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Russia is not withdrawing from Snake Island.

Snake Island gets media.  As Alex Christoforou says.   But yesterday’s ‘news’ of a Russian withdrawal was not quite what everyone seems to think.  Russia has not withdrawn control of the Island – just removed personnel from being present there.  It is now the responsibility of the Russian navy and air force to prevent Ukrainian occupation of the island.


The front will soon be in Seversk. Remains to be seen if the Ukrainians in fact ran past Seversk, or if they try to regroup there. “The forces of the LPR and the Russian Federation have liberated the settlements of Spirniye, Zolotarevka and Belaya Gora and are developing an offensive on Seversk-TASS reports”

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2 Responses to “Russia is not withdrawing from Snake Island.”

  1. sovereigntea says:


    A few hours ago, a bomber (presumably we are talking about a Su-24 front-line bomber – ed. note) inflicted at least six bombing attacks on Snake Island, three of which hit the island, and another one hit an unknown naval target several hundred meters west of the island.

    On the presented video frames, you can see how a combat aircraft, carrying out a passage at low altitude, releases at least six aerial bombs, four of which are guaranteed to hit targets. Hitting two more is in question. Judging by the power of the explosions, we are talking about FAB-250 bombs. At the same time, three air bombs struck the territory of the island itself, and another air bomb accurately hit a sea target of an unknown type, presumably, it could be a landing boat or other military vessel.
    Подробнее на: https://avia-pro.net/news/bombardirovshchik-nanyos-po-ostrovu-zmeinyy-6-bombovyh-udarov

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Great report Tap… See footage at 9.49
    Hipocrisy of dolt Liz Truss exposed in her Saudi dealings. Saudi has of course invaded its neighbour Yemen & bombed it back to the stoneage.Presumably in the diabolical eyes of Truss this doesnt count as aggression.