*** Goodbye Democracy – Hello Ignocracy ***

Many seaside towns in Britain are down on their knees, with no investment, no fishing industry, and no big spending holidaymakers. They are populated by low-energy low-earners, and are gently rotting away.
But down at Weston Super Mare in the southwest, there is a huge investment – they are building the See-Monster, a huge ‘eco-sculpture’ which will, quote: ‘Consider the relationship between renewable technologies and art, some of which will be used to power elements of the platform’.
Except, these claims are deceptive propaganda to beguile the ignorant dregs of society that waddle along these beaches – as are the all claims made for renewable projects. The pertinent word here, lost in the boundless adoration of renewables, is ’some’.
Firstly, they claim that See-Monster will generate 4 kw of energy a day, which is childish nonsense because kw is not a measurement of energy generation for a day. This is like saying that the distance between London and Manchester is 150 mph – an utter nonsense claim, as you can see – which demonstrates there is no hard science behind this expensive boondoggle.
Secondly, one presumes that See-Monster will be generating an instantaneous 4 kw, when the Sun shines and the wind blows. But that waterfall will be lifting 2,700 m3 of water by 12 m, which will take 70 kw of energy. So this eco-friendly renewables exposition will actually be running on gas an nuclear power, with perhaps just 10% of its energy coming from renewables. Ask the See-Monster manager what will happen, if you pull its electrical plug from the grid.
Once again we see that these all-singing and all-dancing renewables, will be wholly dependent upon fossil fuels. And this is important, because our ignorant politicians running our new Ignocracy think they can just get rid of fossil fuels and depend upon renewables. If they do this, without building 18,000 gwh of stored backup energy, we will be in for a terrible surprise as the nation slides into civil war.
Thirdly, does anyone think those trees will still be standing tall, after a few autumn storms? See-Monster stands on the SW coastline, where wind-speeds often reach 60 mph, and trees are sculpted into Irish sceachs – bowed horizontal to the ground. Again the imagery they present is a fantasy, conceived by eco-fantasists, who have no idea how real technology and the real world works.
In other words, this art exhibition is actually a celebration of Britain’s new Ignocracy – a nation ruled by the ignorant for the ignorant. Facts, data and science do not matter, as long as you have the right feelings and intentions.
The education system has failed a whole generation, and now that ignorant generation are failing us. It is about time all these ‘phone-sanatisers’ were put aboard a space-ship to Alpha-Centauri, with insufficient fuel to return.