14 Responses to “Dr. Poornima Wagh, with doctorates in virology and immunology, describes how her lab tried to properly isolate Sars-Cov-2 doesn’t exist a Global lie”

  1. ian says:

    An excellent video. Today, I went for a walk, this morning it was. I met Danny, who I’ve known all my life. A nice but cocky little guy with a limp, due to a childhood illness. He’s 78, which I know because he told me today. He mentioned that people seem to be getting all kinds of unusual illnesses. I saw this as a chance to suggest the vaccines as a likely cause. Bad Idea. Possibly we’re still talking.

    • stevie k says:

      You’ve planted the seed Ian, perhaps it will need others to nourish it. I don’t think they can hide the truth forever.

  2. Weaver says:

    Ian the public cognitive dissonance seems to be getting worse amongst the vaccinated. I think it is their fear of realising that they could well have made the biggest mistake of their lives.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Families going into collapse for vaccine related reasons combined with economic factors, depression, ill health and more. We try to stay cheerful.

  4. danceaway says:

    But are there not those who have been revealing to us that viruses themselves are a scam, there is no such thing? It is exosomes, ie toxins, being emitted from our bodies? Dr Sam Bailey, and Dr Thomas Cohan? I have Sam Bailey’s book, Virus Mania, here in may hands.

    So does this lady have a PhD in something which is a scam? If so, does she know this? Lots of questions.

    • stevie k says:

      All very true D, the only positive to come out of the whole “Scamdemic” bollox is the fact that “Germ Theory” has been examined and found severely wanting, yet these supposedly highly intelligent people still buy into it. NO “virus” or whatever they call it has been isolated, purified and shown to be the cause of any disease ever…. But without “Germ Theory” allopathic medicine can’t survive

      • pete fairhurst says:

        A very good point stevie. The isn’t ANY empirical evidence at all, as Lanka has proven in court!

        That is a stunning fact, it’s an evidence free zone! Despite so many years of hot air and bald assertion from vested interests they’ve never proven anything conclusively!

        This is a familiar story in so many fields now, certainly in large chunks of modern mainstream physics, allopathic medicine, climate change, big bang, black holes, Darwinian evolution, off the very top of my head. Their whole edifice rests on repeating the same unproven, THEORETICAL, points over and over again until people accept them as fact

        Simple grammar primer: a theory is something that is NOT proven. It’s still a theory because there is insufficient empirical evidence to accept it as fact

        Even WIKI states as it’s first line: “Empirical evidence for a proposition is evidence, i.e. what supports or counters this proposition, that is constituted by or accessible to sense experience or experimental procedure”

        It goes on to equivocate and hedge, no doubt mindful of the abject inadequacy of empirical evidence in so many modern beliefs

    • ian says:

      A learning curve for me here. I know about the tests conducted during the Spanish Flu, but have never been sure.

  5. pete fairhurst says:

    Coincidentally I just saw this from William Engdahl a few days ago. it’s a shortish, accessible, summary

    Toxicology vs Virology: Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud


    “This medical takeover, backed by the most influential doctors’ organization, the AMA, and its corrupt head, Simmons, allowed Simon Flexner to literally create modern virology under Rockefeller rules. The highly controversial Thomas Milton Rivers, as director of The Rockefeller Institute’s virology laboratory, established virology as an independent field, separate from bacteriology, during the 1920s. They realized they could manipulate far easier when they could claim deadly pathogens that were invisible germs or “viruses.” Ironically virus comes from Latin for poison.

    Virology, a reductionist medical fraud, was a creation of the Rockefeller medical cabal. That highly important fact is buried in the annals of medicine today. Diseases such as smallpox or measles or poliomyelitis were declared caused by invisible pathogens called specific viruses. If scientists could “isolate” the invisible virus, theoretically they could find vaccines to protect people from harm. So their theory went. It was a huge boon for the Rockefeller cartel of pharmaceutical companies, which at the time included American Home Products which falsely promoted drugs with no proof of effect, such as Preparation H for Hemorrhoids, or Advil for pain relief; Sterling Drug,which took over the US assets including Aspirin of German Bayer AG after World War I; Winthrop Chemical; American Cyanamid and its subsidiary Lederle Laboratories; Squibb and Monsanto.”

    • ian says:

      So, is there anyone who knows how diseases spread then? I know that EMF’s for example can give medical symptoms, but is there a source where I can read how colds for example spread? it really seems to me that it all can’t be detoxing of your body unless detoxing is itself infectious.

  6. danceaway says:

    Thank you, Pete.

    Yes, this was also part of one of Engdahl’s longer articles which we posted here recently. The first sentence of the second paragraph is so important!

    Hard to believe that scientists are still doing phD’s in virology. Will they never learn?

  7. pete fairhurst says:

    I’ve seen nothing definitive Ian, not saying there isn’t anything, just that I ain’t seen it. Amazing isn’t it

    There is obviously a mechanism to do with human contact but what exactly is the mechanism? Seems nobody can prove anything

    I was with my missus 24/7 through her first “covid” illness. This at the very start of the scamdemic, before we knew it was that. It lasted over a month of her coughing and sneezing all over me. But I didn’t get it. Go figure

    • ian says:

      Yes it seems odd pete. I know that stress is a factor in my case. My wife hardly get’s any colds etc, yet sometimes when I’m stressed, I “catch” everything that’s going around, and at other times I’m quite impervious. It would appear that there is a lot of disinformation and a lack of any real information on the subject of becoming “infected”, or ill with the same symptoms at the same time as others who you are or have been in contact with. Odd really.

  8. Derek says:

    This video is but a small part of a one hour and fourteen minute interview held between Regis Tremblay and Dr. Wagh. Watch the whole interview for more understanding:

    Also, watch the video from Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna on nano-technology. It’s all in Spanish but subtitled in English. Non Spanish speakers may benefit from muting the sound so as to concentrate on the sub titles, which at times are a little ‘iffy’ in their translation.