3 Responses to “Irish Farmers Under Attack – George Monbiot – Shut Down All Animal Farming – Hugo Talks”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    He’s a globalist shill who will write or say anything that his masters tell him to. No credibility whatsoever, beneath contempt and not worth a fart

    I’ve kept a leery eye on him for years having been a Guardian reader many, may, moons ago [sigh]. There is a back catalogue of his nonsense in that rag and elsewhere but 2 really annoying articles stick in my mind for some reason, no idea why, and no idea when these were written

    1 His pathetic defence of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, when they released their most pathetic garbage of a report that supported the 911 official skyscraper “collapse” theory. Monbiot wrote a pathetic, cringeworthy, propaganda piece supporting their drivel. He totally nailed himself with that one short article and I told him so direct via his Twitter account

    2 His confession that he had just ended a period living as a vegan. He stated that such a diet had made him very ill and badly undermined his health. No surprise there Georgie shill boy. Years later he now has the brass neck to support the end of animal farming! Hello Georgie you KNOW what happens when you totally cut out animals from your diet don’t you, you hypocrite?

    He’s not worth bothering with. The msm is full of connected, insider, shills like him. He is just a particularly loathsome version of this large cohort. His sort of journo is plain evidence that one should NEVER read opinion pieces from mainstream journos, advice that I’ve practiced for many years now

  2. danceaway says:

    Thank you for all this, Pete. Details of which I was unaware; I learned of his let us say “questionable status” from Vanessa Beeley based on her experiences in Syria.

  3. ian says:

    After many years of avoiding main stream “news”, it really is disturbing if you pick up a broadsheet newspaper and go through its articles. I was aware of the Monbiot guy, but never encountered his writings before, but to be honest, he wouldn’t be employed if he wasn’t controlled. A shame he hadn’t persevered with his vegan health destroying lifestyle.