The Great Betrayal

It’s July 2022 and this is video no 312 – that is 312 videos since March 2020. All of my early videos were banned and were permanently deleted by YouTube truth deniers, though the transcripts of all of them remain on my websites.

In this video, no 312, I’ve got a true, scary story to tell you which, I believe, illustrates everything that is wrong with medicine, freedom and our society today. It’s a story which illustrates frighteningly well how I believe that our system is broken and how it seems to me that the establishment cares only about protecting the lies of the conspirators and never about protecting the truth or the rights of individuals or the needs of patients.

There is at the moment a level of corruption, unthinking compliance and woeful ignorance that would have been unimaginable a few years ago.

Of course, at the highest levels nothing that is happening is happening by accident. The conspirators who are controlling our lives are acting maliciously, selfishly and wickedly. They know what they are doing.

We all know who the conspirators are: the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the World Economic Forum, a bunch of relentlessly cruel billionaires and a variety of ruthless power hungry organisations.

But it is the willingness, indeed enthusiasm, of totally corrupt organisations such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and broadcasters such as the BBC to comply and to suppress the truth which enables the conspirators to succeed.

It is newspapers such as The Guardian which used to have good reputations but which are, like the BBC, now linked to Bill Gates, the man whose polio vaccination programme is now believed to be responsible for outbreaks of polio around the world – including in the UK – which must eventually take the responsibility for leading us into a world where freedom itself will be a forbidden concept; a world of social credits and the Great Reset.

And it is the way that the medical establishment is now in thrall to the pharmaceutical industry – the most thoroughly evil industry in world history, worse even than the arms industry and more relentlessly lethal than the tobacco industry – which is truly shocking.

It is the medical establishment – including trade unions such as the British Medical Association, scores of medical journals and statutory bodies such as JCVI and MHRA which exist, in theory at least, to protect the public which appear to have sold the truth to the highest bidder and sold our future to an industry and a bunch of evil conspirators.

In my first book `The Medicine Men’, which was published in 1975, I pointed out that a profession which takes orders from a trade can no longer call itself a profession.

What I saw then was that the medical profession was pretty well owned by the drug industry and that members of the medical profession had become little more than agents, salesmen and pushers for the industry. They had sold their virtue for a handful of free pens, a few luncheons and an easy life.

It is their ready obedience which has enabled the drug industry to kill and maim without compunction and without hindrance.

On 4th December last year I made a video about Dr Mohammad Adil, a brave surgeon who had spoken out about the covid hoax early in 2020 and had, for his honesty been rewarded by having his licence to practice medicine withdrawn.

There were apparently four online complaints lodged with the GMC in April 2020 but as far as I know the GMC hasn’t produced any of these complainants and nor has it named them so although they could be well-meaning citizens they could, for all I know, be members of the 77th Brigade, employees of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or their financial partner the BBC or the usual jolly trolls who smother the internet with abuse.

Like many doctors who have had their licences removed for daring to speak out against the establishment view, Dr Adil had to have a mental state examination – the sort of thing that was popular in the Soviet Union when anyone dared to question the State’s view on anything. If you disagree with the State you must, by definition, be completely and dangerously barking. A panel of two consultant psychiatrists and a clinical psychologist couldn’t find anything wrong and decided that Dr Adil was sane, despite what the establishment clearly regarded as his curious affection for the truth.

Early in 2022 there was good news when it looked as though Dr Adil was going to get his licence back. He and I were cheered – but it wasn’t to be because there were so many conditions on him working, and so Dr Adil had to live on in hope. In June, just a few days ago, a tribunal of three people decided that Dr Adil’s licence should be suspended again for another six months.

The tribunal which made this decision was set up by the Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service (MPTS) which is accountable to the General Medical Council and the UK Parliament. The GMC, by the way, is a charity set up to monitor doctors and protect patients. I have argued for years that the GMC’s absurdly bureaucratic interventions are responsible for doctors retiring early and for the deaths of thousands. Indeed, I would argue, quite seriously, that the GMC is responsible for more deaths than covid and all the terrorists who have been active in the UK during the last 50 years. If the GMC would like to debate this with me live on TV I’ll be happy to embarrass them in public. But they won’t because they’ll lose.

Meanwhile, the GMC staff and all the Tribunal members might like to educate themselves by looking at the videos available on . If they don’t want to watch videos they can read the transcripts.

Each of the people sitting on the tribunal receives a fee of £310 a day but the chairman receives £500 a day. There are 300 people available for the tribunals.

Dr Adil’s hearing started on 13th June 2022 and ended on 29th June 2022 and I somehow managed to get hold of all the relevant paperwork – it fell off the back of a lorry and straight onto my desk. To say that I was outraged by what has happened would be a dramatic understatement. I think you will be outraged too.

In order to have his suspension lifted, Dr Adil has not made any more statements about covid since he was suspended. He has done two appraisals, he’s been on courses, he submitted a pile of references and I believe he has so far attended online hearings six times.

So who sat in judgement on Dr Adil? Who decided to take away his licence for another six months?

Well, there always has to be a doctor on the panel and the doctor this time was someone called Dr Ranjana Ranil who is a former genito-urinary consultant.

Then there was a Ms Morag Rea who works as a legal manager for the Crown Prosecution Service – so obviously has no links with the Government or the Establishment. I believe she may be on LinkedIn but I couldn’t look at her entry because that is one of the many social media sites from which I’m banned.

But it was the chairman who interested me most.

The chairman of Dr Adil’s tribunal was a man called Damien Cooper who is legally qualified and a former NHS pharmacist. He is also a former regulatory pharmacist for Zeneca Pharma UK, of which you may have heard, and a former pharmacist at the Medicines and Health Care Products Regulatory Authority of which you may have also heard.

Now the MPTS obviously didn’t think this was a conflict of interest but I have a hunch that if you picked 1,000 people at random and asked them if they thought it was a conflict of interest to have someone with links to the MHRA – that’s the organisation which accepted £980,000 from vaccine enthusiast Bill Gates for its collaboration – and someone linked to a drug company called Zeneca – to sit in judgement on a doctor accused of not sticking to the Government’s lies about covid-19 you’d probably find that around 999 of them would regard it as a conflict of interest.

Damien Cooper is something of a renaissance man. He is listed by the MPTS as an independent commercial lawyer and director of Damian Cooper Associates ltd. He is or was senior legal adviser at BUPA UK Insurance, former commercial partner at DWF LLP, Former legal manager at BUPA UK, Former solicitor at Addleshaw Goddard LLP, Former regulatory pharmacist at Zeneca Pharma UK – oh I mentioned that – former pharmacist for the NHS, Department of Health, and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority – oh I mentioned that – and member of The Law Society and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

And, of course, there was the prosecutor.

The lawyer prosecuting Dr Adil was called Robin Kitching who himself claims that his most notable legal case had something to do with a dog and the Dangerous Dogs Act. Mr Kitching apparently does quite a bit of prosecution work involving Fitness to Practise cases presented on behalf of the GMC before tribunals.

Now, what Mr Kitching had to say was interesting – in its way. He began by saying that Dr Adil (he called him Mr Adil throughout and I suspect that this wasn’t entirely a nod to the fact that Dr Adil is a surgeon) does not pose a risk to patient safety. That’s what he said. `Mr Adil does not pose a risk to patient safety’. And Dr Adil himself pointed out that he had provided over 30 years of faultless service to patients with no complaints. There aren’t many doctors who can say that – especially surgeons.

So why was Dr Adil still suspended if he didn’t pose a risk to patient safety? Bit of a puzzle, perhaps.

What did surprise me was that Mr Kitching did not mention the Human Rights Act – article 10 of which protects our right to hold an opinion and to express that opinion without government interference – through writing or media appearances. I’ve quoted this often in the past because it is the article which allows us freedom of expression, and the UK government signed up to it though you’d never guess.

In the past, at least one judge has, I believe, expressed the view that any tribunal and/or the GMC should ask itself whether or not a doctor’s rights were being trampled upon if they were punished for expressing their views. In Dr Adil’s case, the Human Rights Act seems to me to have been ignored. I’m no lawyer, thank heavens, but why was that?

Does the Human Rights Act not apply any more? Did the GMC leave the human race? Is there a problem with the Human Rights Act and doctors of Pakistani origin? Are we seeing racism here? I just ask questions. I don’t honestly expect answers.

So, why did Mr Kitching, the fearless prosecutor, want Dr Adil suspended from practice?

Well, he seems to be still concentrating on what Dr Adil had said over two years ago.

The words used by the tribunal included the phrase `scaremongering conspiracy theories’ which is, of course, the sort of thing one might expect from the conspirators themselves – and their collaborating media friends. Maybe `to scaremonger’ has been redefined as `to tell the truth’.

Mr Kitching submitted – and I’m quoting – that `Mr Adil had made a calculated attempt to undermine both government efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus, and the vaccine programme in development, wrapped up in a cloak of medical science and respectability.’

Mr Kitching noted that `the GMC position was that Mr Adil’s misconduct fell short of being fundamentally incompatible with being a doctor and therefore it did not consider erasure to be the appropriate sanction.’ The sanction on Dr Adil was apparently imposed because the GMC exists to promote and protect the safety of the public and to promote and maintain public confidence in the medical profession.

The tribunal admitted however, that `there was no risk to patient safety in this case’. So was this a punishment of a respected doctor who spoke out? Was it a warning to others?

Whatever their reasoning might have been, I think they got it badly wrong for there are many things that I suspect that the tribunal and the lawyer didn’t know. So here are a few. I hope they will take note. I can, of course, prove all these statements. Anyone who describes any of these as scaremongering will find themselves on the nasty end of a lawyer. Actually all ends of a lawyer are nasty but you know what I mean.

First, in March 2020 the Government’s own advisors officially downgraded covid to the level of the flu. The evidence is on my website. Covid-19 was not a plague. It was and is no more than an over-promoted version of the flu. This fact is rather proved by the fact that the flu disappeared in 2020 and was not seen. There was no pandemic. That is the official position on covid by the way. Covid was no more deadly than the flu. As I pointed out in my first video `The coronavirus hoax’, in March 2020, up to 650,000 people can die in an annual six month flu season. That’s a WHO figure.

Second, there is massive confusion among doctors about the PCR test – either through unforgiveable malice or unforgiveable ignorance. Journalists, politicians and doctors assume that anyone with a positive PCR test has covid-19. But the PCR test is utterly unreliable as and for that reason the test has officially been withdrawn in the US. My video entitled `This needs to be stopped now’ which was dated 20th May this year, contains quotes from just a few of the scientific papers showing that the test has killed people and is utterly pointless.

Third, the death totals in the UK during 2020 and 2021 were average. Lots of doctors think there were many extra deaths during those years. If they bothered to look at the official statistics they would see that those were average years for deaths. There was no epidemic or pandemic. The same is true of other countries. Again take a look at my website and videos for the figures.

Fourth, the number of alleged deaths was massively increased by counting as deaths people who died `with’ covid instead of dying `of’ covid. If you were knocked down by a bus, and then tested positive for covid and died within 60 days then you officially died of covid. That was a clumsy fraud and if a cheap con man tried a trick like that he’d be locked up.

Fifth, the lockdowns were never useful or necessary. In May 2020 I warned that the lockdowns would kill far more people than covid. The GMC would now find it difficult to find a sane, independent doctor to disagree with that claim.

Sixth, in early 2020 the medical advisors in the UK and US agreed that masks were dangerous and useless and that those who wore them were virtue signalling. They were right, of course. I can provide scores of scientific papers proving the danger of the public wearing masks.

Seventh, thousands of elderly patients were killed in care homes by egregious medical practices which should now concern the GMC. The GMC has ignored those deaths.

Eighth, the closure of hospital departments was entirely unnecessary. The long waiting lists for screening tests and treatment will result in millions of unnecessary deaths. The GMC is doing nothing about the errors – whether through ignorance or malice – which will result in those extra deaths from cancer, heart disease and so on. It seems relevant to add here that the Tribunal noted (and I’m quoting) `that Mr Adil was a competent surgeon, whose skills would undoubtedly be of use to the NHS at a time when it was dealing with a significant backlog of patients needing surgery’.

I could go on. But I think the point is made. The GMC’s case against Dr Adil was built on media lies, government fraud and malicious nonsense.

Those doctors who spoke out against the fraud were telling the truth. The medical establishment has proved itself to be either woefully ignorant or just plain corrupt.

There are, you will be surprised to hear, 300,000 doctors registered in the UK – which rather leads to the thought, how can anyone say there is a shortage?

Of those 300,000 I would guess that less than 100 had the courage or the knowledge to speak out against the lies being told about covid. So if the GMC and its tribunals really want to protect patients – rather than protect the pharmaceutical industry and the Government – there are 299,900 doctors in the UK who are either clinically insane or completely dishonest. Those are the doctors the GMC should be targeting. None of the doctors who supported the official line on covid is fit to practise. As I have been saying for 18 months, the doctors who gave covid-19 jabs – which they should have known don’t work but are dangerous – should be struck off the medical register for life and they should be arrested for assault. Those doctors have been criminally negligent for maintaining a lie and profiting by giving a deadly injection. I should point out incidentally that Dr Adil was not paid to speak out about covid –I haven’t either, of course.

Everything I’ve said is true. The evidence is all in my videos, and although all the videos which were on YouTube were removed by the Government approved anti-truth censors, the transcripts are on my website. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar – and that includes the entire General Medical Council, the BBC and the mainstream media.

And I challenge the GMC to find one person whose health has been directly damaged by any of the doctors who have spoken out against the covid fraud.

I can, on the other hand, produce evidence that untold thousands have been killed or made ill by the lies which have been told by those parroting the official party line.

But, I repeat, the GMC cannot find one person who has been hurt by those of us who have told the truth.

The GMC has betrayed patients and it is helping to sustain the greatest and most deadly fraud in history.

One final word: a couple of years ago, before I was condemned as a `conspiracy theorist’, every newspaper and broadcaster in the UK would have reported on this scandal – for it is a scandal. In the days before I was a conspiracy theorist I had over 5,000 articles and columns in the UK national press and I know that this story would have been given massive exposure.

Today, the mainstream media will ignore this scandal because it is inconvenient and embarrassing.

And so, if you have a Twitter account or a Facebook page or any other social media account, I need your help. I am banned from all social media and from YouTube of course. Banned for telling the truth which is regarded as dangerous these days. Oddly, the other day, the national press was full of the news that some Canadian professor had been temporarily suspended from Twitter. I’ve been permanently barred from all social media for two and half a years and no one defending press freedom has murmured an objection.

If the GMC scandal is to be given any publicity at all then I, Dr Adil and other doctors who are speaking out rely on you. Send copies of this video to the GMC, your doctor and every bit of the media you can find. I really do wonder if anyone at the GMC or its tribunal service is proud of what they do.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair. Thanks to Muhammad Butt and BNT. Please spread my videos about on other platforms such as Bitchute. My thanks to everyone who does this. Please do translations too. For the record, this channel has not been monetised – none of my videos ever has been because I don’t want ads on my videos. There are no ads, no sponsors and no requests for funds on videos or websites.

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Please visit my own websites and There are free articles and new stuff is added most days. Remember, too, I’m banned from all social media. Anything you see with my name on it on Facebook, Telegram, Linked-In, Twitter or anywhere is fake and should be reported.

Finally, although it may feel like it at times, please remember that you are not alone. More and more people are waking up and once they are awake they don’t go back to sleep. We are already a far bigger force than the conspirators would have you believe. Over a third of the populations of the US and UK haven’t had a single covid jab.

If we are going to win this war then we have to fight hard and with determination and passion and the truth.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

And, remember, we have God on our side.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2022


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