Ukraine conscripting mothers away from children to fight the war. Russell Bentley.


Russia only using 15% of its army in Ukraine.  If NATO sends all its weaponry it won’t be enough.  Russian advantage is air power, artillery and missile power.  NATO is a paper tiger.  The English army is a joke with only 100 tanks.  All the English have is nukes.

If things go nuclear the first place Russia will hit is London.  England would hardly exist.

Still 50-80,000 Ukrainian troops in the rest of Donbas.  It will be surrender or die.

Once the Donbas is neutralised, things could move a lot quicker.  Russia could move westwards bypassing major cities, and send an army to surround Kiev from the north, like the beginning.  Once Kiev is neutralised, it’s pretty much a done deal.  NATO can come in to occupy the West of Ukraine politically, as long as they don’t shoot Russians.

Russia is not going to occupy Ukraine.  Russia will help economically and assist in setting up a stable political situation.

Odesa will be liberated.  Ukraine will be land locked.

Ukraine has been robbed and destroyed by the West.  Russia will help put the country back together again.

The war is like WW2.  The people will survive and they want good to win over evil.

You can be killed but not defeated.

Russell says his family have been lucky so far.  He’s lost two good friends killed in the army this year.  One was killed by an American M177 shell two weeks ago.  Since 2014 he’s lost ten good friends.

He describes the Nazis.  They have Nazi but also Satanic tattoos.  It’s Nazis against humanity.

The only thing that can stop us defeating the Western Fascists would be if it goes nuclear.

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Also Telegram.  RT and Sputniknews are on Telegram and you have access to news that’s censored in the West.

The Daily Mirror reports Ukrainian reports of shelling of civilians in Donetsk with NATO weapons as attacks by Russia.  Front page.  Straight lies.

Ukraine is using NATO weapons to murder civilians….

Video: “Stop the Arms Shipments to Ukraine!”
Expert community08.07.2022 06:30 PMSource: RRN Staff

Journalists and bloggers call on Western authorities to save the lives of children in Donbas! 412 of them have already been killed…

Known journalists and bloggers record emotional video messages to the authorities of Western countries demanding an immediate end to arms deliveries to Ukraine!

French Caesars,

German Panzers,

American HIMARS are used to strike non-military targets, children’s playgrounds, parks, residential buildings.

Children are being killed, and the money for this comes from those who support the authorities and fund new arms shipments to the Ukrainian army.

German journalist Alina Lipp personally witnesses civilians dying in Donbass each day.

“We are under fire here every day, and the shelling is not at all for military purposes. Most of the men are at the front now. There are also women, children, elderly people here. And so I ask myself: why is the West still sending weapons here? Why is it financing these killings of civilians?” says Alina Lipp.

Spanish political scientist Liu Sivaya, I also work in Donetsk as a war correspondent. Here on Angels’ Alley, she declares that the hands of the Europeans are in blood.

“Let’s not turn a blind eye, let’s stop this carnage, let’s demand that they stop. I will begin. That’s enough! No more weapons, no more innocent victims. No more dead children in the Donbas!” Liu Sivaya urges.

Journalists plead: look at this mapit contains the names of children killed by Western weapons. And the millions of euros that countries have spent on killing them! Remember the faces of those children. They are no longer there through your fault.


6 Responses to “Ukraine conscripting mothers away from children to fight the war. Russell Bentley.”

  1. Aldous says:

    “All the English have is nukes.”
    But have they? Or has anyone?
    First Nuclear Truth Video (Jesse Waugh’s Nuke Lies, 2008) (7:13)

    • newensign says:

      Yes Aldous, I have heard that, in fact a nuclear bomb is just a very large explosion. Its the accompanying chemicals that have a residual affect being poisonous to life, causing birth defects like the drugs given to pregnant women, some decades ago.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi newensign.
        E=mc² is another load of bollox imho. This (in)famous equation has been credited to Einstein but his dubious credentials as a lowly patent clerk are hardly credible.
        The notion that the speed of light (c) is a universal maximum and constant has the same dodgy ring as the almost laughable notion that dinosaurs once inhabited the Earth.
        Re: Darwin, the ever-present Satanists would like us to believe that we merely ‘evolved’ from their Neanderthals and virtual apes. Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’ so to speak. Just more garbage to pull us away from the ideals of God and Humanity.
        Dinosaurs NEVER existed but most out there believe that they did.
        Great films – up to a point – but in the end total BS and fiction factory flotsam.

  2. Aldous says:

    Many nuclear physicists have stated that it might just be possible to create a nuclear explosion but the size of the device would be enormous and certainly not deliverable by any kind of missile.

  3. Aldous says:

    The Nuclear Hoax: Some Reasons Why I Don’t Believe Nuclear Weapons Exist

  4. Tapestry says:

    Russell’s military assessment doesn’t mention the ‘Ukrainian’ tactics are changing somewhat – NATO are letting the attacks go past the forested areas which are massive in Donbas, and then emerging from the forests to counter-attack. The HIMARS are as effective as Russian missiles and can be fired from much greater distances than other missile systems possessed by Ukraine. Finding them will be difficult and might well involve HUMINT. Follow Military Summary on Youtube which gives more detail.