NATIONAL PETITION: Make 12th July ‘England Day’! And stop Osman’s dumb ass war.

NATIONAL PETITION: Make 12th July ‘England Day’!

On 12th July 927, England became a Sovereign Kingdom under King Athelstan.

On that date, the formation of England was cemented as Athelstan became the first king to have effective rule over the whole of England.

12th July is England Day Henry!

The English Democrats are calling for ‘England Day’ to be made a National Bank Holiday in England!

England is one of the ONLY sovereign nations that DOES NOT celebrate our own national day… we should be allowed to celebrate our culture and history Henry!

Sign our National Petition: Make 12th July ‘England Day’!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

The English Democrats National Council voted unanimously on Saturday, 25th June to oppose the giving of any further weapons of war or subsidies to the Ukraine.


We oppose Boris Johnson’s and the “Conservative” Government’s programme of subsidies and weapon supplies to the Ukraine as a combatant in the war with Russia.


As English nationalists we are concerned about England’s and our English Nation’s interests.  To the extent that England has any interests in this war it is that it should be short and involve the least disruption to supplies of agricultural products and of oil and gas.

Boris Johnson is embattled at home and increasingly seeking to distract attention by involvement in the war with Russia.  His actions presents a serious threat to England’s interests.

We support the call from Nick Baines, the Bishop of Leeds of the Church of England that the war should be brought to a close by the concession by the Ukrainian Government of those territories which are Russian ethnic majority.

We also wish to state our disapproval of the step taken by Lithuania to block Russian access to the Russian enclave in Kaliningrad.  This is a dangerous and irresponsible step which escalates the risk of war between NATO and Russia.

Robin Tilbrook


The English Democrats,


Hundreds of Ukrainian Troops Receive Weapons Training In Britain

Among the British weapons the Ukrainian troops are learning to use on Salisbury Plain is the 105mm L119 light gun, a towed howitzer TIM MERRY/PA

The Ukrainians were trained on the Multiple Rocket Launcher System

Written by Dave DeCamp. Originally published on AntiWar

Hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers have received training inside Britain on how to use weapons provided by London, including the US-made M270 Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MLRS).

The MLRS that Britain is sending Ukraine is said to have a range of about 50 miles, although they could potentially be outfitted with longer-range munitions in the future. London hasn’t said publicly how many MLRS systems it’s giving Ukraine, but the BBC reported that it’s believed they’ll be sending three.

The training has been taking place in Salisbury, southern England for about 450 Ukrainian troops. According to Reuters, Ukrainian forces were seen firing 105mm light guns and the MLRS systems.

The US has sent Ukraine a similar system, known as the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), and has been training Ukrainian forces in Germany and at other undisclosed locations in Europe. The HIMARS the US is sending also has a range of about 50 miles.

So far, the US has committed to giving eight HIMARS systems to Ukraine, and more could be included in the new $800 million weapons package President Biden announced will be detailed later in the week. Russia strongly cautioned the US and Britain against providing Ukraine with such weapons, but the warnings were ignored.

TAP – Johnson is in fact an Osman…….an Ashkenazi……acting as British.  He cares nothing for England or anyone else apart from his banking overlords.  His act as an Israeli is just another con.