Food Factory Sabotage is also happening in Europe

The Phenomenon of Food Factory Fires Has Also Started in France

The French media have become the absolute disgrace of what is called “journalism”. Since January 2022, almost 100 agri-food factories have gone up in smoke and, I specify, only in this sector! That 2 eventually burn, we’ll call it a black series, but that 100 burn, there is an organization that has been specially put in place to prevent tens and tens of millions of food items from arriving in the distribution circuit.

In an interview last week with Les Mousquetaires de l’Info, I even announced that it would begin in France at the start of the school year.


It started the same day of the interview in Brittany: “A 1,000 m² livestock building located in Pannecé, in Loire-Atlantique, completely caught fire. Some 8,000 chicks died Friday in the fire, according to firefighters. The building was completely ablaze when help arrived, shortly after 7:00 a.m. The fire was put out using three water hoses and a foam cannon.”

So that means that the fire broke out (or was put there…) around 5 a.m., and of course no one realized it with everyone sleeping, read here South West to believe it, thanks to our reader Beep.

Swiss officials have understood what is happening with all these food factories that are burning, and are starting to ask themselves questions: will they be able to feed the population, see Reuters here.

Meanwhile, in the US, the operation continues: on June 14, 22 “Over 10,000 head of cattle have reportedly died in the recent Kansas heat wave”; on June 23, a new factory decided to suddenly close its doors, as if a threat weighed on its activities: “George’s Poultry and Prepared Foods announced it will close one of its food processing plants in Campbell County, Tennessee. The reason for the closure was not disclosed and has caught local officials by surprise. Campbell County Mayor EL Morton told local news WVLT that he’s trying to keep the plant open to save hundreds of jobs” read here …

All reporters who followed the Davos debates, hosted by Klaus Schwab, were flabbergasted by the fact that the Forum also wants to decide what people will eat, because cows are a carbon problem, encouraging them to replace meat with cactus slices, seaweed, insects and soy steaks.

In short, know that this “operation” of sabotage will indeed spread.

And, BEWARE, these factories which are disappearing in an unusual way at a frantic pace, do not even include the VOLUNTARY destruction of millions of various and varied poultry birds under the pretext of avian flu!

Therefore, if we add the two, we effectively arrive at a BROKEN food chain, the most immediate consequence of which is to drive up the prices of the agri-food factories that are still standing.

Conclusion: Not only is hyperinflation wanted, it is encouraged. Indeed, I have been explaining here since 2008, that the only solution that the United States has to repay its trillions (30) in debt consists of triggering a hyperinflation which will melt their debt.

Press review by Pierre Jovanovic © 2008-2022

Source: Jacob’s Ladder