UPDATE: Italian President Refuses Globalist PM Draghi’s Resignation

ER Editor: Italian PM and former Goldman Sachs guy, Mario Draghi, has been itching to get out of his job for a while with no success; his most recent attempt also seems to have failed. We reported on this here on June 1st, with an article by Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti:

Draghi’s Escape plan: Will Italy Trigger the Collapse of the EU?


An operative for the global elite,

Draghi fulfilled his goal as soon as he was appointed the new Italian PM.  He replaced the former PM, Conte, who caused massive damage to Italy through lockdowns and Covid restrictions but apparently not enough in the mind of the financial powers that rule the European Union.

Almost immediately after becoming the new PM, he enacted the toughest vaccine restrictions in the world.

He started restricting unvaccinated people access to public places. He denied unvaccinated workers their right to access their workplace without being vaccinated.

He enacted a vaccine mandate for companies employing over 50 people. He did everything he could to please the private globalist clubs such as the Bilderberg, the WEF, and the Trilateral to which he abides.

However, the resistance of the Italian people was impressive. Probably no other people around the world have shown the resilience that the Italians did against this authoritarian takeover. …

There was a deal-of-sorts in place, or at least an expectation on Draghi’s part:

However, Draghi didn’t do this just for the sake of tormenting Italians. Certainly, he’s a man whose deeds prove his disdain for “his” country, but Draghi wanted something in return for his “services”.

Last year, some relevant figures in Italian Freemasonry openly admitted that Draghi’s appointment, as PM, was the result of a masonic operation.

Draghi’s plan was to enforce these authoritarian measures and then he would receive his reward, which is the Italian presidency.

Unfortunately for him, things turned in another direction. When Mattarella’s mandate expired last January, the parties didn’t vote Draghi in as president. …

Re-appointment to this sort of office or some other (such as NATO, a bid which failed for Draghi) would give him the IMMUNITY he and others like him are going to need in pretty short order for the sustained, broadscale damage they have inflicted on their countries:

He knows that the political parties would like him to stay to preserve this precarious status quo and use him, as well, as a scapegoat for the economic and health damages that he and every political party caused.


We remind readers that Italy’s taxi drivers are in revolt over a plan allowing Uber to elbow its way into the country, and that significant fires have taken place in Rome over 4 consecutive weekends. See these stories:

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As per the story below, Italy’s ‘populist’ (it isn’t) 5 Star Movement has been playing a role in ‘supporting’ Draghi to remain in power. Which he doesn’t want. In this case, supporters are likely globalist enemies.


UPDATE: Italian President refuses PM resignation


UPDATE: Italian President Sergio Mattarella has refused PM Mario Draghi’s resignation, saying the the PM must return to Parliament next week to attempt to salvage his fragmented government.

Italian President refuses PM Mario Draghi's resignation
Italian President refuses PM Mario Draghi’s resignation

Earlier today, Italian PM Mario Draghi said he would resign following nationwide protests and the collapse of his coalition government.

“I will tender my resignation to the president of the republic this evening,” Draghi told the Cabinet.

“The national unity coalition that backed this government no longer exists.”

His announcement came after the Five Star Movement, part of Draghi’s coalition, refused to participate in a confidence vote, spelling doom for the PM.

“We are not taking part in the vote on this measure today… but this position of ours is not about confidence in the government,” said Five Star leader Mariolina Castellone, referring to a vote on a cost-of-living bill that the group opposed.

However, some analysts have claimed that the Five Star Movement’s decision was based less on the policy and more on generating popular support and creating “turmoil” in Draghi’s party.

“The move by the M5S was largely triggered by turmoil prevailing within the ailing party rather than by meaningful policy differences with the executive,” said the co-president of the consultancy firm Teneo, Wolfango Piccoli.

The turmoil in Draghi’s government has been reflected in the streets of Italy.

Earlier in the week, angry protesters stormed city hall in La Spezia after the mayor refused to discuss rising food costs.

“I have no money to buy bread. What will my daughter eat tonight?” a protester can be heard crying.

Taxi drivers have also been getting rowdy in Rome, protesting the liberalization of taxi services to include ride-sharing companies like Uber, which would likely kill the taxi industry in Italy.


Draghi’s resignation comes only hours after Estonia’s PM resigned to form a new government, days after former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was assassinated, and just one week after PM Boris Johnson’s government abandoned him.

While not directly linked, the events appear to be indicative of the times, with lockdown leaders being thrown out one after the other while their lesser known but more popular replacements step in.



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UPDATE: Italian President Refuses Globalist PM Draghi’s Resignation