Russian Black Sea Navy HQ hit by UAV, Navy Day cancelled.


Russian Navy HQ hit by UAV, Navy Day cancelled. UPDATE and ALERT


Unidentified UAV hits Russian Black Sea Navy HQ in Sevastopol, damaging the building and wounding at least 5 personnel, on Jul 31, according to statement issued by city’s Governor. Real extent of damages and number of losses/injures is yet unknown, but it is a well-known and recognized fact, that Russian official statements more often, than not, wildly differ from the reality. Russian Navy Day (last Sun of Jul) is widely celebrated annually throughout the country and specifically, in major Naval Bases, starting Sevastopol. Governor of Sevastopol cancelled all celebrations, including understand, most awaited by public Navy Parade and demonstration drills, residents are advised to stay at home and avoid going out.
UAV is allegedly, Ukrainian. Sevastopol was claimed to be impregnable fortress of Russian military and Navy, 100+ percent guaranteed from any strikes or attacks. Ironically. several hours before the attack Russian Parliament in official congratulation praised Black Sea Navy for its’ role in protecting Crimea and Sevastopol in the ongoing conflict.

UPDATE: Ukraine denies the attack and says it a Russian provocation, with the purpose of justifying more bombings, attacks and destruction of Ukrainian cities and towns. But such a provocation feels more like shooting one’s own leg – an attack of Navy HQ in kind of, sacred for many Russians, Sevastopol, is indeed, a psychological trauma for many pro-war, pro-military Russians. Ukraine can reach out and strike at will most protected military bases and HQ? Where does it leave all propaganda crap?
Public reaction in Russia can be generally described as frustration, anger, hate. From severe criticism addressed to Russian military and Navy Command, to demands to immediately attack Kiev, NATO, EU Capitals, you name it. Pure insanity mostly, but public in general is genuinely bewildered and enraged, at least those who still believe in Kremlin narrative.

ALERT: This attack might incite Russian military response, aimed at Ukrainian ports and ships already engaged in transportation of Ukrainian grain. Russian public is demanding retaliation, vengeance and blood, and they don’t care whom military will strike – Ukrainian soldiers or foreign seamen on board of the ships which belong to neutral countries and are loaded with vitally important cargoes of grain and wheat.



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  1. Tapestry says:

    Ukraine lost all its air command at Vinnytsia. Russia had no choice but to follow through and attack decision making centres after the continued attacks on civilian areas of Donetsk using phosphorus and ‘butterfly’ or ‘petal’ mines. As Ukraine gets closer to being defeated, it takes ever more desperate measures, following orders from NATO. NATO doesn’t want the war to end. No doubt it will keep poking the bear until all of Europe is decimated. The mission seems to be the defeat of western Europe, its subjugation and economic destruction. Naval targets have far higher psychological impact. When the Moskva sank, RAF Welford depot was hit two days later and the resulting explosion closed the M4 in both directions. Presumably Russia won’t start hitting more UK targets after this attack but you never know. It is obviously the work of NATO so striking back at NATO would make more sense.