In April, Dr. Lee Merrit and Dr. Kevin Stillwagon discussed the “vaccines,” face masks used at altitude during flights and how these affect pilot and passenger safety.

Dr. Stillwagon is a former chiropractor and airline captain. He was an airline pilot for 33 years.  For 26 years he was employed by Delta Airlines of which for 21 years he was a captain.  He was forced to retire from Delta Airlines over refusing to wear a face mask as “part of his uniform.”  He was forced to retire even though the airline admitted wearing a face mask did not stop the transmission of Covid and it was purely for “optics.”

Vaccine-Injured Pilots

Every pilot that had a Covid injection and is having an adverse effect – even an effect without symptoms for example micro clotting – “these men and women are ticking time bombs,” Dr. Stillwagon said.

We’ve got pilots flying around now with micro clotting as a direct result of the vaccines.  They’re also having myocarditis and pericarditis, he explained.

Millions of people have pilot’s licences but only a select few get to make it to a major airline career.  These pilots are highly trained and they’re trusted by their company to operate a completely safe flight.  It is up to the pilot to determine whether he or she is up to the task of being in command of an aircraft carrying several hundred people.


So there’s an incentive not to be open and transparent or see symptoms as signs of a potentially serious condition.  “They might think it’s just a gastric problem, heartburn, or maybe something they ate,” Dr. Stillwagon said.

Pilots have bi-annual medical examinations.  Although there are a few pilots showing irregularities on their electrocardiogram (“ECGs” or “EKGs”) at these examinations, the real issue is myocarditis which a lot of the time wouldn’t show up on an ECG unless the ECG is worn for an extended period of time.


All of these tests are very expensive. So, the very companies that coerced these pilots into being injected are going to have to pay for this and any pilot who shows indications of vaccine-injury are going to have to be grounded.  The vaccine-injured pilots will have to be given treatment until they can prove they are healthy and safe enough to fly again.


Having one pilot incapacitated is a big thing.  One pilot in charge of a flight is a huge responsibility.


Masked Passengers

From personal experience, Dr. Stillwagon stuck around long enough to see the effects of forcing face masks on passengers.  During this time he had a passenger on one flight, who stood up to use the lavatory and passed out in the aisle hitting their head on an armrest as they collapsed.  There was no severe injury but the passenger lost consciousness, Dr. Stillwagon said.



So, somebody knows this information, it’s just that the public hasn’t been made aware of it.  Until someone demands this information or submits a request under Freedom of Information, we’re not likely to find out how many passengers are experiencing an incident from being forced to wear masks at altitude.

Shortage of Pilots

There is a shortage of pilots right now, Dr. Stillwagon said, but we won’t really see it for a few months because the scheduling for pilots is flexible.


Another signal that a number of pilots have been adversely affected by Covid injections and are unable to fly creating a shortage of pilots is if the retirement age limit for pilots is increased.


What Does the FAA Say About Injecting Pilots?

The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) does something either on a preventative basis or it’s reactionary.  Unfortunately, most of it is reactionary, Dr. Stillwagon said.  “There was no safety data collected [on the adverse effects of Covid injections on pilots].  We’re collecting the safety data now.  We’re still in the safety trial.”


If a product is approved by the FDA there is also a requirement for transparency regarding what the injections contain.  This is not the case with products authorised under emergency use.  So, there are pilots who have been injected with an unknown substance.

Injecting pilots with Covid “vaccines” is not commensurate with FAA flight rules. “With a vaccine: the vaccine, number 1, has to be FDA approved,” Dr. Stillwagon said.





It’s a clear violation of FAA policy to inject pilots with experimental Covid gene therapy drugs.  Yet the FAA has not yet said anything to protect pilots, passengers and the public at large.  However, Dr. Stillwagon said: “There’s a movement with a couple of organisations that have been formed to get the FAA to come forward to make a statement. This has to be addressed, it has to be addressed before we run into a situation where people are going to get hurt – and I don’t want to see that happen, we cannot allow this to happen.”


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Dr. Merritt and Dr. Stillwagon Discuss Safety of Flight and The Covid Jab, 27 April 2022, (53 mins)