The Ukraine Launches HIMARSs to Kill Their Own POWs in Russian Camp, Blames Russia

Andrew Anglin – The Unz Review July 30, 2022



When you hear “the Zelensky people are killing POWs,” you think “well, that’s not particularly surprising at all.”

Then you read the story.


The US on Friday declined to speculate on the shelling of the Ukrainian prisoners in Elenovka, saying it did not have enough information to do so. Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed concern about the incident, but his office said he lacked firsthand reports to comment further. Dozens of “Azov” fighters housed at the complex were killed in what Russia says was a strike by HIMARS rockets supplied by the US to Ukraine.

“We just don’t have enough information to speak intelligently about these very early reports,” John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, told reporters.

According to an unnamed senior Pentagon official, Americans “don’t have any definitive information” on what happened and whether the facility was struck by Ukraine or Russia.

The facility in Elenovka, south of Donetsk, housed hundreds of Ukrainian prisoners – mainly members of the “Azov” neo-Nazi militia captured in Mariupol in May. It was struck at around 2 am on Friday, as the prisoners were asleep. As of Friday afternoon, Donetsk People’s Republic authorities say 53 people were killed and 75 were injured.

The government in Kiev accused Russia of carrying out the attack on the territory of its Donbass ally. DPR authorities, however, showed fragments of what they said were rockets used by HIMARS, the rocket artillery supplied to the Ukrainian military by the US.

Ukrainian authorities also knew exactly where the “Azov” prisoners were being held, DPR militia spokesman Eduard Basurin told reporters, accusing Kiev of ordering the strike. He said the attack was intended to kill the “Azov” fighters who began to testify about war crimes and other atrocities Ukrainian forces had been involved in.

Wow – what a weird story.

Zelensky is like “we need to kill our POWs” and his goons are like “we’re on it, boss.” Then he’s like, “no – I mean OUR POWs.”

You can picture this scene like Shredder trying to give instructions to Rocksteady and Bebop.

Zelensky’s goons are like “well waddaya mean, boss? We’re already killing the POWs like you done told us to!”

Just like with every single thing that happens, The Guardian is claiming that Russia bombed their own POW camp.


It’s actually amazing. I mean, yes, you can report that Zelensky is saying that Russia fired rockets at their own POW camp. I think you have to report that. But that headline and that tweet are designed to make people think that Russia is killing POWs for no reason.

Firing rockets at your own POW camp is insane on a number of different levels. For one, unless you evacuated all the guards, you would be killing your own people. More importantly, there is no reason to kill POWs, unless you are desperate and trying to demoralize the opposition (which is what the Ukraine was doing in releasing videos of themselves torturing POWs). But these are Azov POWs who were supposed to be testifying about war crimes. And we’re supposed to believe that Putin ordered his own POW camp bombed to kill them? I mean, even if he wanted to kill them, he could just poison them or something, right? Who is going to bomb their own POW camp?

The New York Times would not have the nerve to say “Russia is firing HIMARS at their own POW camps!”

Instead, on the same day this story broke, the Times published a goofy op-ed from the “Ukraine” people.

I’ve noticed this a lot during the Ukraine conflict – The Guardian will print straight copy from the Ukraine government while the New York Times either tries to figure out an angle, or just doesn’t report on the story at all (beyond a back page minor mention).

The State Department plays this game with the NYT and WaPo.

WaPo has a less ridiculous headline than The Guardian.



But they included a bizarro quote from an alleged DoD official.



So, what is the claim here, exactly? Was it intended as a false flag, or did they want to kill POWs for some other reason, and then just decided to blame the Ukraine?

You would pretty much have to say it was planned as a false flag, but it is so bizarre, and the false flag explanation so convoluted, that even if you were in the habit of believing the media, this would be hard to swallow.

Franky: this accusation that Russia bombed its own POW camp is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever even seen reported by any news outlet, ever.


But I guess we have to go back to the old metric: people who will believe trannies exist, and that there is such a thing as child trannies, will believe anything. So you can just tell people Russia bombed its own POW camp, filled with prisoners who had already allegedly made deals to testify on war crimes.

This is wacko.











I will say: I don’t think this is going to be a top headline for long.