For Those Who Doubt the UK Government Would Deploy Chemtrails – They Have Form

A reader writes to highlight to naysayers that the UK government, the UK Department of Defence and the Royal Air Force (“RAF”) have sprayed UK skies and modified the UK weather in the past. He points to the examples of Britain’s biological weapons trials between 1940 and 1979, and ‘The Lynmouth Flood Disaster’ in 1952 that claimed 34 lives in Devon, England.

To The Exposé,


Just in case any readers are in doubt that the British government could engage in such acts, let me assure them that they have form. Experiments were conducted on the effectiveness of aerial dispersion of biological substances over several UK locations.

Millions were in germ war testsThe Guardian, 21 April 2002

And also, the cataclysmic floods that ravaged Lynton and Lynmouth* were not an act of God. Rather, they were the direct result of covert cloud seeding experiments over Exmoor, though this was not admitted at the time.

So, a little bit of geoengineering now and then, all in the good cause of reducing global warming, is to be expected. Move along now.  Nothing to see here…


ReggV, United Kingdom

*Note from The Exposé: In memory of those who died in The Lynmouth Flood Disaster, Martin Hesp created a webpage on the North Devon Journal with photographs, videos and a list of those who died.  See his webpage HERE.

In the event the articles published by The Guardian and Devon Live referred to in the letter above are archived or removed from public view we have downloaded a copy of each and attached them below.

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Letter to the Editor: For Those Who Doubt the UK Government Would Deploy Chemtrails – They Have Form

2 Responses to “For Those Who Doubt the UK Government Would Deploy Chemtrails – They Have Form”

  1. Derek says:

    I visted Lynmouth whilst on a touring holiday in or around 1964. The evidence of substantial boulders washed down from upstream was clear to see. I bought a small book, 166 pages in length, published about the disaster, but little reference to any RAF airborne activities. It was not until much later I heard about cloud seeding and how it had been used over Exmoor at the time of the flood.

    This Guardian article, cynically entitled ‘Special report: Silly Season’ does go into more detail, and I suspect without realising it, may have exposed some truths.

  2. newensign says:

    Yes Derek, I went there about the same time as you and was also amazed at the huge boulders that had been swept down. I also heard the rumours of the RAF cloudseeding over Exmoor which was dismissed as unlikely and that previous experiments made little difference to the natural precipitation. Thanks for the additional link on the subject – most useful.