“They want most of us gone.” But SOME can see this…

Clean, Isolated Deaths, Mostly With Consent, Though Relentlessly Pressured

[gas masked man signing up for booster shot, as seen on Vietnamese TV on 6/28/22]

Linh Dinh – Postcards From the End June 29, 2022

On 12/1/21, Jewish Jim Cramer raged on TV, “We have immunocompromised people who are incubators for every variant to come, walking around, lawfully unvaccinated?! That’s psychotic! […] So it’s time to admit that we have to go to war against COVID. Require vaccination universally. Have the military run it. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, you better be ready to prove your conscientious objector status in court.”

Earnestly asked on 12/30/21 by Jewish Amy Goodman about Covid “vaccines,” Jewish Noam Chomsky explained, “If the information came from Pfizer and Moderna, there would be no reason to trust it. But it just happens that 100% of health agencies throughout the world, and the vast majority of the medical profession and the health sciences, accept the actually quite overwhelming evidence that vaccination radically reduces onset of infection and deaths […] You can look at the data, they’re available. When you do so, you can understand why there is essentially universal acceptance among the agencies that have no stake in the matter, other than trying to save lives. You can understand why poor African countries, who aren’t paid off by Big Pharma, are pleading for vaccines.”

On 1/10/22, Jewish Ron Unz said of The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, “Despite Kennedy’s efforts, my own position on Covid vaccinations or other related public health measures still remains very conventional, not too different from what might be found in the pages of the Times or the Economist.”

On 5/25/22 at Davos, Jewjabbing Albert Bourla shared a hearty, unclotted laugh with Jewish Klaus Schwab, “With the vaccine, there’s a fanatic group of anti-vaxxers that would go after us, no matter what. They would claim the sun didn’t go up because people were vaccinated […] But that’s behind us. Everything went OK, so now we can move on.”

On 6/19/22, Jewish Rochelle Wallensky announced between impossibly tight smiles, “Covid-19 vaccines are now available for children under 5. With this recent authorization from FDA and recommendation from CDC, nearly 20 million children are now able to get vaccinated against Covid-19. I know many parents with very young children have been anticipating this day. We now know, based on rigorous scientific review, that the vaccines available here in the United States can be used safely and effectively in children under 5. Vaccinating young children is a critical opportunity to protect them against hospitalization and death from Covid-19. Parents, I strongly encourage you to get your children vaccinated […] We have taken another important step together in our fight against Covid-19, by making safe and effective vaccines available for our little ones. I hope all parents will take advantage of these life-saving vaccines, and protect their children.”

On MSNBC on 6/23/22, genocidal, remember-the-Holocaust Bourla was asked if “we’re going to get updated mRNA vaccines every season that will be directed to each new variation of the Coronavirus, and will we have to take those shots every year?”

Bourla, “I’m almost certain about it, because, of course, regulators have the final say in all of that. But that’s the beauty of mRNA. You can adapt your vaccine just by changing the sequencing […] So for this reason, I’m very confident we will be able to respond very, very fast to every new variant.”

So yes, Jewjabs every year indefinitely, to fatten and cheer top Jews, kill you off and save the planet, so why be so shy, silly goyim?

Here in Vietnam, World Health Organization representative Socorro Escalante was quoted in newspapers on 6/29/22, “A point that needs to be stressed is that Covid-19 is not a mild illness. Even if you’re healthy, there’s no guarantee you will only have a mild illness after infection. Covid vaccination including booster shots help to prevent a serious infection of Covid-19 that may lead to hospitalization and death.”

People worldwide are getting sick of all this bullshit.

Wiser than the rest of us, black Africans rejected Jewjabs right from the beginning. Jewish Goodman and Chomsky lie about Africans begging for clotshots. Spending eight months in black Africa during Covid, I repeatedly run into people who sneered at deadly “vaccines” sent by the sinister West.

Even fools must wise up after blood clots, heart attacks and strokes have struck loved ones. Though the most cynical or cowardly will value their professional standing more than saving others, the tide is turning. It’s past time, for millions have been murdered, and billions of lives are at stake.

Below is a sampling of comments from just one day, 6/28/22, at the FaceBook page of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Disease Control Center. I translate:

Charlie Nguyen, “Our health department is so ingenious! More than 30,000 deaths in the south thanks to fervent urges to tests… tests… lockdowns… lockdowns!!!”

Thìa Đất [Wooden Spoon], “Always trying to scare [tearful emoji]”

Vân Anh, “Always forgetful nearly a year after two shots, hair falling out more each day, and always exhausted, I don’t want any more shots”

HongHue Thai, “Get with it, so sick of the same old tune after 2 years [laughing emoji], people are wising up, after getting shots they jostle each other to enter hospitals and pharmacies are mushrooming all over after vax [two boxed question marks]”

Aida Liu, “Mother Ucker I’m so scared, tomorrow I’ll get four consecutive shots to catch up [three laughing to tears emojis]”

Bạch Liên Hoa, “Drop this tired old trick…”

Thi Thiên, “After shots then sudden death from blood clot side effect who will compensate you”

Thinh Khang, “The police investigated the test kits, now let’s investigate the vaccines to see what’s up [laughing emoji]”

Trinh Le, “After making people pledge to be responsible, now scaring them with this and that variant. All sorts of tricks to force the 3rd and 4th shots.”

Nguyen Vuong Duc, “I’m only afraid of the Ron A95 [European emission standards gasoline] variant”

Nguyen Tmt, “Fourth shot urged after 2, 3 years, even as health authorities worldwide have warned about weakened immunity system. Moreover, we now have Covid pills. After my first shot I had myocarditis, now I’m a heart patient for life, so forget about the fourth shot”

Bill Pham, “I suggest giving 20 liters of gasoline to each person vaccinated [laughing emoji] and setting up vaccination points at gas stations is even better [grinning emoji]

Dwarfing, by far, the mostly fantastical Holocaust, the Jewjab is the greatest crime ever committed, so you must speak up, like the Jewish Steve Kirsch. Following his conscience, he’s siding with the invisible and voiceless. Together, we must unmask, fight back and punish those who have muzzled and suffocated this earth, and they’re just getting started. They want most of us gone.

[Tongyeong, South Korea on 4/5/20]

[Belgrade, Serbia on 9/16/20]

[Novi Sad, Serbia on 8/9/20]

[Beirut, Lebanon on 12/5/20]

[World from Jerusalem Magazine in Tirana, Abania on 3/27/21]

[Shkoder, Albania on 5/3/21]

[Cape Town, South Africa on 10/15/21]

[Windhoek, Namibia on 11/20/21]

[maskless among strangers in Cairo, Egypt on 1/3/21]

[maskless among strangers in Swakopmund, Namibia on 2/13/22]