NBC to Air ‘Celebrity Telethon’ Money-Spinner for Ukraine

NBC to Air ‘Celebrity Telethon’ Money-Spinner for Ukraine

Ciaran O’Rourke
21st Century Wire

If there’s going to be a new political rule book written for the 21st century, then one of the first rules should read: never underestimate the international liberal left’s ability to over do it.

It’s the ultimate money pit, where tranches of ten, twenty or forty billion dollars, are not enough for the incredible shrinking nation known as Ukraine.

As the country shrinks, so does support of its regime, that’s why for months now, the message beamed into the craniums of western audiences has been simple and relentless: keep supporting the war, as long as it takes, and if need be – right down to the last Ukrainian. From a foreign policy perspective, this geopolitical vanity project is the equivalent of a Spruce Goose, and there’s no turning back now; no matter how many Ukrainian soldiers come back in body bags, or how much territory the disparate country ends up losing.

So when doubling down becomes your raison d’etre, inevitably you start producing abject monstrosities like this…

The brain trust at NBC (a media outlet previously owned by the US military industrial complex, now owned by the government-media complex) have decided to pull their finger out to help pry away more of Americans’ hard-earned cash for the perennially cash-strapped regime in Kiev. Hearkening back to the glory days of the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon, former Ukrainian sitcom actor and Euro-vaudeville comedian, President Volodymyr Zelensky will be bringing his geopolitical cabaret act into American home in order to raise more “funds and awareness for the war” in a primetime special entitled, “Ukraine: Answering the Call,” airing tomorrow July 3rd at 7 pm EST.

Zelensky’s PR team in Washington are hoping to jump start what is admittedly a flagging enthusiasm among the western public for NATO’s disastrous proxy war in Ukraine which began off back in late February, but in truth this proxy war against Russia has been in the works ever since Washington and Brussels staged a violent coup d’etat in Maidan Square back in 2014, after which the country was over-ran by NATO-backed radical Nazi militant factions (think ISIS with Swastikas) which have dominated the country’s institutions and armed forces – an uncomfortable fact which western media and politicians have been working hard to cover up and obfuscate, for fear of damaging the fragile public relations facade which has been erected around an equally delicate narrative depicting Ukraine as a ‘fledgling bastion of freedom and democracy’ presently under threat from the evil, bloodthirsty Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

For this latest Hollywood special, Zelensky will be joined by a host of Hollywood luminaries keen to get behind the current thing, and leverage some PR currency from this latest virtue-signaling opportunity, with appearances from some well-known, alongside many not so well known and washed-up faces (as is often the case in today’s increasingly diluted celebrity marketplace, especially if you don’t watch Netflix or CNN) personalities like José AndrésJon BatisteKristen BellBrandi CarlileBrian CoxJeff Daniels (he of Dumb and Dumber fame)Vera FarmigaLena HeadeyAlicia KeysSimu LiuJulianne MooreBrad Paisley and Rosie Perez. In addition, a gaggle of largely unknown Broadway musical performers have drafted in to pad-out this anti-Russian coalition of the willing – Rachel Bay Jones, Brenda Braxton, Liz Callaway, Lilla Crawford, Juwan Crawley, José Llana, Beth Malone, Andrea McArdle, Bonnie Milligan, Orfeh, Krysta Rodriguez, Seth Rudetsky, James Wesley and NaTasha Yvette Williams – who will perform a show-stopping and high-camp chorus rendition of Jackie DeShannon’s Vietnam War era feel-good number, “What the World Needs Now is Love” – all but guaranteed to deliver a cringe worthy crescendo to this NATO variety extravaganza.

Between appeals for cash (and weapons, always more weapons), Zelensky will be joined by his Kvartal 95 media troupe partner-in-crime and “head of the presidential administration,” Andriy Yermak, for an upbeat address where they are hoping to flog thousands of “digital collectibles” (pro-Ukrainian NFT jpg’s) made available through a tech platform called Buzznog, apparently for sale (name your price?), and with all transactions running exclusively through the Zelus Wallet complete with a QR Code to made visible on-screen during the TV special. Very efficient, and lots of customer data captured too! According to reports, for every jpg downloaded, Zelus will donate $10 to what is arguably the world’s most wealthy charity, International Red Cross (IRC), up to $500,000. A brilliant tax write-off for Zelus. So everyone’s a winner it seems.

If you have the intestinal fortitude to show up for this one, expect at regular intervals that viewers will be encouraged to shout “Slava Ukraini!” to their TV sets, while being asked to donate more cash to the IRC which organisers say will be used ‘to help people affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover and rebuild their lives.’ For those of you residing in NATO’s borders, you can be sure that donating will assuage your guilt for paying for the world’s largest-ever weapons trafficking operation.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds like it’s going to be an epic meme fest.

NBC to Air ‘Celebrity Telethon’ Money-Spinner for Ukraine

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