Unfolding Ukrainian catastrophe

It is also reported that the 30th mechanized brigade, the 54th mechanized brigade, the 60th motorized brigade, the 79th air assault brigade, the 72nd mechanized brigade and the 81st air assault brigade of the AFU all took heavy losses due to Russian shelling.
Also, the 30th mechanized brigade lost its combat capabilities, the 54th mech brigade is refusing to conduct combat missions and the 58th infantry brigade suffered losses due to the friendly fire of the 118th territorial defense brigade.
In total, Ukraine lost 8867 soldiers and officers, 294 armored vehicles and 269 artillery pieces due to Russian shelling, starting from July 11th, 2022.
The conclusion is that the entire Ukrainian military is a logistic disaster. You have forces shooting at its own soldiers and you have forces killing their own Russian prisoners of war. Just a mess in Ukraine both militarily and politically.
And on top of that, you have an economic collapse in the country as well.
There is no chance of Ukraine winning against Russia.
Edit: If this is the damage that Russian artillery has inflicted on Ukraine within 3 weeks, imagine the total losses of Ukraine if we added the amount inflicted by the fighting on the battlefield.
“Donetsk direction: fierce fighting continues⚡️ The Allies are attacking population centers: Avdeevka, Marinka, Krasnogorovka, Peski and Vodyanoye, occupying more AFU positions. It is reported about large AFU losses, manpower & equipment” TG / Slayangrad

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    Who ordered Azov to torture Russian POWs & produce videos of their work.

    Footage & info here…