Has Liz Truss Been Picked Because of What is Next on the Global Agenda?

Introduction – July 21, 2022

Liz Truss has opened a strong lead over Rishi Sunak in the race for number ten Downing Street. When it comes to the front-runners there will be no outsiders. All the main contenders will have been approved and sanctioned beforehand and this contest is no exception.

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The three main contenders – Rishi Subak, Penny Mordaunt and Liz Truss – had all attended World Economic Forum gatherings. Nonetheless, we think Truss has already been selected to be prime minister because of what is coming next on the global agenda.

With growing grass-roots resistance to the vaccine mandate the elite have switched to Plan B, war with Russia. It’s no coincidence that the Russian invasion of Ukraine occurred just as popular opposition to the vaccine dictates was starting gather pace.

Since then there has been a steady build-up of Western military power to the West of Ukraine. This has been in preparation for a clash between the NATO alliance and Russia.

Moreover, we suspect that Liz Truss has already been chosen to lead Britain into the foray; reprising the role of Margaret Thatcher in the Falklands campaign as a modern day Bodeacia. Of course if war does ensue it will be much more destructive than the Falklands but the important thing is the build-up, so that there willbe no faltering or wavering at the last moment.

That’s where Truss as a modern day Bodeacia comes in. Rallying the troops and the nation behind her as she leads the world into a catastrophic conflagration. Ed.

Liz Truss Holds Commanding Lead Over Rishi Sunak In Race To Be Prime Minister

Graeme Danianyk – Yahoo News July 21, 2022

Liz Truss is well-positioned to be Britain’s next prime minister after a poll suggested she had a strong lead over Rishi Sunak in their run-off.

A day after Conservative MPs put them both into the final two, a poll of 730 Tory party members saw a “significant lead” for the foreign secretary over the former chancellor.

The YouGov survey, carried out after the two final candidates had been announced, on Wednesday and Thursday, put Truss ahead by 24 points.

The poll had Truss on 62% and Sunak on 38%, excluding those who do not know or would not vote.

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6 Responses to “Has Liz Truss Been Picked Because of What is Next on the Global Agenda?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Both genius Truss and financial guru Sunak have signed the WEF Net Zero pledge.

    All PM candidates signed this ……

    Four Conservative leadership contenders have today signed the Conservative Environment Network’s (CEN) pledge to continue the Conservative Party’s leadership on the environment.

    Penny Mordaunt, Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, and Tom Tugendhat signed the five-point pledge following CEN’s call. The pledge specifically commits candidates to delivering the government’s key environmental targets, including net zero by 2050 and halting species decline by 2030.

    It also commits candidates publicly for the first time to continuing major government environmental initiatives, including reforms to legacy EU farm subsidies, the rollout of cheap renewable energy, and support for new clean technologies.

    The pledge declares that “care for the environment is core to conservatism” and commits to “continuing the Conservative Party’s leadership on the environment” and to “addressing the defining environmental challenges of our generation”.


    • sovereigntea says:

      The same seditious org has international expansion plans.

      CEN’s international programme aims to act as a catalyst to empower the global centre-right to increase ambition and speak and act with confidence on climate change and nature restoration

      CEN has expanded our established work on climate change and nature in the UK to promote the conservative case for climate action across the world. 2021 was the first full year of CEN’s international programme, focusing on COP26 in Glasgow. We have developed relationships with like-minded organisations around the world, created the Centre-Right Climate Action Declaration, hosted a delegation to the UK of Australian politicians, organised the world’s first Global Conservative Climate Summit, supported members of CEN’s UK caucus to run local climate summits, and organised climate policy roundtables with centre-right legislators from across the world.

      2022 will be a key year for international work on climate change and nature, with the UK still holding the COP presidency until COP27 in Egypt, COP15 on biodiversity in China, and countries around the world working to implement the Glasgow Climate Pact.

      The need for serious climate action does not stop at our borders – the UK has a unique global leadership role as the first major economy to legislate for net zero. We believe that CEN has the experience and expertise to lead global efforts to promote conservative environmentalism and to support and learn from our partners abroad.


  2. sovereigntea says:

    The whole Conservative Party has signed up to this eco-pledge.

    Communist Community Organizer is

    Tom Tugendhat MP

    Chair of the UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee

    The declaration

    We all depend on the environment, and the environment depends on us. Without a stable climate, our economies will suffer and global security will be at risk. Humanity’s activities are driving climate change with damaging consequences for people and the natural world. By reducing – and ultimately eliminating – net greenhouse gas emissions, we will avert greater damage still and build a cleaner and more prosperous future with more jobs, greater security, and a healthier natural environment.

    We know that we must collectively do much more to combat the threat of climate change at the speed and scale required to achieve this. We have a duty to act urgently to cut greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade, to unlock climate finance for developing countries, and to achieve net zero global emissions by the middle of this century. We must do this in a way that boosts growth and job opportunities in our own communities, and that spreads prosperity and alleviates poverty across the world.

    We will not achieve these aims by harming the economy or through an exclusively state-led approach. We need to harness the expertise and creativity of businesses and entrepreneurs and mobilise them as our allies in this endeavour. We must unleash the power of climate-friendly free markets, private finance, and free trade to drive down costs, spark innovation, and create incentives for responsible businesses and individuals to take up technological and nature-based solutions to climate change.

    It is the duty of our generation to provide these pragmatic but ambitious solutions and to work together to combat the threat of climate change in our local communities, our nations, and across the world. We will use our political power and influence to meet this challenge and protect and enhance both the environment and the economy now and for the benefit of those who come after us.


  3. sovereigntea says:

    Does Commie Tom work for Klaus Schwab or Carney The Pope & the Rothschilds.

    Nice group pic here


    Mark Carney
    | Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance, Finance Advisor to the UK Prime Minister for COP26

    Marc Benioff
    | Salesforce
    | Chair, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

    Werner Baumann
    | Bayer AG
    | Chief Executive Officer

    LYNN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD is a Founding and Managing Partner of Inclusive Capital Partners, an investment manager for the $3B Spring Fund, that seeks positively differentiated returns by deploying its governance skills and value investment discipline to improve environmental and societal performance of the business’ in which it invests. Until July 2020, she was Chief Executive of E.L. Rothschild LLC, a family office with interests in private companies, public markets and real estate. She is also the Founder of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism and the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, not-for-profit organizations that develop groundbreaking initiatives with global CEOs and distinguished leaders in government and civil society to catalyze actions that transform capitalism and make our economies and societies more inclusive, dynamic, sustainable and trusted.

    Since 2000, Lynn has been a member of the Board of Directors and Nominating & Governance Committee of The Estee Lauder Companies. She has also served on the Boards of The Economist Group, Gulfstream, General Instruments, Bronfman-Rothschild and Weather Central. As part of her charity work, she sits on the Board and Executive Committee of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the Advisory Board of Focusing Capital on the Long Term (“FCLT”), the McCain Institute for International Leadership and the ERANDA Rothschild Foundation (de Rothschild family foundation), and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House.

    Previously, she served as a member of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee and the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board under President Clinton, and as a member of the United Nations Advisory Committee on Inclusive Financial Services (2006-2011).

    Lynn is often a featured speaker at global forums and corporate and university events, including at the United Nations, World Bank, G20 Investor Forum, OECD, Swiss Re, Temasek, Bloomberg, University of Oxford, Tsinghua University, and Peking University. She has also published in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Guardian. In 2007, Lynn was awarded the Commendatore Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana. She graduated Magna cum Laude and Beta Kappa from Pomona College in Claremont, CA (1976) and from Columbia University School of Law, NYC (1980) with a Juris Doctor with honors (Harlen Fiske Stone Scholar).

    Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s brother Ken owned and operated a private terminal at Teterboro airport in New Jersey under the name Million Air. Teterboro airport was the travel hub of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation. Million Air is listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s blackbook.

    2) Lynn Forester de Rothschild wrote a letter to Bill Clinton in 1995 mentioning a discussion she had with President Clinton regarding Epstein.

    3) During course of 1997 and 1998 Lynn Forester de Rothschild made five separate trips with Jeffrey Epstein on his plane.

    4) In 2000 Lynn Forester de Rothschild sold a Manhattan town house to Jeffrey Epstein for $8.5 million below its market value. Ghislaine Maxwell moved into this townhouse shortly after and lived there until 2015.

    5) There is evidence to suggest Lynn Forester de Rothschild may have introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Alan Dershowitz, Nathan Myhrvold, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton.

    6) Lynn Forester de Rothschild began her career at a law firm tangentially associated with the District Attorney whose office attempted to down grade Epstein’s sex offender status in 2011.

    7) In 2013 Lynn Forester de Rothschild was placed on an advisory board of DeutscheBank, which at the time was trying to expand its US clientele. A month after her appointment DeutscheBank recruited Jeffrey Epstein as a client.

    8) The 2015 release of the Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs sealed four out of the five pages logging flights Lynn Forester had taken with him. A pattern in the flight log pages sealed suggests this was intentional.

    9) Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s husband, Evelyn de Rothschild, was a listed contact in Jeffrey Epstein’s blackbook, yet she is not.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Most of the public is aware of the World Economic Forum (WEF) where many of these Globalists gather, but Brandon Smith has published an article today exposing another organization that is less well known, and possibly even more influential, the “Council For Inclusive Capitalism.”

    This is not an organization that you want to be ignorant about, if you want to fight Globalism and their plans for a New World Order.
    What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s The New World Order

    by Brandon Smith


    • pete fairhurst says:

      An excellent thought provoking article by Brandon, thanks sov

      I’ve got a very high regard for Brandon’s work which I’ve followed for a long time. He has an excellent track record, including lots of accurate predictions about global finance and geopolitics, also Trump and Brexit and more. His deep analysis is usually to a high standard

      But I didn’t realise that Brandon was associated with the VT spooks. I had always looked at Brandon’s own site, alt market us

      So I just asked him via the comments there [awaiting moderation] the 64 trillion $ question: where do the BRICS nations and their associates fit in? On the face of it they are actively opposed to the NWO in word and in deed. They want a future of sovereign nation states that cooperate to mutual benefit, an anti-NWO. I will link any reply that I get from Brandon into this thread. He’s always replied to me before, so I hope to get one this time