over wrong.  The gut feelings and conscious will help guide us to making good decisions.  We weren’t created to be miserable but were created to enjoy life within its proper boundaries.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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