South Africa’s (Bill Gates captured) ANC ruling part are all Vax Free

ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule CONFESSES

BREAKING ā€¼ļøšŸ“”šŸŽ™

The ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule Confirms he didn’t take the COVID-19 vaccine …. Saying even those that are pushing these experimental jabs aren’t taking them.

Treatment and Recovery for Victims of the Covid-19 Experimental Injections & Boosters:Ā


“So Bill Gates lands in Johannesburg after my ICASA Presentation . The Vaccine Rollout has come to a standstill admitted by Dr Nicolas Crisp.

Cyril Ramaphosa got R7 Billion from the World Bank for purchasing Vaccines. World Bank working with Bill Gates on ID4D Digital Identity. I blocked the ICASA Plan to link our Biometric Data to our Sim Cards which was the Digital Identity plan in South Africa and Exposed Bill Gates Corrupt Relationship with SAHPRA ( Prof Helen Rees) and Wits Health Consortium ( Prof Helen Rees and Cyril Ramaphosa Wife Dr Tshepo Motsepe) .

I also exposed how Cas Coovadia of B4SA, Nedlac influenced Mandatory Vaccinations in the Workplace and how Cas Coovadia Fin Mark Trust getting Funding from Bill Gates, United Nations, Mastercard Foundation and World Bank and how Cas Coovadia serving on Leadership Board of ArtIntelGroup which clearly shows DATA FOR SALE. Not to mention Bill Gates and George Soros Open Society Foundation sponsors of ID4Africa hosted by Department of Home Affairs in Johannesburg……. R2 Billion in grants from Bill Gates to Wits Health Consortium where Cyrils Wife serves on Board not to mention she is Patrice Motsepe Sister and Patrice tied to Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy and Giving Pledge or the number of times Cyril Ramaphosa met Bill Gates plus the Phala Phala $4 million stolen on 9 Feb 2020 when Bill Gates landed in Private Plane in Cape Town 9 Feb2020 ………. Or the Fact Cas Coovadia and Stephen Koseff on Board of Youth Employment Service RF with Donne Nicol that collected Donations for Cyril Ramaphosa 2017 NASREC Campaign ……. ”

Spotted! What is Bill Gatesā€™ private jet doing in Johannesburg?:Ā

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