Tory leadership battle. Brexit on the brink.

‘Couldn’t make it up’ Farage issues dire Brexit warning to Tories over leadership chaos

Katie Harris – 2h ago
The former Brexit Party leader said the Conservative Party was “making itself unelectable”. He added that it was “repeating its mistake in 2016 when Theresa May was appointed”
Nigel Farage compliments Suella Braverman on Brexit promise.

Mr Farage predicted that the candidates most likely to win a general election would not make it to the final two.

The GB News presenter said Kemi Badenoch would be “hugely popular” with Tory members, who will choose the next leader out of the last two candidates.

But Mr Farage said the former equalities minister has “very little chance” of reaching the final stage.

The Brexiteer questioned Rishi Sunak’s appeal in the Red Wall, adding: “I’m quite sure he would leave the Conservatives to a resounding election defeat at the next election.”

nigel farage

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And he said Penny Mordaunt’s “inconsistencies have proved to be her undoing”.

Mr Farage said Foreign Secretary Liz Truss looks set to make the final two and go on to win the contest.

Writing in the Telegraph, the GB News host said: “Just think of it. A Remain-voting, former card-carrying and conference-speaking member of Liberal Democrats, who once endorsed Republicanism, a woman who voted for May’s disastrous deal three times, will likely lead the Conservative Party and post-Brexit Britain.

“You simply couldn’t make it up. It is possible that she now believes in dealing with the Northern Ireland protocol and genuine conservatism, but I doubt it. All I see here is a careerist. How did it come to this?”

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Tory leadership

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In a warning, Mr Farage said the Conservative Party was “in much bigger trouble than it understands”.

He added: “If only Boris Johnson had told the truth and fulfilled his manifesto pledges. Alas he did not.”

Mr Farage’s comments come after the five remaining Tories in the leadership race – Mr Sunak, Ms Truss, Ms Mordaunt, Ms Badenoch and Tom Tugendhat – clashed last night in the latest televised debate.

The next round of voting is due today to whittle the candidates down to four.

‘Couldn’t make it up’ Farage issues dire Brexit warning to Tories over leadership chaos (

End of the euro: Germany on life support as fears of riots and political instability grow

Millie Cooke – 3h ago

This comes as the eurozone is descending into “crisis”, according to finance expert Alasdair Macleod. The euro is facing high debt and rapidly spiralling inflation. In June, eurozone inflation rose to a record level of 8.6 percent and energy prices rose at an annual rate of almost 42 percent, compared with 39 percent in May.

The rising prices come in the wake of the global pandemic and have been exacerbated by Russia‘s war in Ukraine.

Speaking about the problems facing the eurozone, Mr Macleod said: “The euro system and its currency are descending into crisis.

“Comprised of the ECB and the National Central Banks, the system is over its head in balance sheet debt, and it is far from clear how that can be resolved.”

He said that the issue has sent Germany’s economy into crisis, warning that the country may see “riots and growing political instability” as a result.

Olaf Scholz

© GettyOlaf Scholz

Russia has ordered “a significant number” of warships further east away from Crimea, Kyiv says.

The move saw Vladimir Putin’s vessels head to the port city of Novorossiysk in southern Russia, after Ukrainian stocks of longer-range missile systems were boosted by Western allies.

The expert explained: “The euro is sliding.

“Markets can see that all the ECB is doing is talking the talk and otherwise is frozen into inaction.


3 Responses to “Tory leadership battle. Brexit on the brink.”

  1. Aldous says:

    The ‘Nasty’ (Tory) Party is in very serious trouble and terminal decline – by design most likely. Of course the so-called ‘Labour’ outfit is no better and would probably be far worse – if that was ever possible.
    Hard to believe I know but truth has a nasty habit of being far stranger than fiction.
    I see the solitary White (male) candidate – Whites still being the vast majority of indigenous Britons – has been shoved to the right of the mugshot while Badenoch is front and center.
    What a calamitous mess UK politics is in.

  2. Aldous says:

    The former Brexit [UKIP] Party leader said the Conservative Party was “making itself unelectable”. He added that it was “repeating its mistake in 2016 when Theresa May was appointed”

    Terry May’s appointment was certainly no ‘mistake’ and I should imagine all the goals set for her by the controlling men in suits were achieved.
    A Zio-hatchet job was done on Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn to allow fatboy BoZo and his nasties in by the back door but it all seems to be turning to a can of worms from where I’m sitting.
    Starmer would be the ultimate Nightmare on Downing Street.
    ~ Freddy Krueger

  3. Aldous says:

    Why has that montage of the five remaining Tory candidates been arranged like that by GETTY? I think we all know the reason why, like ‘spot the White man’ in notorious TV ads nowadays.
    Most people will never even have heard of Badenoch (or any of them for that matter) but there she is at the center of the five as if she was someone famous and well known.
    Ridiculous and pathetic.