Choose your Sociopath


by Steve Cook

A BBC insider has tipped me off that concerns over an expected very low turnout at the next general election – which experts have . . . er, expertly analysed as “voter apathy” and nothing at all to do with millions of people not wanting any of the corrupt globalist front groups presented to them as a “choice” – have prompted moves to make elections more “voter friendly”.

It was first mooted that presenting people with some sane/honest candidates and not letting the media lie about them and thus providing a real and meaningful choice was the direction to go but it was decided that that sort of thing is in a modern democracy either impossible or a recipe for trouble. . .

Consequently the next general election will be given a facelift and brought to the public in the popular format of a TV Game Show.

Instead of “The General Election”, it will be called “Choose Your Sociopath!”

The show will be pretty much as the name suggests. The TV audience will be presented with several sociopaths to choose from. The contestants will be asked to perform various harrowing tasks such as lying with a straight face, raiding the exchequer to enrich an oligarch, rescuing an endangered neo-Nazi regime, pretending to get vaccinated with a toxic biochemical agent, euthenazing old people on the National Health, committing treason and selling it as “democracy” and so forth. The audience will then vote electronically for their favourite loon.

You are invited to nominate contestants for “Choose Your Sociopath”

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5 Responses to “Satire!”

  1. ian says:

    Great post danceaway, however it is too close to truth to be humorous. The b4stards boil my blood, and even if this was real and not satire, the good ole masses would lap it up if TV told them it was funny.

  2. danceaway says:

    One can no longer rely on people recognising satire, so have to label it for them!!

    At least they are being labeled as sociopaths, although it is really far worse than that…..

  3. danceaway says:

    Have a look through this twitter thread which is commentary on two American transgenders turning up at a French Diplomatic function; have no idea how one would categorise this, but the comments and memes are hilarious; not so the seriousness of what is occurring. But the memes of other gov’t officials are priceless.

  4. danceaway says:

    Here is the correct title for the thread above:

    America’s representatives at the French Ambassador’s residence this week. These “ladies” representing the American military……..all dressed up to the nines…..