Details of the Leaked Social Credit Score Plan (posted by Weaver) Explained – Essential Viewing

Is A New Caste System Being Developed In Secret?

Professional hackers have reported to have come across documents showing that a new 4-tier caste system is being developed. This new system includes a no restrictions/no vaccine requirement for anyone who lied to you for the past 2 years.The hackers supposedly grabbed many of names off that list, known as “the sovereign class”. 6 of those names are discussed in this interview. Bugs and endless vaccines for you. Steak and no vaccines for them.


It will happen almost overnight; bank accounts emptied and reopened with same amount for everyone except the elite. Four categories of accounts ( non-vaccinated penalised). No cash or bartering will be allowed. Some will choose starvation rather than compliance. The only thing one will be able to exchange will be one’s services. In order to bring this about must first bring society to its knees so that it begs to be saved. The hackers who found this were so shocked that they want to reveal it. This information needs to be absorbed and shared. Community is essential; need others. Cern is involved; there may be nonhuman entities mixing in society now whom we believe to be human. Timelines discussed. Very difficult to listen to but essential information.


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  1. pete fairhurst says:

    I listened to the first 20 minutes but I was very disappointed tbh. There is nothing in there that I wasn’t already aware of. That first 20 is basically the Great Reset with some Cern woo woo thrown in. So I decided to leave it there

    Other comments:

    This is on YouTube so it surely can’t be unauthorised. Nothing lasts on there that is genuinely in opposition to the madmen does it. Odysee would be more credible

    Second, it’s dressed up with hacking, conspiracy, hidden info, white hat, “Guardian” ideas. That makes me yawn

    Third, they waffle on about Cern, “black holes” and other mainstream physics guff. I turned off at that point because anyone who’s read Miles Mathis science site knows that he’s utterly destroyed most of mainstream physics since the 1920’s. In fact far further back than that

    Modern mainstream physics is a skyscraper balancing on a pinhead. It’s even worse than Evolution theory, it’s mainly based on the models and projections and theories and assumptions, with minimal empirical evidence. [that is evidence “that is constituted by, or accessible to, sense experience or experimental procedure”]

    Sound familiar? Just like their fraudulent “climate science” guff. Big bang, black holes, invisible particles, it’s all guff

    Fourth I didn’t like the look of these 2 guys. Don’t know why, maybe just their seeming over cooked, conspiratorial manner

    Maybe they provide some real evidence later on. Please correct me if they do, but I couldn’t be bothered to spend another hour finding out

  2. danceaway says:

    Yes, Pete, it is. It is a discussion of the following posted by Weaver.

    Never Before Seen Glaring Details of the GREAT RESET Revealed

    Did you see/read that post? It is essentially the ramifications of the financial collapse and the plans for us following that which are now being put in place.

    They explain who the hackers are and the language they are using. It does get better after the first 20 minutes, but you could also read the written post and see what you think. This discussion is a bit of a confirmation of the written post.

    I guess we will find out in due course. It would be wonderful if the whole scheme gets derailed; perhaps the Eurasian developments could have an effect, but the west seems to be going down if we watch US/UK/EU . The lies on the BBC today (iEarlGrey) about the Russians were just so over the top as to leave one speechless.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I’ve studied the GR in detail danceaway, so nothing new for me about social credit or central bank digital money etc. The GR is totalitarian fascism on steroids, it’s undoubtedly utterly totalitarian

      But I’m confused, you say ” It is a discussion of the following posted by Weaver” But there is no link following? So what are you referring too? I will have a look and comment when I realise where to look ;-))

      I agree the west is deliberately being detonated, see my comment under this post:

      “US Govt removes/ reclassifies 52,000 death records seemingly to obfuscate Vax carnage”

  3. Weaver says:

    Thank you for reposting this danceaway I will watch the video.

  4. danceaway says:

    Sorry Pete, It is in the right hand bar; I thought showing the title might ring a bell!!

    It is fantastic that you have immersed yourself in the plans of Schwab; I guess we are trying to reach those who have not, which is most of us.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      I had a quick look danceaway and I’m underwhelmed tbh. The only detail that I was light on is the caste stuff

      But that was always implicit in social credit systems anyway. Besides we’ve already got a caste system in place in effect. The insiders are not beholden to the laws and customs of UK now are they? There is a distinct underclass now too. So that is 3 castes already counting the supine middle class. 4 if you count the fat controllers pulling the strings of the compliant insiders

      The WEF website lays most of this GR stuff out in great detail. Remember the “you will own nothing and be happy” video on there that they were forced to take down because even the middle classes were outraged by it?

      One big question for me is, who will enforce all this? I can’t imagine our massively underfunded, woke, police force being up to the job. Nor our massively reduced, woke, army, that is currently giving it’s weapons away in Ukie, either. They will surely need some muscle to stop things kicking off won’t they? Who will provide that

      Maybe the coming food, energy, interest rate, economic and hyper-inflation crisis will fit their bill but that is a risky strategy for them, they don’t want to shit in their own London nest surely?

      I can’t imagine that a large chunk of the Brit public will put up with blatant theft of everything that they’ve got now. Remember that over 20% refused ALL covid vaxx, and 48% refused all boosters. It will surely take a total collapse of society to make those folk so desperate that they will accept the GR I suspect. A very risky strategy for the elites and very out of character too

      And, as I said earlier, there is already strong evidence that they are LOSING and that their current rush is more out of desperation than control. Davos/WEF GR is a European project isn’t it. And there are US elites who are very opposed to the GR it seems, probably Russian and Chinese ones too. Hope so anyway, nation states are far far preferable to GR totalitarian, transhumanist, 4th Industrial Revolution madness

  5. ian says:

    Mixed feeling for me. Alarm bells over all the cern stuff, but I’m sure the Social credit system stuff is on the money if you pardon the pun. The unvaxxed might be sent to camps, or at least victimised. No wine or beer for me or other alcoholics, no donuts for fatties, and how the hell ru gonna get your smack, or pay hookers. LOL now that’s a thinker.

    • ian says:

      BTW I’m unvaxxed, I didn’t make that clear, and I rattled some cages last night too. My brother’s wife is a two faced “person”. She led me on Covid wise then came the ” Well, Steph’s a nurse and she knows better than you and she believes it”. I gave it, Steph’s arse bin aspic jelly, I couldn’t give two, etc.

      I’m not good socially. I’m probably banned from her house now. Nothing lost really.

      • ian says:

        Sorry to have to repeat this, but it should have read, “Steph’s arse in aspic jelly”.

      • danceaway says:

        Love your humour, Ian! It must be miserable to be confronted by family in such a way; more comfortable to be banned!! Then there can’t be any arguments!

  6. danceaway says:

    Thank you for all this, Pete. I certainly hope you are right. I have imagined that lack of food and heat and money would be the self-enforcing factors, but I certainly hope there are many hiccups along the way.

    A huge problem though is people’s compliance. Perhaps this too will change; perhaps they will grow a back bone, so to speak. I find it hard to imagine them giving up their cars, for instance. But even Katie Hopkins thinks this is fast coming down the road!

    Please keep fuelling us with your information and how you see things unfolding!! It is much appreciated!

    • ian says:

      Let me add to that danceaway, pete is a really appreciated commenter, excellent input pete always. I think it was Voltaire who said, ” I might not agree with you, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it”. We always have meaningful discussions.

      • ian says:

        Not saying I disagree here. LOL

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Ian, much appreciated mate. Life would be boring if everyone agreed about everything wouldn’t it. I always appreciate your comments too, often straight from your heart, so honest and to the point which is so refreshing

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks danceaway you are very kind. It’s only my humble opinion and I may be quite wrong. We should know soon enough anyhow

      I’m sure that you are correct about lack of food and heat and money, certainly if that happened drastically quickly. But I find that hard to believe tbh. Britain is still one of the richest nations there is isn’t it. Despite everything it’s till a primary desired destination for asylum seekers and other migrants

      We might pay a lot more than currently but I can’t think we are gonna starve or freeze. I certainly won’t for several months anyhow. I’ve got a decent larder, a wood burner with a big stack of seasoned wood for next winter