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It should now be obvious, even to the casual observer, and despite a wall of propaganda to the contrary, that the Ukraine is losing the war with Russia. 

As of Sunday, the Russian armed forces captured Lysychansk, a large city in the Luhansk region of the Donbas. The Russian objective is to prevent the Ukrainian military and its ultranationalist component from ethnically cleansing the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic.

This does not mean the United States and its “partners” (primarily Britain, Germany, and France) will admit defeat and return to the negotiating table. The war will grind on in partisan or guerrilla fashion.

In February, prior to the invasion, it was reported the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, and Special Forces Units, will conduct an “insurgent” war against the Russians.

“At the beginning, we had only hundreds of partisans, but as the population saw life under Russian occupation, more and more people join the movement, thousands of people in all regions, including Crimea,” Serhiy Kuzan of Radio NV said on May 26.

As an example of the sort of “resistance” that can be expected, consider the bombing of an apartment building where Andriy Shevchik lives. Shevchik served as a local councilman for the pro-Russia OPZZH party in Enerhodar.

Inspired by Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, the growing partisan movement is active in eastern and southern Ukraine. GT Invest, a Ukrainian business group, reported in May:

Oleksii Arestovich, the adviser to the head of the presidential office, confirmed the existence of self-formed partisan detachments in Ukraine: “Our partisans work there [in the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Kharkiv regions] but they perform their own specific tasks aimed at destroying the enemy.”

In addition to insurgency activity in the Donbas, these Banderist militants have conducted sabotage operations across the border in the Russian Federation.

“‘Rail partisans’ carried out several actions to render unusable railway tracks in 4 regions of the Russian Federation,” Ukrainian News reported in April. (It should be noted that the Zelenskyy government has been caught lying on numerous occasions.)

The CIA has been on the ground in the Ukraine for some time planning and organizing this covert “war of resistance” against Russia and the ethnic Russians of the Donbas.

“But even as the Biden administration has declared it will not deploy American troops to Ukraine, some C.I.A. personnel have continued to operate in the country secretly, mostly in the capital, Kyiv, directing much of the vast amounts of intelligence the United States is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to current and former officials,” The New York Times reported on June 25.

Freedom of Information requests have provided an incomplete yet nonetheless horrifying picture of how the CIA and US military “neutralized” opposition, beginning with Operation Phoenix in Vietnam.

“It wasn’t a coincidence that this ‘anti-partisan’ warfare concept should be adopted by U.S. forces in Vietnam and retained to the present day,” writes Todd E. Pierce, a retired Major in the US Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps, referencing the work of researcher and author Douglas Valentine. “Comparing the Phoenix Program and its operatives to ‘Einsatzgruppen-style “special forces” and Gestapo-style secret police’ is not a distortion of the strategic understanding of each,” writes Pierce.

Both programs were extreme forms of repression operating under martial law principles where the slightest form of dissent was deemed to represent the work of the “enemy.” Hitler’s Bandit Hunters: The SS and the Nazi Occupation of Europe by Philip W. Blood describes German “Security Warfare” as practiced in World War II, which can be seen as identical in form to the Phoenix Program as to how the enemy is defined as anyone who is “potentially” a threat, deemed either “partizans” or terrorists.

As noted above, this paradigm remains functional, although modified. Neocon author David Kilcullen, a former Chief Strategist in the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the U.S. State Department, writes in a paper titled Countering Global Insurgency that the so-called “war on terror” is in fact a war on insurgency against the neoliberal order.

The paper, submitted to a working group led by Gen. David Petraeus, called for a “disaggregation strategy” that includes “actions to target the insurgent infrastructure that would resemble the unfairly maligned (but highly effective) Vietnam-era Phoenix program.” It should be noted that in military parlance, “infrastructure” includes human beings.

British PM Boris Johnson has promised to go the extra mile to defeat the Russians. Considering this, we should assume that British military intelligence is also secretly involved in formulating a counterinsurgency program.

In fact, British counterinsurgency techniques used in Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia) between 1948 and 1960 serve as a touchstone for US counterinsurgency.

“In December 1960, soon after the [British declared] emergency ended, the US Army’s Handbook for the Suppression of Communist Guerrilla/Terrorist Operations looked to the Malayan example as one resource for ‘practical measures’ that could be used against guerrilla activities the world over,” writes Wen-Qing Ngoei.

At base, studying effective counterrevolution offered US leaders lessons in repurposing Britain’s history of “imperial policing” throughout the world. These lessons—their fundamental imperial logic—quickly undergirded America’s network of client states, which received US counterinsurgency training programs during the Cold War.

Of course, when it comes to terrorism, torture, and assassination, there isn’t much the CIA can teach Ukraine’s SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), which colludes with the ultranationalists.

“The Ukrainian security service known as the SBU has served as the main enforcer of the post-Maidan government’s campaign of domestic political repression,” write Max Blumenthal and Esha Krishnaswamy.

Pro-Western monitors including the United Nations Office of the High Commission (UN OHCR) and Human Rights Watch have accused the SBU of systematically torturing political opponents and Ukrainian dissidents with near-total impunity…The UN OHCR found in 2016 that “arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, torture and ill-treatment of such conflict-related detainees were common practice of SBU… A former Kharkiv SBU officer explained, ‘For the SBU, the law virtually does not exist as everything that is illegal can be either classified or explained by referring to state necessity.”

In short, for the CIA, it is a match made in heaven.

There are rumors of secret American-operated torture sites in Ukraine in addition to roving “death-squads” targeting Russian “collaborators,” such as the dead civilians in Bucha, shamelessly used by the Zelensky regime as war propaganda.

“A long list of missing and murdered people will one day emerge from the post-war period in Ukraine,” writes the Donbass Insider.

If some of you have doubts, know that on 5 March 2022, the SBU assassinated Denis Kireev in the street. He was a diplomat and a member of the Ukrainian delegation that met their Russian counterparts in Gomel, Belarus. He was for peace, but according to Ukraine he was a traitor. Far from the normal actions of civilized countries in Europe, the SBU murdered him…

The SBU, with the help of Bandera indoctrinated ultranationalists, will likely serve as the regime’s Einsatzgruppen, the paramilitary death squads of the Nazi SS. In the hope of driving Russia out of the Donbas and southeastern Ukraine with endless partisan attacks (reminiscent of Afghanistan), the SBU and its neo-Nazi battalions are preparing for a final ethnic cleansing.

On a final note, consider the emphasis lately placed on the Pentagon’s “127 Echo” program. It was implemented along with the 2018 National Defense Strategy, “which prioritizes near-peer adversaries like China and Russia,” according to the Military Times. “The 127 Echo program is rarely discussed, but it involves shifting a greater share of the burden of waging war onto local partners, while allowing Americans to retain operational control over missions.” (Emphasis added.)

It doesn’t take a degree in world history to realize, when all the evidence is examined, that the US and its CIA are preparing for the next phase following the inevitable Russian victory in Donbas and other ethnic-Russian areas of Ukraine.

Biden and his partners, with a bit of waffling by France’s Macron, are determined to “drag out” the war in Ukraine indefinitely, or at least until Russia falls (this is a delusional neocon dream), as the Soviet Union did soon after departing Afghanistan.

If the neocons indeed believe they can defeat Russia, first by supplying the corrupt regime in Kyiv with high-tech munitions, and then by arming, financing, and supporting a guerrilla-like “partisan” army against the “occupation,” they are dangerously delusional in addition to psychopathic.


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Kurt Nimmo is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from Donbass Insider