4 Responses to “US Govt removes/ reclassifies 52,000 death records seemingly to obfuscate Vax carnage”

  1. ian says:

    It’s really good that someone is trying to keep an eye on these cheating @#$%%s.

  2. danceaway says:

    However what we really need to pay attention to is what is coming down the line in anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. The complete takeover of the financial system and the UBI with the social credit scores. Everyone needs to listen to the explanation posted. In the great scheme of things this record keeping business is a diversion of our attention; a distraction if you will. They re very clever.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    I agree danceaway. Their Great Reset will be utterly totalitarian if it succeeds. That is looking a big IF right now though I think

    I find it hard to see how the rest of the planet is fitting in with the insane Great Rest agenda that the Davos madmen want to implement. They certainly don’t APPEAR to be fitting in with it do they. With their new finance and money systems, and their rapidly growing BRICS and other nation state based economic alliances. And their new trading routes that cut out the moribund west who always steal rather than purchases

    They SAY that they support national sovereignty too don’t they. And that is complete anathema to Davos globalists. Of course appearances can be deceptive. And it’s far more important to look at what they actually DO rather than what they say. Maybe what they are doing is having the effect that Davos wants. But that is only in the moribund west surely. The rest are fed up to the back teeth with the western Imperialist colonisers I suspect. They’ve had centuries to know and understand them and they seem to be cutting them out now. Probably because they aren’t scared of them anymore

    I’m usually pretty cynical, but this time I have fond hopes that the rest mean what they say. After all they are 80%+ of humanity. It’s about time they put the rapacious westerners in their place

    Finally I’ve seen a few astute western sources that think that there is a massive split in the global elites. That the Great Reset is not yet a done deal. That Davos are currently LOSING. Fingers crossed they are right. But no pain, no gain. Whatever happens the transition in the west is likely to be painful. Certainly the Davos madmen and their hidden masters won’t give up without a fight

  4. danceaway says:

    Yes, Pete, look at what they do rather than what they say. Matthew Ehret makes this point in the podcast I have just posted, so if you have time to listen to it, I would be interested to know wha you think. He is a writer/lecturer at an American University in Moscow, I believe, and does not agree with Iian Davis, for instance, who believes that Russia and china are part of the whole shenanigans.

    I think we are all crossing our fingers and toes that there will be some successful pushback to the Davos crowd, so please keep us up to date with what you are learning. I only came across this information under discussion at the same time as Weaver, but she posted it. Then I happened to come across this video which expands a bit further and the Frank chap seems to be the recipient of the email from the “Gideon” chap. So hearing it from another source, presumably related, caused me to be inclined to listen, although I agree it is very very long.