Treatment and Recovery for Victims of the Covid-19 Experimental Injections & Boosters


Dear Readers,


I know it has been a while since my last post so I hope that what I have to say and share today, makes up for my absence.


I am going to start by sharing this video published by a Naturopathic Doctor from Together As One. The information contained herein is critically important for people globally, who are experiencing “vaccine remorse” or are considering participating in the medical trial of a series of experimental injections that are meant to combat symptoms being allegedly produced by a “Covid-19 Pandemic” which symptoms and pandemic have never existed from day one.


For those who have unfortunately not survived the experiments as per below examples noted in exhibits A, B, C, D and E – may these victims of medical bio-weaponized tyranny be remembered always – R.I.P:

A: Pfizer1227 deaths by February 2021 reported which report link and more are also embedded here: Maximum Global Bombshell: Judge Orders Pfizer, FDA to Release Documents – First Doc Dump Says Thousands Killed by Shot in First Month! Watch & share this BREAKING development in the war against Covid tyranny!


B: The Vaccine Death Report as at September 2021




D: Covid-19 deaths in Scotland by vaccination status August 14 – November 19, 2021:

E: VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 4/15/2022

For those who have managed to survive the bio-weaponized experimental injections so far, you will have noted from the above video that your continued survival will be reliant on one of two options:


1. Becoming a lifetime cash cow for Big Pharma through having to accept continuous immune booster jabs for life




2. Becoming vaccine free by strictly following the advice of specialist experts who really do care about your long-term well-being and freedom.


One such expert who has provided the most comprehensive list of treatment ingredients to help jabbed victims detox from the bio-weaponized experimental injections, is South African well known Dr. Zandre Botha: Doctor Finds Treatment For Vaxx Victims, Sees Major Improvement in Blood!

Additional expert advice for jabbed victims can also be found in this ‘Summary of the Spike Protein Protocol – update/if you know someone who has been injected and requires help, please provide them with this extremely empowering and helpful protocol as well as HOW TO DETOXIFY AND HEAL FROM VACCINATIONS – FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN


Have you ever wondered why medical aids and national health programs do not recognize natural medicine and/or cover the cost of such treatments? Because they cure, PERMANENTLY – where is the future financial return on investment from that?

I do hope that my above share helps thousands of individuals and I do hope you share this far and wide to all your networks and on all your social media platforms et al as it WILL save MANY lives.

Humanity does not need synthetic or pharmaceutical petrochemical drugs nor do we need ill trained doctors and physicians, we are more than capable of healing ourselves: Louise Hay Heal Your Body Meditation


Love you all.


The time for truth is NOW 😏🌈

Yours In Service To All, Always


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4 Responses to “Treatment and Recovery for Victims of the Covid-19 Experimental Injections & Boosters”

  1. Ander1991 says:

    There’s probably a large market out there for those suffering buyer’s regret. Here’s one purported solution lately heard:
    Louisa Williams ND (not MD)

    Activated charcoal? Seems a bit of a pious hope. Also the activated variety shouldn’t be used for more than short term as it’s supposedly aggressive in removing the beneficial as well as negative…?

    Better not to have taken the non-vaxx “vaxx” in the first place.

  2. Mick says:

    It’s a bit pointless somebody damaged by the vaxx try to warn others not to take it. They don’t realise the people they are trying to warn now are the same people they once were; they ignored all our warnings, some even scoffed at them, so what makes vaxx victims think those same people are going to listen to their own warnings now? Only personal tragedy can educate ignorant people, so they’ll ignore all warnings just the same as vaxx victims once did. Then no doubt they’ll try to warn others like themselves – all too late – “Don’t take the vaxx!”

  3. danceaway says:

    Agree, Mick, increasingly personal tragedy seems to be the primary vector of learning; otherwise wasting one’s breath.

    It could also have to do with the dumbed down reading ability of many and the shortened attention span which has been fostered by addiction to media. If they can’t read it on the tiny screen of their phones, then it is too much trouble.
    More enjoyable to scroll through photos.
    Smart phones have probably been a great contributor to this debacle.

  4. newensign says:

    Yes, its very difficult warning people. A member of my own family when I warned her, her reaction was that I get my info from the wrong places! Later she rung me to say she had had it and was perfectly well. I rung her about 7 months later when she told be she was being treated for breast cancer, but saw no connection to the vaccine! I know other people who got ill after being vaccinated but believed the medics who said it was nothing to do with vaccine – see:-