Liz Truss to skip G20 meeting, return to UK – BBC

British foreign secretary will reportedly return to London as fallout from PM’s resignation spreads

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will not attend the upcoming meeting of G20 foreign ministers in Indonesia, BBC reported on Thursday. She plans to return to London due to the resignation of Tory leader Boris Johnson.

Her return was also reported by Guardian chief political correspondent Jessica Elgot.

After Johnson announced his decision to resign as Tory leader and prime minister, Truss said he “made the right decision”and complimented his record in office.

“We need calmness and unity now and to keep governing while a new leader is found,” she added in a tweet.

Truss is considered one of the contenders for the party leadership.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns as Tory leader

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns as Tory leader

Johnson tendered his resignation as the head of the Conservative Party after dozens of government officials refused to work for him this week. According to a separate report by the British broadcaster, he wants to keep his job as the head of the British government until autumn.

The walkout was triggered by Downing Street’s admission that the prime minister knew about allegations of sexual misconduct against MP Chris Pincher when he appointed him deputy chief whip. Pincher resigned the position last week.

The G20 Foreign Minister’s meeting is scheduled for Thursday and Friday.


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  1. Aldous says:

    “Truss is considered one of the contenders for the party leadership.”
    Jesus H Christ! I don’t think so. The worthless, mindless and virtual trollop will be lucky to remain in any kind of office, never mind as PM.
    What a rag the Grauniad is, as well as ragbag ‘chief political correspondent’ Jessica Elgot who writes for it – if it can be called writing.×900/skynews-boris-johnson-prime-minister_5826938.png?bypass-service-worker&20220707145147

    Notice the UK/UKraine Gerald Ratner-type ‘bling’ in fatboy’s lapel?
    What a disgusting creature BoZo is. Satan must be wary of this Etonian Bullingdon Club Brat monster popping its clogs and arriving in Hell where he belongs.

  2. Aldous says:

    I see that the horrid cow Truss has also got a similar UK/UKraine bling in its lapel.
    Have these retards not been educated in the futility of chasing lost causes?