The globalist puppet show degenerates into deadly shambles – so lets unite and do something about it!


Intro by Steve Cook

The following two featured articles very aptly summarise our plight vis-a-vis the puppet show that passes for democracy.

It is a puppet show in which we get to choose between two globalist front groups both of which are thoroughly subverted by globalist proxies and either one of which will push the globalist agenda.

It is an agenda that includes the murder of thousands through the booby-trapped v4cc1n3 and the social and economic dismantling of our nation.

The second article, whist it summarises the con-game very well, ends on a note of despair with the notion that there is “no escape” from this shabby, corrupt and economically illiterate travesty.

We disagree. There is a great deal We The People can do about it.

We are in a situation in which the con game is becoming more and ore obvious to more and more people to the point where we now have a freedom movement millions strong and growing fast. And that movement is united in fact by many pro-survival ideals and principles and by the realisation that we cannot go on like this and there is an urgent need for change.

The basic on it is that there is no political party that truly represents us and works in our interests. The existing quisling parties are simply never going to do that. Ever. They are bought entities serving other masters than us.

So let’s change it. So let’s create one. Let’s create a real united and focused grassroots challenge to the globalist lunatics who have hijacked our government.

There is a natural law or principle that applies to the world of governance as well as the natural world: POWER IS FOCUSSED ENERGY.

So let’s focus!

Bye Bye Boris

SOURCE: The OffGuardian

Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In other breaking news that’s just as likely to seriously impact your life, Big Mo is returning to Eastenders and Jacques from Love Island has a stain on his underwear.

That really is the level this news belongs on. Soap operas and trash TV.

By all means follow along if it interests you, but don’t ever consider it matters or is anyway real.

Johnson’s resignation is the result of a prolonged campaign to remove him – with two weeks of ever-increasing scandals following on the heels of the absurd “partygate”, resulting in the resignation of 54 cabinet officials over the space of a few days, including half the new ones he appointed to replace the old ones.

It’s all a bit of a joke.

The only real question is whether or not this is a pure distraction and entirely orchestrated, the result of some genuine Tory in-fighting, or some combination of both.

…And since the political implications of all three possible answers are virtually identical, the only real answer is “Who cares?”

Tory rats clambering over each other to get ahead is not news. No matter how big the rat, it’s not steering the ship.

Meanwhile, the press is united in celebrating the departure of Boris, and already prepping the next round of distraction narratives.

First, there’s the Tory leadership contest. Where MPs and party members (allegedly) get to choose which particular Gerry Anderson creation gets to live in the big house while the people who really run the country ruin the economy, send weapons to Ukraine, criminalise free speech and drag us unwillingly into the New Normal.

Even if the move triggers an early election, Sir Keir Starmer is barely different, and possibly much worse. The “liberal” left have been far more enthusiastic about destroying civil rights in defense of “public health” throughout the “pandemic”.

His Covid policies would likely have been even worse than Johnsons, and under his leadership Labour have toed the line on every narrative from Ukraine to Covid to Monkeypox.

Boris Johnson vs Rishi Sunak. Labour vs Conservative. It’s just more fake binaries.

A paradigm designed to demand your engagement not your agreement, they don’t care which side of the (incredibly narrow) divide you’re on, as long as you pick one and then fight tooth-and-nail to defend it.

That’s the model. A violent debate about whether John Jackson really is better than Jack Johnson…


No discussion of any real issues at all, and never any possibility of real change.

Well, that’s what we think. But what do you think?

  • Why has Boris Johnson been forced to resign?
  • Who will replace him?
  • Will they change anything?
  • Will there be an early election?
  • If so, do they fix it for Labour this time or keep supporting the Blues?
  • And what you think caused that stain on Jacques’ underwear?

Another Angry Voice


Social media is ablaze with people getting over-excited that Boris Johnson seems to be on the brink, but the fact that a corrupt, lying, philandering bigot like that ever became Prime Minister makes compelling evidence that it’s the entire system that’s rotten to the core.

Whoever replaces Johnson is largely irrelevant, because Westminster politics and the media will still be utterly dominated by adherents of the rotten “greed is a virtue” Thatcherite orthodoxy that’s caused so much social and economic devastation over the last four decades.

Whoever replaces Johnson as Tory leader will have loyally voted through every disgusting piece of Tory malice for the last twelve years.
Economically illiterate austerity ruination; vast tuition fees and obscene levels of student debt; Theresa May’s unlawfully racist “hostile environment”; Johnson’s lazily plagiarised and hopelessly botched Brexit; ruinous local government funding cuts; privatisation of most of England’s secondary schools into the hands of unaccountable private profiteers; the longest period of wage repression since records began; rape-cops; invasive snooping powers; and the destruction of our ancient British right to participate in non-violent protest.

They’ll have been complicit in it all

Then there’s the leader of the opposition, who insists on offering no hope at all, just another serving of the “more of the same” Tory-lite gruel that lost Labour the absolute gimme of the 2015 General Election.

Not only does Starmer fail to oppose by repeatedly whipping Labour into abstaining on Johnson’s most depraved legislation, he’s just as much of a liar as Johnson himself.

Not only did he lie his way into the Labour leadership with the 10 Pledges he then gleefully ripped up, he also openly bragged to Andrew Marr that he’d lie to people again to get himself even more political power.

If anything Starmer and his ilk are even more committed to maintaining the elitist property-protecting, people-destroying establishment order than Johnson, who repeatedly wrecked established norms and conventions to get his own way.

Just look at the way Starmer rigged the Labour leadership nomination process to try to exclude genuine socialists, women, and people of colour.

Look at the way his goons are rigging selection procedures to exclude popular local activists and parachute in establishment-approved cronies.

Starmer’s main priority for the last two years hasn’t been opposing Johnson’s corrupt and incompetent cabal, it’s been to ensure that nobody will ever be able to rise through the Labour ranks to challenge the establishment order again.

So at the next election we’ll be stuck with the dismal choice of whichever ‘neoliberal in a blue tie’ replaces Johnson as Tory leader, and Starmer’s grotesquely unappealing brand of ‘neoliberalism in a red tie’.

Whatever the outcome of this dismally uninspiring non-choice, capitalist interests will continue to win, and ordinary people will continue to suffer.

There’s basically no hope at all for the English.

At least Scots can consider the escape route of independence, and establishing themselves as a modern Scandinavian style social democracy; the Welsh have a bit of protection from their left-wing, socially progressive national government; and around half of the Northern Irish people can look forward to the seemingly inevitable reunification of Ireland.

There’s no escape for the majority of UK citizens though, and that’s exactly like the political and media establishment class like it.

They continue to feather their own nests on their bloated salaries, and fluff their own egos walking the corridors of power and appearing on our TV screens, while the rest of us are kept in our place as inflation eats away at our already austerity-diminished incomes, and told in no uncertain terms that there is absolutely no hope and no alternative, just “more of the same” but with differently coloured rosettes.

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The globalist puppet show degenerates into deadly shambles – so lets unite and do something about it!