Is UK Government Terrified by Prospect of Massive Legal Damages, Interfering with COVID Inquiry?

Recently, the Good Law Project in the United Kingdom (UK) asked whether the British government was actively undermining an official inquiry into the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic known as “COVID inquiry.” This concern is based on an investigational piece authored by Alex Wickham working for Bloomberg. UK Government Seeks to Block Disclosures to the Covid Inquiry – Bloomberg  Insiders have passed on to the journalist that the UK officials are asking their top counsel, Sir James Eadie, QC, how much information they may have to disclose to those overseeing the inquiry into the government’s activities during the pandemic. The government’s top lawyer Sir Eadie, according to Wickham, counseled the UK Cabinet to restrain from sharing too much information, especially any material that could implicate or expose the government to “vast claims for damages from families of COVID-19,” reports Bloomberg.

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