Ukrainian brigades ready to drive NATO-backed Nazis out of their country


Russian Odessa Brigade Ready For Offensive In Southern Ukraine

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The Odessa Brigade of Russian forces has completed combat coordination in the Kherson region. Russian servicemen claimed that offensive actions will begin in the near future in the Nikolaev and Odessa directions.

Odessa citizen Igor Markov, who was the leader of the Ukrainian ‘Motherland’ party, now head of the Odessa Brigade claimed: “The Odessa Brigade has been formed and completed combat coordination. In the near future, together with the allied forces, we will begin the liberation of the city of Nikolaev and the Hero city of Odessa.There will be no mercy from us for the Ukronazis, mercenaries and any Bandera’s scum. The only way for them to save their lives is to immediately lay down their weapons, otherwise everyone who resists will be destroyed.

Overwhelmingly, these are all citizens of Ukraine. A large number of residents of Odessa, Nikolayev, guys from Izmail, Belgorod-Dniester, Kiev, Donbass, even one is from Western Ukraine. This is our land and we will clean it of Nazi scum. Here are the graves of our ancestors!”

Members of the Russian Odessa Brigade are equipped with modern weapons and military equipment. The composition of the brigade once again showed that the battle is not between Ukrainians and Russians, but between ideologies and values.

It may be recalled that there are enough mercenaries from various countries in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.