The trap is being set

NATO asks Ukraine to deploy reserves into hopeless battles to buy time.  Wasting troops and ammunition and losing military hardware.  Seeing the enemy’s propensity to overcommit to hopeless tactical situations, Russia leaves open the door for these reserves to come in, and then chews them up.  Once Ukraine’s army has been destroyed territory will be occupied quickly enough.

NATO is concerned that popular support for the war is slipping away as the Russians continue to not lose any key battles (The withdrawal from Kiev took place a while ago).   That is only a minor concern however, as NATO has already decided to deploy all it forces into forward positions over the next twelve months, and waste all its ammunition in Ukraine.

Furthermore deploying weapons system like the HIMARS into Ukraine simply gives Russia more time to analyse effective counter measures.  The F-15 and F-16 is being sent next.  Once Russia has got the measure of these, they will no doubt find ways to dispose of them.

How do I know NATO has decided to deploy its forces into forward areas?  By chatting to the military people I meet.

All of them talk of postings abroad being imminent.  One aircraft service engineer I chat to is being sent to live in Italy for the next two years. Another training officer is being sent off to Poland for  a longish posting.  These are not the occasional two week deployment but moving home and learning language level of moves.

What is going on?  NATO is almost ensuring Russia will be able to handle all 2500 NATO aircraft by the time they are deployed – maybe in piecemeal fashion.  Other than aircraft NATO has a very small army and navy compared to Russia and China.  It’s as if Europe and maybe the USA are being set up for military destruction to add to the medical destruction already administered, and the economic destruction which also seems to be planned.

The military forces we have in the West will be chewed up as fast or faster than Ukraine’s armed forces.

I notice this video being posted by Don’t Speak News.   This channel seems to look for the overview of what is being planned.

(64) Russian Foreign Ministry says NATO Troops Already Fighting in Ukraine, Gas to Germany Cut off! – YouTube

There seems little hope of any turnaround.  Yet there is a political party which wants the war stopped as soon as possible.

Vote for no one except someone who offers what is right.

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4 Responses to “The trap is being set”

  1. gpfla says:

    Well put.

  2. Gordon says:

    We have been, and are being screwed!

    Are The Globalists & The WEF Steering Us All Into A Trap??

  3. Tapestry says:

    Better to start negotiating as suggested by former soldier Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats. We must not support the killing of children and civilians in Donetsk and other cities. It is important we speak out against what is being done in our name, with our weapons, and possibly by troops with British nationality.

    • Gordon says:

      It’s so difficult to get this through to the ill-informed, desensitised and the heavily propagandized public, yet we continue so often to no avail. Sad!