The West is scared of countries that defend their sovereignty

Andrew Korybko
2022-06-28 00:00:00


The more that the Western elites “cancel” Russia, the more intrigued their people become about it as proven by Microsoft’s latest report confirming that its international media platforms reach more Americans nowadays than before the special operation and subsequent censorship began.

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on Friday in an interview with Belarusian media that 

“The West is scared of an honest competition, this is widely known. This is why they ‘cancel’ the culture of any country speaking from its own nationally oriented positions, prohibit TV channels from broadcasting, ban unwanted politicians on social networks and remove from the public space everything that disagrees with the neo-liberal concept of the world order.”

His insight is sound since it’s indeed the case that the West is scared of countries that defend their sovereignty.


One Response to “The West is scared of countries that defend their sovereignty”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    They also fear an informed population which is why …….

    Journalists and staff of civil society groups in the UK could be sentenced to life imprisonment for offences committed under the government’s proposed new National Security Bill.

    Note how Uncle Adolph looks down on Bojo & pals.