The Experience of an Irish Nurse Who Did Not Agree with the Pandemic Narrative

Irish Nurse Reveals What Really Went On In Hospitals During The Pandemic

Jun 21

On June 9th I received an email from an Irish Nurse who wanted to tell her story.

Her name is Eleanor McGee.

I responded saying I would be only too happy to help.

What you are about to read is a warts and all account of the coercion and pressure Irish nurses were put under for the last 2 years. Nothing has been edited out from the email that Eleanor sent to me. These are Eleanor’s words in their entirety, this is her story…


When Covid commenced particularly around March 2020, I was incredibly concerned in general like the rest of the population. I was one of the first to think about closing our borders and stop international travel. We allowed, Cheltenham etc to go ahead.

Slowly but surely, the news was consuming so many peoples lives. The first lockdown came and went. I didn’t see any benefit to it. It was causing so much social isolation. Our elderly and our children were especially affected. Schools were closing, children working via pc at home, missing their friends, grandparents missing their families etc.

The announcement of a vaccine being worked on sent shivers down my spine. How on earth could they develop a vaccine so quickly? Vaccines take years to develop, yet alone time for clinical trials. I am not anti vax, I have taken nearly every vaccine throughout my life except the Swine flu one as in my opinion that one was rushed too. Something just told me that something was very off. I was very clear in my thinking at that point, that if they managed to develop such a vaccine, it would be a no personally for myself.

December 2020, I came across Dr Pierre Korys senate hearing. Pierre was on fire in the senate talking of using a repurposed drug called Ivermectin. I watched that man literally begging to be allowed to use Ivermectin. Pierre’s passion to help save lives was inspirational.

I returned to work in January 2021. Many of my colleagues had just commenced their 1st vaccine. There was tremendous pressure on staff to participate.

I was asked during the morning, if I would like to attend for mine. I said, it’s not for me at the moment in time. On several occasions over the following days, several colleagues asked if I had attended. I couldn’t believe that so many people could invade your personal space regarding a medical decision.

In the weeks following, I started to get text message invitations for making an appointment for a vaccine, eventually the invites turned into appointments being forwarded, followed by notifications of non attendance, followed by more appointments.


Simultaneously invites from my own GP and my local vaccination centre. Appointments at one stage were arriving from 3 different sources. How dare anyone register my details without my consent. I had to block numbers from my phone. This caused incredibly anxiety.

On one occasion, I had a senior colleague berate me on a public corridor trying to talk me round. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, what the hell has happened to people, how dare they think they have the right to infringe on my private medical business. Over time I discovered that I certainly wasn’t alone in my thinking. Eventually I met some like minded people and joined a healthcare support group, were we had some solace and support.

The first of my colleagues got Covid for the 1st time and of December 2020 and early 2021. Over the coming months, I watched more and more people actually test positive. During this time,we were quieter than I ever remembered, my fear arose thinking of all the patients that are cancelled, awaiting diagnostic procedures and diagnoses. I was extremely concerned around the amount of missed and delayed diagnosis and the consequences for years to come.

Not only did we engage with work related pressure, pressure was immense within family and friend circles, especially when the vaccine passport commenced in July 2021. This was the height of utter discrimination. These passports caused great stress within the general public and families.

Many people whom I knew that didn’t want to participate with the vaccine were coerced into taking such, to go to the pub, go on holiday. Humanity seemed lost. I never did so much research as I did before on the alternatives. I was watching more and more doctors all talking about re purposed medication which was working incredibly well. I noticed that these brilliant doctors where getting censored, and many media reports were literally slandering them, horse dewormer is one word that I’ll never forget.

Having to listen to Newstalk on a daily basis at work was deeply depressing till one day when I heard Pat Kenny interview Pierre Kory

See also, Dr Joseph Varon, Math+ Protocol using ivermectin, 29 July 2020. Largest study of Iver-mectin Prophylaxis (Treatment Given or Action Taken to Prevent Disease) for COVID.

Finally I said to myself, it’s finally getting an MSM hearing. My illusion was shattered within days when Luke O Neill , claimed we haven’t enough data

How on earth could this man make such a claim. We have absolutely no data on these emergency use authorisation products.

Rotunda Hospital master Professor Fergal Malone said vaccination levels among expectant mothers and their partners are ‘disappointing’. Covid restrictions on maternity wards could be scrapped if there is a higher vaccination uptake among expectant mothers and their partners, the master of Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital has said. Heavy pressure instilled upon pregnant women and their partners.

Kidney transplants to be delayed for unvaccinated patients until Covid crisis passes. Beaumont Hospital August 2021.

These headlines were ringing many alarm bells within.

Then Beaumont Hospital withdrew a recommendation from top doctors to suspend patients unvaccinated for coronavirus from the waiting list for a kidney transplant. The move came more than a fortnight after a letter was issued to consultants, saying it would not be possible to offer transplants to unvaccinated people because of Covid transmission risks.

In my opinion this is unprecedented coercion. Coercion happens when someone wants you to consent when you’ve already said no or otherwise expressed disinterest. They might use threats, persuasion, and other tactics to get the outcome they want. Ethically our little island was lost.

November 2021 boosters commenced for healthcare staff as immunity was waning.

Tremendous pressure built yet again, except this time, more refused. Open chat showed many people had enough. Around this time the pressure stepped up for us to come forward for a risk assessment, which also included this time anyone who hadn’t had a booster.

As the next few weeks passed, We had so much staff sickness, the majority with covid. Some had covid for the 2nd or 3rd time. I had never witnessed sickness levels on this scale throughout the whole pandemic, we were one of the highest vaccinated countries in the world, with cases now exploding.

My observations showed that us with natural immunity or robust healthy immune system were keeping the system going.](

Natural immunity was completely ignored throughout this whole pandemic as well as cheap and effective medications. Surely during a pandemic, we should utilise every tool in our box.

At the end of November 2021, Ireland considered mandatory Covid-19 vaccination of healthcare workers. Many healthcare workers had already had the virus. This opened up another round of discrimination within the workplace. Some colleagues were hoping that this would come to fruition. One of which thought it would be appropriate to refuse to work alongside unvaccinated staff which was quenched quickly due to lack of union support.

Risk assessments attempts commenced yet again, this time to include those who refused a booster. All of this didn’t sit well with me. It was very upsetting knowing that colleagues were wishing unwellness on their colleagues who choose autonomy over coercion. I signed an open letter in December 2021 calling for an end to what we say is discrimination against those unvaccinated for the Covid-19 virus.

I am no longer fearful of Covid. I have worked through it all. I am now more afraid of where we are going. The WHO wants to create a Global Pandemic Treaty. The proposed treaty is set to be a legally binding tool which will coordinate countries’ response to future pandemics across the globe. This week Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said Ireland would be signing up to the agreement, as reported by Gript.

The group has sought sanctions against signatory countries which break its rules. The WHO is primarily funded by private companies and heavily by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates has invested interests within the pharmaceutical companies. Bill Gates has major shares in both Pfizer & BioNTech & an FOI has revealed he is the primary funder of the MHRA. This is a huge matter of great concern. One has to also question the conflicts of interest within our own advisory team within Ireland and their intertwining connections with funding and sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies.

Also Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Tánaiste Leo Varadkar were among the attendees at the World Economic Forum, with Martin participating in a high-profile discussion on Wednesday about “European Unity in a Disordered World?”. We need transparency on our government plans , involving us the citizens of Ireland.

Our Government’s use of behavioural-science to instil fear, shaming and peer pressure to increase people’s compliance has evoked major concerns in relation to both the ethics and the collateral damage. This was aided with the help of our media. Throughout the covid-19 crisis, the morality of strategically inflicting emotional pain upon citizens to influence their behaviour has been questioned

along with the disregard for informed consent

a longstanding fundamental precondition to any medical or psychological intervention.

Today I am watching the FDA discussion regarding approval for 6months – 5 years. Children’s immune systems do not operate the same way as an adult. The long-term risks are clearly of greater concern and the cavalier attitude to this possibility is deeply concerning. 80% of Children have natural immunity. We have to factor in risk versus reward.

As with adults what is the magic number? How many are you willing to take ? Will their immune system wane every 3 – 4 months. Listening to the FDA open hearing shows both sides to the arguments we are having. If this was publicly known and televised, we would have transparency alongside an open debate / discussion. What happened to our right to discuss such openly and honestly?

A testimony from Dr Kat Lindley at today’s FDA open hearing. Permission granted to use.

*Good afternoon I’m Dr Kat Lindley member of the Steering Committee of World Council for Health*

*I have no conflicts of interest*

*CDC data from February show that about 74.2% of children have had Covid already. Over 150s studies show that natural immunity is superior. *

*The infection fatality rate under 5 years old is 0.1/100K or one in a million. *

*The risk of the shot in the already immune is higher than one in a million. Both Pfizer and Moderna expressly eliminated those that were naturally immune from their studies. They did this to avoid the hyper immune response and possible death. *

*Vaccinating the already immune, puts them at serious risk for a hyper immune response. That means you will be voting for some children to have a severe adverse reaction and possibly death if you vaccinate the already immune. This is bad medicine. There is zero reward, only risk. *

*These vaccines are not medically necessary or clinically indicated.*

*VAERS show children ages birth to 18 who have been vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna’s vaccines have had severe life-threatening adverse reactions, such as myocarditis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, seizures and more severe adverse reactions death.*

*Article by House and all published May 22, 2022 in American academy of Pediatrics (safety of c19 vaccinations in US children ages 5-11)*

*Myocarditis 2.2 per million cases*

*Seizures 7.6 per million cases*

*Case #1 seen by my colleagues*

*14 yo male double vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine had recent hx of chest pain on exertion, initial echocardiogram and ECG normal, troponin 22,000 increasing to 48,000 in 6 hours. Cardiac MRI with gadolinium showed transmural enhancement consistent with myocarditis*

*Case #2*

*13 yo female first Pfizer dose last August had 1st seizure within 30 days, got a second vaccine in December had another seizure, had 3rd booster and now has 4-6 seizures a day. She was an active soccer player and a good student, now unable to play sports or attend class in person.*

*We have no long term safety data in any of these studies. The risks clearly outweigh the benefits. The VAERS reports 28, 312 deaths so far in all age groups. When is it enough?*

*What is the magic number that will make us stop? 50 k, 100 k, million.*

*When do we say ENOUGH. Children have a “99.998% recovery rate with no sequelae if they get COVID. *

*These vaccines are not medically necessary or clinically indicated!!*

*Thank you for your time*

Getting back to a vaccine during pregnancy, completely safe and effective, the Hse update their website February 2022 and again in May 2022

But COVID-19 vaccines are new. We are still learning about them. There is limited data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy. They were not tested on pregnant women during clinical trials. Trials are now taking place. Were any of these ladies informed of such during the Informed consent process ?

Informed consent , one of my reasons for refusing the Covid Vaccine was simply as I could not give Informed Consent. I am simply going to ask all healthcare professionals who participated within the vaccine rollout, do you think you gave Informed Consent?

Consider your evidence based practice and keeping up to date with results.

FDA Begins Releasing Pfizer COVID Vax Documents March 2022 , all healthcare professionals should be aware of this and research.

Ireland needs a healthcare alliance, our questions have to be allowed, transparency is essential.

We have a right to free speech and to raise public awareness . The anxiety I have suffered throughout the past two years has only made me stronger. Believe me, it’s incredibly hard to find your voice. I will not be bullied or silenced anymore.

The majority of us have children, who are absolutely paramount to us . I want to continue my research for my children and their future. I was hoping that someone else would gain some courage. I have waited and waited for someone else. Guess what that other person never arrives.

I am certainly not an author, however I stand before you with honesty. Some may mock, however all I want is for people to engage, feel free to express their opinions. It doesn’t matter if we agree, it’s opening up a discussion that is important.

My fears over cancer diagnosis over the past two years is now evident. The healthcare system should have never grinded to a halt. All patients matter, many patients are suffering needlessly today.

One of the biggest mistakes made was ignoring the therapeutics available to us . “The FDA has made public statements on Ivermectin that have been misleading.”. A federal lawsuit was filed on behalf of 3 doctors against FDA for interfering with the use of Ivermectin a treatment for Covid 19. As I have previously stated during a pandemic every tool available should be utilised. Money and profits seem to matter more than our health.

We mislaid real science and ethics. We need to acknowledge the Vaccine side effects and harm. We all know someone affected. We need to be able to talk about them, openly and help those who are suffering.

We have to look back at all the mistakes made, reflect and never make such errors again . I will leave this for now. There is so much more I wish to say. Interesting article from today. This isn’t going away


I’m sure you would agree that what has gone on behind closed doors in Irish hospitals and hospitals globally has been nothing short of scandalous. We owe Eleanor an enormous debt for being brave enough to speak out. She is obviously incredibly well read and has researched everything diligently. I just wish more would do the same.

If you feel Eleanor’s story needs to be heard please retweet so others can read it. Many thanks.

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4 Responses to “The Experience of an Irish Nurse Who Did Not Agree with the Pandemic Narrative”

  1. Occams says:

    Once again; WHAT ‘PANDEMIC’?

    I can tell you, from personal experience, TWICE, inside, and 3 or 4 times, outside, filming, what ‘went on inside’….


    Hospitals were empty, parking lots – patient, ER, and staff – empty. Docs’, nurses?

    Most went home. Nothing to do.

    So in 2+ years, extensive travel, I know ONE person who got this; upper respiratory. And she’s fine. And won’t vaxx – even though she’s being pressured at work.

    Sat 3′ from a buddy at lunch, shared food, then said he was going home as he didn’t feel well.

    Fever, bed rest, day 4, back.



    Oh, yea; ‘inside’. My (faked. I tested negative, so told me I had to come back – ‘after another test’) cardioversion, my nurse told me:

    1. It’s a fraud
    2. Her cop-husband said it’s a fraud
    3. She would be fired if they heard her say it’s a fraud.
    4. The ‘test’ lines? She said staff was paid $25 each to get in their cars and pretend they were there for testing.
    5. ”The hospital is EMPTY”.
    6. She hadn’t worked in 3 months. Not a single patient. She came in for me because she was bored out of her skull at home.

    “Mistakes made”?

    No, this went pretty much according to ‘their’ plan. The only mistakes were made by those stupid enough to fall for or go along with something so plainly a fraud is not a ‘mistake’.

    Sorry. If you’re going to blow a whistle, you START by saying ”this whole thing was phony, and I went along with it for 2 years.”

    • ian says:

      That can’t be right Occams. Bojo, Prince Charles and Tom Hanks had it. They wouldn’t lie. You need to watch the BBC to get the truth instead of conspiracy fake news.

      • Occams says:

        I guess I’m a fool believing my own eyes! I should know better than to trust my own judgement when I could be spoon-fed ALL I need to know!

      • ian says:

        You just hit the nail on the head mate. These believers, must not be able to see the fraud, or have any ability to judge. How could that be? I think your meme says it all.