Ukraine conflict and what Alexander feels is most critical, Biden and Xi’s two hour conversation

Alexander begins discussing the Taiwan situation at about 28 minutes.

He begins by explaining the use of language that is used and what meaning the words convey; candid means frank exchange: “frank and full” means close to a row.

He then goes through the Chinese readout word for word, followed by interpretation. He says it is finger wagging at the US; turbulence means it is your fault. He says this is the most confrontational conversation since the Clinton administration when China was in a much weaker position. He let Biden know that they don’t trust him ( he says one thing and his administration does another), the US is playing with fire, and China is ready to respond.

The Chinese are well aware that Pelosi is third in line in the US. He reads from an article in Global Times, a Chinese publication in English, which demonstrates extensive understanding of the US. There are links to other Global Times article under the video.


To listen without interruption use this link:

Russia Gains More Ground in Donbass, Ukraine Pushed Back in Kherson, Xi Slams Into Biden over Taiwan in Tense 2 Hour Call