Putin has urgent message for all westerners.

Putin Has Urgent Message For All Westerners Enslaved By Their Governments (bitchute.com)

Who will feed the people who will suffer the coming food shortages?

Another comment on Europe and the West from a Russian.


Igor Kuleshov.

Putin is not at war with Europe. Rather, the whole world quietly stunned, watches how Europe runs up and smashing its head against a gas station and a granary, loses consciousness, barely gets up, scatters again, panting, black out again, back on its feet and thinking aloud that it would be necessary to repeat the attack and definitely it will work next time … The gas station and that granary haven’t even chipped the paint yet. 😆
And an Italian journalist.
🇮🇹It’s time for Europe to come to terms with the reality in Ukraine – Gian Michaelessin

, columnist for the Italian edition of Il Giornale, “That is why it is fair to ask whether negotiations with Putin are now more morally acceptable than the continuation of the already lost confrontation. A needless prolongation of hostilities will only lead to greater casualties, increase the risk of a world conflict and condemn Italy and Europe to an economic catastrophe, “the journalist believes.

If Moscow is withstanding sanctions, Italy and the EU are already facing a boomerang effect. JP Morgan predicts oil prices at $380 per barrel, and the governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, expects a 2-year recession in the event of a cessation of Russian gas supplies.

“During these 2 years, Italian companies will lose everything, and China will come to the country, ready to proclaim itself a real winner in the confrontation between Russia and NATO,” Michaelessin writes.


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  1. Occams says:

    “…increase the risk of a world conflict..”

    Exactly. As in ‘exactly the plan’.