Unmasked: Banking & Genocide.

Satanic Cull Unmasked.

Aleister Crowley, Rishi Sunak & the Culling of the ‘Herd’.

Just as the apocalypse continues, which is literally the great unmasking (unveiling) of any and all of the state’s falsehoods, the state encourages the masking (veiling) of the brainwashed masses. 

In other words, as the multifarious frauds continue to be revealed, the people are being muzzled, thereby literally gagging them from expressing their emotions and thoughts.

Those who don the muzzle are akin to those who falsely claimed the Emperor was clothed.  Will they ever be able to see the truth? This is doubtful, if not impossible, as long as they remain under the mainstream media’s mass hypnosis.  By going along to get along, the ‘sheeple’ are complicit in the gov’s frauds and are, in fact, collaborators with a criminal coup d’état.

Then, there is the fake debt incurred as a consequence of individual and governmental ‘borrowing’.

Just in case there is any remaining doubt on this matter: the banks, whether it be to individuals, businesses or ‘Gov’ do not make loans. They steal the credit and falsely represent it as a loan. Then charge unlawful interest on it.

This Daily Mail headline, typically uses double-speak to perpetuate the fraud:

“Government borrows an eye watering £208BILLION in just six months of coronavirus crisis with £2TRILLION debt pile the worst since 1960″

  • Government borrowing has hit £208billion in six months of coroanvirus crisis
  • Debt pile has topped £2trillion and at 103.3% of GDP is the highest since 1960 
  • September borrowing figure of £36.1billion was the third highest on record” 

Source: Daily Mail

The lies are plain enough:

1. Nothing has been ‘borrowed’, there is no crisis, only a fake ‘plandemic’, consequently,

there is no ‘debt pile’ so there can be no figure of £2 trillion.

2. Ditto for the “September borrowing”

3. There is no national debt – if the purported figure represents anything at all, then it is how much plunder and how much energy (represented in £GBP) has been stolen from the people.


Rishi Sunak, multi-millionaire, Chancellor of the Exchequeur and satanist?


Rishi Sunak: the Banker’s Insider.

The fraud that is Rishi Sunak, the man currently acting as Chancellor of the Exchequer, will know these facts behind money and its control all too well, having been schooled in the dark arts of banking fraud whilst employed at Goldman Sachs and having set up his own hedge fund firm, Theleme.

Note the name ‘Theleme’ which is a nod towards the ‘Thelema’ [Greek for ‘will’] cult established by the satanist, sexual abuser of children and Secret Services asset, Aleister Crowley. Crowley, who called himself the Beast 666, advocated aristocratic rule.  “The slaves shall serve” was an oft-repeated phrase in his writings.

Aleister Crowley

Crowley stated:

“We should have no compunction in utilising the natural qualities of the bulk of mankind.  We do not insist on trying to train sheep to hunt foxes or lecture on history; we look after their physical well-being and enjoy their wool and mutton.  In this way, we shall have a contented class of slaves who accept the conditions of existence as they really are, and enjoy life with the quiet wisdom of the cattle.”

Source:   Crowley, Aleister, Louis Wilkinson, Hymenaeus Beta. The Law Is for All: The Authorized Popular Commentary on Liber Al Vel Legis Sub Figura CCXX, the Book of Law. Phoenix, Ariz.: New Falcon, 1996. 131. Print.  

“Some Thelemites do not admit moral distinctions or judgments; and are in this sense amoral. Moral issues are raised in a core passage in Crowley’s inspired text, Liber AL (II 18-21) which presents the essence of its “Nietzchean standpoint.” Crowley rarely departed from this “Law of the jungle.” Source

 Both Crowley and Sunak share the fact of being well-minted, in Sunak’s case by his career in banking and by marriage,

“Sunak started his career with investment bank Goldman Sachs before moving to the hedge fund sector, eventually setting up his up his own firm Theleme Partners in 2010 with an initial fund of $700million.

[…] [his wife’s] father is N.R. Narayana Murthy, a self-made billionaire who is a household name in India after making his fortune by creating consulting giant Infosys.”


All of which means he is a bankster’s man, bought and paid for; a man who has been handsomely rewarded for this services to international finance. 

His constituency is in North Yorkshire, where, 

“On 7 May 2015, Sunak won, with more than 50 per cent of the vote (a Ukip vote of 15 per cent had appeared from nowhere). He put down roots in his new constituency of Richmond, North Yorkshire, augmenting a £10 million property portfolio (metropolitan digs in London – a Kensington mews house, a flat on Old Brompton Road – and a place in California) with a £1.5 million Georgian manor in Yorkshire set across 12 acres, including an ornamental lake.


Here, he now entertains the constituency membership with lavish summer parties at which uniformed staff serve champagne and canapés. He has been repeatedly dubbed by newspapers the ‘Maharajah of the Yorkshire Dales’.”   Source 

The lockdown works in accord with the genocide agenda that is being imposed across the world. The anti-social distancing, the criminal lockdown, the masking of the populace – all of it has lead to rises in deaths across these lands, with people too scared to seek medical assistance – strokes, heart attacks, cancers, depression, suicides, all manner of mental health issues. The fake cure is worse than the fake virus. Again, this is from the Daily Mail, which given its support of the UK ‘gov’, should be taken with a pinch of salt but serves to show how even it cannot hide some of the truth.

“Lockdown’s lethal toll laid bare: 50,000 children see surgery postponed, treatments for strokes plunge by almost 50%, and one in FIVE people were hit with depression in just one month as devastating effect of coronavirus restrictions are revealed”


  • 25,000 more people died at home during pandemic as they didn’t go to hospital
  • Huge backlog in NHS treatment set to cause 20% rise in cancer patient deaths
  • Organ transplant operations fell by two thirds while waiting list deaths doubled
  • Daily Mail carried out audit of 130 studies from journals, academics and charities”

Daily Mail

Put bluntly: the entire covid1984 psyop is designed to kill people off, in accord with the globalists’ plan. 

The Georgia Guidestones  were revealed to the world on 22 March, 1980. Whatever its true origins, the monument advocates reducing the world’s population to around 500 million.  Exactly 40 years to the day and in step with the guidelines, the criminal UK ‘gov’ and others all round the world, ordered the criminal lockdown (house imprisonment) of the population. An act whose side effects have directly resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people.

The first to go in a cull of this sort are the elderly and infirm; throw into the mix the devastating health problems associated with the tyranny we are currently under and the only conclusion, to any critical thinker, is that the globalists are indeed culling the herd.

Further reading: The Satanist Ideology of Enslavement by William Ramsay

Unmasked: Banking & Genocide.

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