Russia: New Weapons Based on New Physics; U.S./NATO Missiles Would Never Leave Their Silos


The government of Russia has developed new weapons technology, based on new physics principles, that if used, would prevent U.S. and NATO Nuclear Missiles from ever leaving their launch silos.  Russia has nothing to fear from US nuclear weapons.

BY:  Military expert Kulikov D. V.


“Russia has come close to creating weapons based on new physical principles” – V. V. Putin, 2018.

These were not empty words and cartoons, as the United States tried to convince the whole world. In 2022, the Russian Federation put on display the laser systems, which we wrote about earlier.

It’s time to reveal a conceptually new weapon based on new physical principles that only science fiction writers dreamed of in their works!

The ALABUGA complex is a high-frequency high-power electro-magnetic generator (EMP), capable, in the truest sense of the word, of burning all electronics within a radius of 4 kilometers.

“In modern warfare, the one who first blinds and destroys the enemy’s electronic eyes wins.”

All data on this complex is classified as Top Secret! But today we will reveal a little the veil of secrecy.

Russian designers managed to create a compact EMR – a generator that can be easily placed in the body of any Russian missile, in the place of the warhead (“Caliber”, “Zircon”, “Onyx”, “Dagger”, “Iskander”, “Petrel” and others ).

It is assumed that the rocket, being at the right height and above the right place, produces an explosion, forming an electromagnetic impulse as a shock wave, while the manpower and buildings remain intact.

“Alabuga” – disables any enemy electronics, such as a tank platoon, an airfield with aircraft, and even simple mobile phones, computers and other household appliances. After that, the enemy will simply have no choice but to surrender and give all their weapons to the advancing units of the Russian army as trophies” – A high-ranking specialist of the Rostec concern, who wished to remain anonymous.

And if EMP “Alabuga” are placed on the missiles “Petrel”, which have an infinite range, and “land” this missile somewhere in the United States, next to the launch silos of nuclear ballistic missiles, the coordinates of which are known, then it is possible to activate the generator at the right time, thereby disable the “atomic fist” of the United States.

The very idea of an Electro-Magnetic weapon is not new, and arose during the first Nuclear tests, because the EMP Wave is one of the damaging factors. For example, in 1962, when testing atomic weapons, the United States blew up at an altitude of 400 kilometers, a charge with a capacity of only 1.4 megatons.
The result was amazing. Unexpectedly for themselves, they disabled 2 Soviet satellites and 4 of their own.

Knowing these facts, the Alabuga complex looks like a more than realistic project.

There are many more surprises waiting and someday we will be able to tell about it!