The extraordinary story of Ukraine bombing own POWs to stop others surrendering and talking. Over 50 killed. Over 100 injured.

Extremely intensive destruction.  Graphic details.  It shows Ukraine very angry its soldiers are surrendering in large numbers, and they’re trying to intimidate others from surrendering, and then talking on camera about what they were ordered to do.  Fifty were killed and a hundred wounded.

The killing of these prisoners is a war crime.  These pictures are graphic.

Kiev Assassinated Dozens Of Its Own Azov Heroes (18+)South Front

Here’s an Azov sergeant admitting to what they did in Mariupol.  The bombing is intended to stop the perpetrators from admitting what they did, as it’s not part of the western media script that Ukrainians were committing genocide in Donetsk – a European nation.  Yet that is what they’ve been doing since 2008, and is why Russia came to liberate the people in the Donbas from the Ukrainian slaughter.

In Video: Sergeant Of Ukrainian Azov Regiment Described How They Killed Civilians In MariupolSouth Front

They blocked Graham Phillips’ bank account and his father’s in the UK.  They bomb their own prisoners held by the Russians.  But the truth is already out there – if only people would look and see it.   People have a duty to look, to understand and remove their support from the British government and its policy of supporting this genocide in Donbas, supplying money, weapons and ammunition.

Only one British political party is speaking out against this – the English Democrats.

The Ukrainians say it was the Russians bombing their own prison.  Yet fragments of a US HIMARS projectile were presented.