UK allied with Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and the Baltics.

No mention of Israel.

Britain is the instrument of war, controlled by interests which are not British.

Osman the Khazar must know who he and therefore we are working for.

Why is there no political opposition to Britain fomenting war?

There is opposition, however small it may be, and it is there awaiting your support.  The English Democrats.

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The National Council of the English Democrats issued the following press release on June 25th 2022.

Re: Press Release – on giving arms to Ukraine


The English Democrats National Council voted unanimously on Saturday, 25th June 2022 to oppose the giving of any further weapons of war or subsidies to the Ukraine.

We oppose Boris Johnson’s and the “Conservative” Government’s programme of subsidies and weapon supplies to the Ukraine as a combatant in the war with Russia.

As English nationalists we are concerned about England’s and our English Nation’s interests.  To the extent that England has any interests in this war it is that it should be short and involve the least disruption to supplies of agricultural products and of oil and gas.

Boris Johnson is embattled at home and increasingly seeking to distract attention by involvement in the war with Russia.  His actions presents a serious threat to England’s interests.

We support the call from Nick Baines, the Bishop of Leeds of the Church of England that the war should be brought to a close by the concession by the Ukrainian Government of those territories which are Russian ethnic majority.

We also wish to state our disapproval of the step taken by Lithuania to block Russian access to the Russian enclave in Kaliningrad.  This is a dangerous and irresponsible step which escalates the risk of war between NATO and Russia.

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats.

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