The joys of air travel

June 30, 202265 Comments

How many airline passengers a year get groped by ‘security’ staff? 500 million? A billion? And how often have you read of a terrorist being caught by them? If you’re like me this figure will be zero. And how many terrorists have blown up planes in recent times? Few if any. Not that screening made any difference as a recent audit at Dublin Airport testifies. “The level of security at Dublin Airport has been called into question after guns and explosive devices bypassed scanners last month, according to the Irish Mail on Sunday. It’s reported seven ‘prohibited items’ made it through security scanners and staff in bags during an audit by the European Aviation Safety Agency.” Rumours of a Panzer VIII Maus battle tank also slipping by the eagle-eyed guards remain unconfirmed. Dublin Airport is not alone in its uselessness. For instance the TSA in America has failed numerous ethical intrusion tests, probably because they spend so much time groping prisonerspassengers and robbing baggage items that they take their eye off the ball so to speak. Understandable because most TSA staff look like they’re on work release from the nearest State Penitentiary. Not surprising then that a report by the IG a few years ago found that the TSA failed no fewer than 80% of its audits. And an earlier DHS study study found TSA screenings and even the invasive pat-downs to be “utterly ineffective” at finding hidden weapons. Heckuva job guys.

But to give credit where it’s due, they’ve had some spectacular gotchas that prevented potential disaster. Like the case of the lady boarding at Lubbock Texas where agents discovered that her breasts had joined ISIS. Yes, apparently her nipple rings posed such a huge (albeit unspecified) security threat they had to be painfully prised out by the dedicated staff. The TSA also distinguished itself by confiscating a hysterical wheelchair-bound three-year-old’s beloved stuffed lamb, rejecting all pleas for clemency. Terrorists start early these days apparently. Or take the case of a pilot (in full uniform) stopped as he was about to take command for carrying a butter knife. A blunt knife that had been issued to him by his airline! I know a woman who was prevented from boarding unless she handed over her eyebrow tweezer. What were they expecting – that she’d burst onto the flight deck yelling “take me to Iran or I’ll pluck your eyebrows”? But I suppose it’s better to be over strict rather than the alternative. Like the case in Somalia where a local security agent handed a laptop to a jihadist as he boarded while Russian investigators determined that a security agent at Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh airport planted the bomb that blew up a Russian tourist plane in 2015, killing all 224 passengers. With friends like these……

The pantomime of airport security has little to do with keeping travelers safe. Take the profiling issue. Or more correctly, the lack of same. Everybody is subjected to the same checks, a wild-eyed young bearded Afghan getting the same treatment as that of a Swedish grandmother. And very often the checker is from a terrorist demographic as this photo underlines, giving us an inverted system where the people most likely to be terrorists are groping and harassing those least likely to be.

Now think of all the alternative easy targets out there. For instance those travelling by train or car ferry undergo virtually no security checks. A terrorist would have zero problem in boarding a train with two suitcases full of high explosive time-bombs, depositing them in the carriage next to the engine and alighting at the next stop. He could then pack his car with more high explosives and board a car ferry, a process with virtually non-existent levels of security checks and detonate the bomb half-way across. And what’s stopping anyone bringing a bomb into a shopping centre, leaving it in a trolley and timed to explode after he’s safely departed the scene? Nothing. And such an attack would bring things up close and personal in a way an airline attack never could.

So why are such attacks rare as hens’ teeth? We can only assume that the number of terrorists roaming our streets willing and able to undertake such bombings (I’m excluding FBI, CIA and other state ‘security’ agencies here) to be very small indeed. And if that is true then why do we need the overwhelming airport security apparatus with all of its absurd – and useless – procedures? That, as they say, is a very good question. In my opinion the pantomime achieves a number of Cabal objectives. For a start it fosters an atmosphere of fear and suspicion which by extension acclimatises the public to living in the Security State, willingly handing over fundamental freedoms, particularly those associated with privacy. It’s a kind of obedience training that dehumanises and humiliates the general public, treating them as the cattle they’re viewed as by the Cabal. A neat little bonus is the system’s ability to flush out ‘trouble-makers’ who object to such measures either on the spot or via the legal system (good luck with that). Such rebels can then be entered into the security systems Orwell warned us about. “Always eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or bed—no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters in your skull.”