The Inner Voice

This week, the Enigma Channel takes you into the dark world of PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.

The battlefield is your mind. The battlefield is the minds of your children, your family, your neighbours and everyone you meet.

The ‘enemy’ which the Deep State want to destroy is known as your INNER VOICE.

Your Inner Voice is a great treasure which you were born with. It is part of you. It grows with you, and if you are not influenced, blackmailed, drugged or tortured, then your Inner Voice becomes more experienced and becomes more full of wisdom. Your Inner Voice is based on Common Sense. Your Inner Voice is a PROTECTION MECHANISM placed there by your DNA courtesy of Mother Nature. Your Inner Voice has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. The Inner Voice is what separates really intelligent creatures from animals which merely live a repetitive breeding cycle based on instinct.

Your Inner Voice allows you to discuss within your mind various situations, probabilities and scenarios which crop up in daily life.

Mk-Ultra attempted to re-format people through the destruction of their Inner Voice. MK-Ultra used LSD and tranquillisers to sedate victims for 60 days at a time. Tape recordings of repetitive sounds and instructions were played through headphones. Electric shocks were applied two or even three times a day, followed by more LSD in vast doses.

The most notorious doctor for this kind of technique of erasing the Inner Voice was Dr Ewan Cameron in Canada – but there are hundreds of doctors and many institutes around the world who have invested in technologies and drugs which are designed to erase your Inner Voice and even re-program your brain with Fake Emotions, Fake Memories and Fake News. This, dear viewer, is the heart of the black art of BRAINWASHING. In essence, brainwashing seeks to remove the Inner Voice.

But MK-Ultra went one step further – it sought to REPLACE the Inner Voice with a new, mean and nasty inner voice which would inspire and instruct the victim to make bad choices and to do bad things.

The ultimate goal was to create crazed assassins who would kill – like Charles Manson. MK-Ultra sought to breed a whole new kind of Human – someone whose Inner Voice would be totally corrupted and influenced in such a way that common sense is eradicated from thought processes.