Russia quitting WHO and WTO.

Russia to Exit WHO, WTO and Other UN Agencies?


Is Russia about to leave the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) – and possibly other UN and international bodies?

This topic has received little or no coverage by the western mainstream media.

According to Russian Duma’s Deputy Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy, the Russian Government is evaluating the possibility to withdraw from a number of UN agencies, most visibly WHO and WTO which they consider do Russia more harm than good. This may be particularly the case with WTO which Russia only joined in 2012 after 8 years of negotiations, because WTO allows countries under the western sanctions program to increase tariffs on Russian goods way above the WTO guidelines.

WTO removed Russia’s “most favored nation” status in response to its invasion of Ukraine, which led several countries to suspend Moscow’s trade preferences and impose tariffs in excess of what WTO rules typically allow. WTO, created under the Charter of the UN, is not to take political decisions in favor, or against a member of its 164 member-organization.

See this.

Under pressure from the US and European governments, hundreds of western businesses, from Adidas, McDonald’s, and Pepsi to BP, Renault, British American Tobacco, Starbucks and many many more, have pulled out of Russia for fear of direct western sanctioning. McDonald’s said its cost for leaving Russia was equivalent to US$ 1.3 billion. Is the sacrifice worth it?

Never mind, it is contributing to anti-Russian propaganda – which in itself, contributes to the ever-mounting western pressure for “regime change”. 

As to WHO – while the agency pretends being non-political, in reality it is just the contrary, only political. WHO, under pressure from Bill Gates and the US, never approved the Russian Sputnik V as an official “vaccine” – like Pfizer, J&J, Moderna and all the western fake vaxxes.

WHO joined the west in condemning Russia for the war in Ukraine, never looking at the reasons that may have prompted the war, and never looking into the health impacts of 8 years bombarding and aggressing the Donbas Region by the Kiev regime with the help by Neo-Nazi Azov Battalions.

While no war is justified, analyzing the reasons that led up to war might help negotiating for peace and preventing other wars.

Nor did WHO evaluate independently the damage on Eastern Ukraine’s health facilities and inhabitants since the beginning of the war on 24 February 2022. Because most, if not all, attacks on Donbas health facilities, as well as outright killing of civilians Kiev claims and the west confirms, were Russian inflicted, when in fact the very Ukraine government carried out “false flags” against their own people.

It would behove a neutral WHO to analyze causes of mass death, disease and injury reports. Not doing so and instead simply supporting the western version is a serious breach of WHO’s Constitution and role in determining the cause of the deteriorating state of a society’s wellbeing.

No war is justified – including economic wars (sanctions), wars with fear as the chief weapon, and wars destroying food, causing famine and death. The UN Human Rights Commission did not speak out against the WEF’s Great Reset nor did the UN. In fact, on June 13, 2019, the UN signed a Strategic Partnership Framework with the WEF, outlining areas of cooperation, notably the infamous UN Agenda 2030.

By doing so, the 193 member-UN body not only lost its lustre (if it still had any), but more importantly its role as Peace Arbiter in the world, and as a defender of justice and human rights. The WEF is an insanely wealthy NGO at the service of Big-Big Finance and individual oligarchs.

The Great Reset which was in the making long before the Partnership Framework Agreement with the UN, is the ultimate control mechanism for the world’s resources and for humanity.

Russia is not only by far the world’s largest country, surface-wise, but arguably also by far the wealthiest in terms of natural resources. Russia is, therefore, in the crosshairs of western empire forces, including and foremost the WEF and its handlers.

Hence, the Russian Foreign Ministry is right when claiming that many of the UN institutions are working against the interests of Russia — which is a good reason to exit them.

Looking back at recent history may bring some insight as to why Russia, and especially President Putin, is so much slandered and outright hated by the west – of course, 24/7 supported by Western-corrupted media propaganda.

The West would have loved Boris Yeltsin (10 July 1991 – 31 December 1999) to stay in power into the 21st century. Yeltsin allowed the West – mainly FED, IMF and World Bank – ravage and privatize Russia’s state-owned economy during his ten-year tenure.

Perhaps out of remorse for his leniency towards Western depredation of his country, Yeltsin was looking out for a strong and intellectually brilliant successor. In August 1999, he appointed the then little-known KGB Officer, Vladimir Putinas Prime Minister. It was a clear sign that President Yeltsin was preparing Putin for leading the Kremlin.

Nobody in the West suspected Putin to bring Russia up from her knees to a full world power position. And that in less than two decades.

Russia, close ally of China and active member of Eastern integration, will not only survive the pressure but will thrive under the slandering pressure.

Leaving nefarious UN agencies may give other think-alike countries which wanted, but didn’t so far dare, to take such drastic action, a signal that they too may be better off not belonging to this Western-corrupted international network, including the European Union.



One Response to “Russia quitting WHO and WTO.”

  1. Gordon says:

    Yeltsin was a waster, a philanderer and sold his country down the drain. Putin on the other hand has brought his country back from the brink and is well respected.

    Most I ask what they think of Putin say that he is a bad man and that he was in the KGB. My reply is always “So tell me, if Putin was a member of MI5, MI6 or the CIA he would be a good man”, they then just stare into oblivion.

    Yet again the wisdom of Putin shines through by his resigning from NWO global institutions. Other less powerful nations would have dared not to this or the wrath of the CIA and UN hit men would fall hard on their heads.