Three American corporations bought 17 million hectares of Ukraine’s best farmland

For those who think that the United States is pumping Ukraine with weapons for the sake of democracy and Ukrainian interests. I will share interesting information with you.
The Australian edition of The National Review writes that three large American transnational consortia bought up … 17 million hectares of Ukrainian agricultural land.
For comparison: in the whole of Italy there are 16.7 million hectares of agricultural land. So it turns out that three American companies bought more useful agricultural land in Ukraine than there is in all of Italy.
The entire area of Ukraine is 600,000 sq. km, 170,000 sq. km have been bought.
Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto are the latter officially German-Australian, but with American capital. Their main shareholders are American Vanguard, BlackRock and Blackstone.
BlackRock is a fund that manages $10 trillion in assets, Vanguard manages $6 trillion, Blackstone manages $881 billion. So the famine, apparently, the planet has already been discharged.

7 Responses to “Three American corporations bought 17 million hectares of Ukraine’s best farmland”

  1. stevie k says:

    Let’s hope that Russia takes it all back and returns it to the people.

  2. danceaway says:

    Incredible information. Thank you, Tap!

    Huge implications.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes indeed stevie

      Huge implications indeed danceaway. Blackrock, Vanguard [plus State Street] own almost all the big corporations don’t they. They don’t usually mess up with their purchases

      The missing info is when did they do that?

      I assume well before the war, I sort of knew that the agri business were very interested in Europe’s most fertile soil. If so then, maybe they were too cocky that the US strategy, which they surely understood [if not formulated themselves], would succeed. It’s clearly failing now

      If recently then, that’s a head scratcher for me because it would imply that they expect Russia to honour their ownership after Ukraine is partitioned. Given Russia’s strict adherence to international law then maybe that is a good bet too?

      I suppose the other question is where in Ukraine? The west of Ukie is probably going to be given to Poland or something similar when the war is over. Hard to see Russia taking it all, the west of Ukie has nothing that interests them. Maybe other than an ever bigger buffer to NATO

      • Tapestry says:

        Russia might want a direct land link to Hungary, a friendly neighbour.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Good point Tap. Such a land bridge would be through the Carpathian mountains which certainly aren’t part of the fertile area

      • sovereigntea says:

        Remember the maxim

        “fraud vitiates everything”.

        Should there be any corruption, bribery etc involved in the sale of these lands then claims of ownership would be disputed if not void.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Pleasure Danceaway. You can find all kinds of things on – Russian version of facebook but you need time to browse and link to people etc. Right click on mouse to find Translate To English.