Prof Hannah Fry Who Presented BBC Documentary “Unvaccinated” Also Presented “Contagion: The Pandemic” In 2018. 2 Yrs Pre Covid. Coincidence 👀

Within the last week a lot of noise has been appearing on Social Media about the BBC documentary “Unvaccinated”. The Daily Mail called it groundbreaking. I call it propaganda. If you were fortunate enough to miss it here is a brief synopsis according to the Daily Mail.

Even before this aired it was met with stern criticism. People were furious about the propaganda. The most popular comments were quite telling.

The DM headline alone should tell you all you need to know. The standard anti-vax slur and “ad-hominem” attacks trying to make people look stupid with their concerns. A tried and trusted BBC propaganda tactic they have been using ad nauseam for years.

The show itself was a kind of reality TV. I had my own concerns about the people on it before I even watched it.

More importantly I also had massive concerns about Prof Hannah Fry who was presenting it. I found out some amazing stuff about Prof Fry once I started digging.

Stuff that people have forgotten or just never knew. Let me just say she fronted a programme for the BBC in 2018 called “Contagion”. That is two years pre-pandemic.

It was all about an upcoming pandemic. I will return to Prof Fry in a bit. Bear with me as you don’t want to miss what I found.

Back to the contestants on “Unvaccinated” first. One of the obvious questions to ask is why would anyone appear on such a show. For money, fame, fortune or just to have their side of the story heard. Why would anyone appear on a BBC show when they have demonstrated how impartial they are and have pushed the vax agenda relentlessly with no journalistic balance.

As we know the BBC have received tens of millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. We know where there allegiances lie. They will push any agenda/narrative for the right price.

What was also interesting though was the reaction of some of the contestants prior to the show being aired.

This fascinating exchange between Prof Norman Fenton and one of the contestants says a lot

Veronica also threatened to blow the whole programme wide open when she said the following

Prof Fenton also wrote an excellent piece on the conflicts of interest of two of the ‘independent’ experts on the programme, one of whom happens to be in charge of Pfizer’s vaccine centre. Who would have guessed.

But what about the programme itself ?

The programme itself was an exercise in propaganda. It was patronising and inaccurate, they used out of date data, there was no professional opposing views. It was scaremongering at its finest and basically a complete one sided piece of propaganda.

This was obvious from the outset with the title “Unvaccinated”. Now naturally you would expect the word vaccine or derivatives of it such as vaccinated, unvaccinated to appear in such a programme.

You probably don’t realise that over the course of 63 minutes the word vaccine and or its derivatives was mentioned 116 times. To be honest I couldn’t keep up trying to keep track so I’m probably off by 10% at least. That’s nearly 2 every minute.

The sole goal of the program was to convince the 7 people to take the vaccine. The BBC failed in that respect.

Even the Telegraph thought the BBC “Unvaccinated” documentary was patronising and painful.

Fact Checkers Full Fact were the go to company for fact checking on the programme. This is the same company who is funded by tech giants Facebook and Google as well as big pharma. These same tech giants who have censored and stifled debate for 2.5 years.

On the programme The BBC claimed 3.8 million Brits are unvaccinated when ONS figures show it’s 18.5million.

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They also never mentioned the phrase “Natural Immunity”, it was all about the vaccine.

The questions that people should be asking of the programme are

How much has been edited out?

How much is the BBC hiding?

What points of argument and discussions are we not seeing?

But enough of the programme, here is where it gets really fascinating….

It is the previous work of Prof Hannah Fry pre-pandemic which is particularly interesting. Back in 2018 the BBC aired a programmed called

Contagion : The BBC Four Pandemic

Unfortunately it is no longer being shown on BBC player but there is a poor quality version on Youtube

Here’s a brief summary taken from the BBC web site of what it was about

“The government rates the global outbreak of a deadly flu virus as a major threat to the UK. It could happen at any time. To predict the impact of the next pandemic more accurately than ever before, new data is needed – and lots of it. Dr Hannah Fry is on the case.

She sets out to recruit the nation to download the BBC Pandemic app in a ground-breaking experiment to help plan for when the next deadly virus comes to the UK. How quickly will it spread? How many could it kill? What can we do about it? The BBC Four Pandemic experiment will find out.

Hannah masterminds the experiment and adopts the role of Patient Zero by walking the streets of Haslemere in Surrey to launch the outbreak”

So here we have Prof Fry as patient zero in Haslemere in “Contagion”. This is where it gets interesting.

Guess where the first coronavirus patient to be infected in the UK in 2020 was from ? If you guessed Haslemere you would be right. No, I’m not lying. As usual I provide all the receipts. And as we know, if the BBC says it true then we know they are telling the truth !!

But it gets even better. Prof Fry called it a “strange twist of fate” in a tweet she sent out. Of course it was. Just another coincidence.

Now that we have ascertained that it was just a coincidence 🙄 let’s see if there were any more. The same Programme had a re-run and was last screened on the BBC on March 14th 20202. For those with a short-term memory that’s around about the date when the UK lockdown came into effect.

Funny that the BBC had this programme on the shelf, ready to go.

However, it’s when you look at the content that everything makes sense. You won’t find a better example of predictive programming anywhere.

The premise of the programme was to simulate a fatal contagion throughout the UK. An app was developed to see how much people were moving around and meeting each other. As Prof Fry put it that will help us “to discover how many of us could die”.

Cue scary music. Seriously, they used scary music 🙄

She also said there was no shortage of things to worry about such as

  1. Global terrorism
  2. Devastating Effects Of Climate Change
  3. Volatile World Leaders

and you could add to this a 4th thing. A Global Pandemic.

Do you see where this was already heading in 2018. Global terrorism is now happening in Ukraine/Russia. We all nearly died within the last few days due to climate change and the hot weather 🙄 There also seems to be a few issues with volatile World Leaders. UK, Italy, Sri Lanka to name but a few.

This data they were collecting from the app was to be sent to a research team from the University of Cambridge and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Both Cambridge and LSHTM have received hundreds of millions from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The data collated was inputted into a mathematic model. We all know how well that turned out for Covid. Prof Neil Ferguson springs to mind.

Some of the topics and questions discussed were also revealing. Prof Fry asked the questions would there be enough hospital beds and would the health service be overrun, do you need to close airports, do you have enough anti-virals, how many bodybags would you need, who should be vaccinated, should schools be closed or should places where people gather be closed ?

I think some of the above may seem familiar to many. Remember this was back in 2018 and re-run again on March 14th, 2020 just as the pandemic kicked off.

What was also heavily promoted were smart phones.

Prof Fry went on to say

“Smart phones are the perfect tool for pandemic research. Forget the phone but, it’s the combination of the built in GPS tracker and specially designed app that make them a data gatherers dream”

Nothing better than a bit of “track and trace” or should I say surveillance of every move a person makes.

One lady who was part of the programme said

“I’m on annual leave so I’ve just been pottering around the house. The one time I went out I infected someone”

The one time she went out she infected someone. That again sounds familiar, doesn’t it ?

The fear mongering was constant with a huge amount of people being infected. In just 3 days 86% of people who took part in the programme were infected. Prof Fry even said

“If this had been a real virus, the town would have come to a standstill” Hmm.

The app also told people how many others they had infected. Blame the people for spreading the disease and get them to turn on each other. How very smart of the propaganda machine. Did I forget to mention that she used the term “super spreaders” for those who had infected the most.

One “super-spreader” interviewed said “he felt very guilty and that he already knew he had to apologise to a lot of people” Seriously WTF.

And apparently if you target the super spreaders with vaccines you can control the spread !!

The 2nd phase of the experiment was to do the experiment nation wide to see how the virus would spread across the country. In recruiting people for the 2nd phase Prof Fry said

“Social media and maths are unlikely weapons in the fight against the pandemic”

The programme also mentioned viruses jumping from animals to humans and that it was the WHO who would decide if it was a pandemic. One person interviewed said it would be at least 4 months from when the flu pandemic strain was identified to the first doses hitting the public.

Whatever happened to clinical trials ?

Mention was also made of where the first global outbreak may happen. Rural south east Asia was the spot mentioned. And that would mean it would take about a month to hit the UK.

Not a million miles away from Wuhan I would say.

Sounds a little bit too much like real life. How would they have known ?

People interviewed towards the end of the programme were asked what would they do if they caught the virus. The answer. Stay At Home.

Wasn’t that the slogan the NHS also used ?

One of the tips to stop the spread was to hand wash about 10 times a day and the effect on the spread it would have.

I seem to remember hand washing appearing everywhere and one way signs in shops appearing just as the pandemic was announced. Amazing how all the signs and hand washing liquid were ready to go in March 2020.

Well played the BBC and Prof Hannah Fry. It was a masterful example of how to use predictive programming in spreading propaganda. Prof Fry has obviously been very well coached and trained in the art of BBC propaganda. She is another useful idiot in spreading the propaganda message.