Covid “Vaccine” News: What Respectable Experts Have Said This Week

As of 19 July 2022, the World Health Organisation claims, worldwide more than 12,2 billion Covid “vaccine” doses have been administered.  There is so much news regarding Covid injections that we cannot hope to cover even a fraction of it but here are some articles from the last few days we wouldn’t want you to have missed. 

Dr. Byram Bridle points out that Covid injections are 13 times less effective than natural immunity while James Lyons-Weiler explains what negative efficacy means and Dr. Paul Alexander, using data from the Netherlands, demonstrates it. Joel Smalley writes about how the “vaccinated” ” produce variants and why they suffer repeat infections.  Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition writes that QANTAS admits airline cancellations are due to pilot and cabin crew sickness.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains DNA damage, neurodegenerative diseases, behavioural issues and more caused by Covid injections. German officials admit a staggering 1 in 5,000 Covid injections cause “Serious Side Effects”.  TrialSite News exposes truth bombs about the Pfizer and Moderna Covid injections revealed in the clinical data package sections of regulatory submissions. Steve Kirsch demonstrates how a CDC job advert reveals they lied about the safety of the “vaccines.” In a second article, James Lyons-Weiler exposes how the FDA relied on scientific fraud to authorise Pfizer’s Covid injection for infants and toddlers.

Daily Sceptic writes about the excess deaths in England and Wales over the past 11 weeks. News Punch highlights that death due to “unknown” causes is now the third leading “cause” of death in Canada.

Dr. Robert Malone writes that the claim by the CDC and FDA that the effects of the Covid injection on reproductive health are rare is a lie.

A German singer whose home was raided fights back: “Dearest fascist Germany, dear oppressive structure, dear courts, the time will come when we will catch you fascists, and I will not do it personally.”

To end on a positive note, Dr. Tess Lawrie says “join me in celebrating World Ivermectin Day this Saturday,” 23 July 2022.

Before we get to the vaccine news, a reminder of the hazards of wearing face masks.

Masks Are Hazardous and Don’t Work, This Has Been Known for Decades – Dr. Simon Goddek

A study published in Nature shows what’s already been known for decades: masks get quickly contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Wearing masks consequently leads to direct exposure to bacteria and fungi constantly being inhaled. This is particularly alarming since Aspergillus, Cryptococcus, Pneumocystis, and endemic fungi are major pulmonary fungal pathogens that can result in life-threatening invasive diseases.

Read more: Red Voice Media, 20 July 2022

Now for “vaccine” news that you won’t find in corporate media.  A hat tip to SuperSpreader for collecting articles from various sources, some of which have been included below.

Excess Non-Covid Deaths Approach 9,500 in Last 11 Weeks

There have been 9,422 more deaths than usual registered in England and Wales from causes other than Covid-19 in the 11 weeks since April 23rd, the latest official data show. In the week ending July 8th, the most recent week for which data are available, there were 928 excess deaths above the five-year average (10% above), of which 423 were registered with Covid-19 as a contributory cause and 262 with Covid-19 as the underlying cause, leaving 666 from an underlying cause other than Covid-19.

Read more: The Daily Sceptic, 19 July 2022

Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA Product is 13-Times Less Effective at Preventing Infection With SARS-CoV-2 than Naturally Acquired Immunity!

A high-impact peer-reviewed scientific paper was just brought to my attention. Here is the take-home message as concluded by the authors in the discussion section of the paper:

“Our analysis demonstrates that SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees had a 13.06-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected, when the first event (infection or vaccination) occurred during January and February of 2021. The increased risk was significant for a symptomatic disease as well.”

Read more: Dr. Byram W. Bridle, 20 July 2022

The Data Are In: Objective Scientists Were Right All Along

Most people do not know what negative vaccine efficacy is. Nor do they know the difference between vaccine efficacy and vaccine effectiveness. We’re changing that by teaching the world the Math of Vaccine Science this fall.

Measures like these require data. And Dr. Peter McCullough reviewed data for two hours in Grand Rapids, Michigan to a crowd of doctors and laypeople. He sent me his slides. I’m presenting these slides to you without commentary – but with links to each resource he cites so you can share this article with physicians and scientists who are beginning to scratch their heads.

Read more: James Lyons-Weiler, 20 July 2022

The Leading Cause of Death in Alberta, Canada Is ‘Unknown Causes’

Several doctors and a civil liberties lawyer in the Canadian province are raising concerns around the growing trend of deaths labelled as ill-defined or of unknown causes after an unprecedented increase in such deaths was recorded in 2021.

Read more: News Punch, 20 July 2022

New Report Shows mRNA in Covid-19 Jabs Can Convert Into DNA!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff joined Maria Zeee “to discuss complex findings as to the varied injuries caused by the Covid-19 injections, including explaining DNA damage, neurodegenerative diseases, behavioural issues and more that we are seeing, and will likely see a lot more of in the coming years.”

Read more: We Love Trump, 20 July 2022

Famous German Singer’s Home Raided on Suspicion of Fake ‘Vaccination’ Card – She Fights Back

Famous German singer Nina Maleika was shocked to find a judicial order from the court that had been left on her desk by police when she returned home from her vacation in Italy. While away, authorities had broken into her home and searched inside on “suspicion” of a fake Covid vaccination card.

The Hamburg police and government chose the wrong victim to target. The authorities’ actions have not only led to a wave of solidarity with the well-known artist but awakened the lioness in her to fight the state’s illegal search. Instead of intimidating her and discouraging further protest, Maleika released a video exposing the state’s violation of her property and intimidation tactics:

“Dear Germany, dearest fascist Germany, dear oppressive structure, dear courts, the time will come when we will catch you fascists, and I will not do it personally; it will happen automatically.”

Read more: RAIR Foundation USA, 21 July 2022

How the “vaccinated” produce variants, why they suffer repeat infections with SARS-CoV-2, and progress to Covid disease more often than the “unvaccinated”

I read Dr Paul AlexanderGeert Vanden BosscheBad Cattitude and Dr Robert Malone daily (sometimes ten times a day thanks to Paul!). They often write about the virology and immunology explaining how and why the mRNA injections, aka “vaccines”, can be responsible for the unnatural selection of variants, repeat infections and more frequent progression to disease for the vaccinated. But what does this all mean?

I’m going to test my own understanding and attempt to explain it in lay terms for those of us who can’t always make head nor tail of the experts.

Read more: Joel Smalley, 21 July 2022

QANTAS admits pilot and cabin crew sickness as cause of airline cancellations

QANTAS admits pilot and cabin crew sickness as cause of airline cancellations. “Sickness in our 737 pilots is double, cabin crew 40% above pre-Covid levels because of Covid and flu season. Everybody else is seeing that as well.”

Think about this. Australia: “More than 95% of people aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated.” So how can Covid sickness be a widescale issue if, per CASA’s Dr. Kate Manderson, “vaccines are safe and effective and will stop you getting really sick.”

Read more: Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition, 21 July 2022

‘Stunning’: 1 in 5,000 Covid Shots Caused ‘Serious Side Effects,’ German Health Officials Admit

The German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) on Wednesday posted a “stunning tweet” admitting 1 of every 5,000 Covid-19 vaccinations cause “serious side effects.”

Although likely an “underestimation” due to voluntary reporting, according to Alex Berenson, the admission implies almost 300,000 Americans and Europeans have experienced a severe adverse event after receiving a Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.

Read more: Children’s Health Defense, 21 July 2022

Meanwhile, Braunschweig Municipal Hospital in Germany has hired an ‘Employee Happiness Manager’. Since November, an “employee happiness manager” has been supporting everyone employed at the hospital, including doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel. She is there to ensure the company’s happiness.

Chief physicians are pleased that they don’t have to reduce the working hours of young colleagues, thanks to the support of the happiness manager.

Read more: Medscape, 7 July 2022

Researchers Suspect New Variants of Rapidly Progressing Brain Degenerating Diseases from Covid-19 Vaccines

Dr. Stephanie Seneff and many others have been suspicious of the actual safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines from the moment they started to be administered to the population.

Research into this novel technology made her very concerned that the vaccine could cause incurable prion diseases and prion-like diseases within the population in five to 10 years, or even further down the line.

In 2021, months after the rollout of the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, Seneff published a peer-reviewed paper with Dr. Greg Nigh (pdf).

In the study, she and Nigh declared that a vaccine that produced the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus could be a health concern as the spike protein has a prion region that is able to interact with proteins on human cells.

Prions are common proteins that naturally exist in the human brain. However, in the case of prion diseases, the prion will come into contact with a misfolded (pathogenic) prion, and just like a set of dominoes, the single contact will cause all other normal prions to become pathogenic, slowly killing the individual.

Awful as it sounds, it generally is a slow kill, often taking decades after the first exposure for symptoms to appear.

Read more: The Epoch Times, 12 July 2022

‘Pandemic of the Boosted’: UK Data Reveal ‘Fatal Problem’ With Covid Shots

Using data from the “Office for Manipulated Statistics” Rob Verkerk, PhD, analyses official data from the UK and Australia and found people who get four or more doses of a Covid-19 “vaccine” are about 100 times more likely to be hospitalised than those who are vaccine-free.

For the data-hungry among you, it’s all there in Table 3 from the latest edition of the “Deaths by vaccination status, England” dataset courtesy of the ONS’s National Immunisation Management Service.

Look beneath the surface of these data and you’ll find a problem, however. A fatal problem.

The same dataset also tells you that you’ll be 65% more likely to die from non-Covid-19 deaths if your jabs are fully up-to-date, compared with being unvaccinated.

Read more: Children’s Health Defense, 21 July 2022

TrialSite News Truthbombs Pfizer and Moderna

Evidence of Scientific and Regulatory Fraud, HHS Administrative State Collusion.

Trial Site News has recently published two comprehensive analyses of the non-clinical data package sections of the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 mRNA vaccine regulatory submissions. Speaking as someone who has been trained and has had decades of experience in non-clinical research, clinical research, and regulatory affairs (including submission and defence of multiple initial new drug – IND- applications to the FDA), as I read these articles I am impressed by the careful wording and step by step analysis provided by the author, who is a very experienced regulatory affairs professional.

Reading the conclusions of both of these, which are essentially bookends to each other (one relating to the Pfizer package, the other to the Moderna package), I am struck by how far the FDA (and CDC) have fallen from their prior standards.

These two articles may be difficult reading for the uninitiated, as the wording is a bit foreign to the untutored reader. But even harder for those who can understand the nuances, and have spent decades getting trained and practising their craft in these areas. The titles barely scratch the surface of the profound corruption which they reveal.

On the basis of this fraud, the entire world was injected, including compulsory vaccination of many including the US Military. This is a crime against humanity. And I am not sure how my profession will ever recover from this during my lifetime.

Read more: Dr. Robert Malone, 21 July 2022

South Africa vs Australia (July 21st, 2022), Covid cases, deaths, excess mortality, vaccination rate); why is epidemiology so different as to waves? Graphs: India, Austria, Germany, Japan, New Zealand

These graphs are telling; it tells us that the vaccinated nations with heavy vaccine, lead to increased infections, then cases, then hospitalizations, and deaths. The data is clear. And South Africa stands out as an African nation for its delayed vaccine, still has low vaccine rates for Covid, and has thus benefitted from natural exposure immunity and the training of the innate immune system by its children and young persons.

Read more: Dr. Paul Alexander, 21 July 2022

CDC job posting reveals they lied, the vaccines are unsafe, and Pfizer lied too!

“The contractor shall implement a staffing and operations plan focusing only on vaccine adverse event (VAE) reports after Covid-19 vaccines to help process an estimated 770,000 digital reports per year. Periods of heavier and lighter reporting volume are anticipated throughout the year. Contractor is responsible for maintaining active monitoring and adjusting of the number of reports processed on an annual basis.”

There are 3 important tacit admissions in this CDC job posting, wrote Steve Kirsch.

  1. The CDC admits that the Covid vaccines are unsafe. You can’t have 770,000 VAERS reports per year with a safe vaccine. That’s unprecedented.
  2. The CDC knows the reportable adverse events are off the charts and will continue to be a problem going forward (“an estimated 770,000 digital reports per year”). Most people are not going to file a VAERS report (which is a PITA and takes 30 minutes or more) unless it is serious. I assure you that 770,000 adverse event reports per year is certainly not “rare.”
  3. Finally, the job posting is a tacit admission by the CDC that there was serious fraud in the Pfizer and Moderna trials. These trials both reported adverse events that were not significantly different from the placebo group for the first dose.

Read more: Steve Kirsch, 21 July 2022

Blinded by Science!

Highlighting a study ‘The effect of BNT162b2 SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine on menstrual cycle symptoms in healthy women’, Dr. Robert Malone wrote: “CDC and FDA claim that the effects of the Covid mRNA vax on reproductive health are rare. They lied … This issue is critical, as sperm counts in “western “countries have decreased 52% from 1973 to 2011.”

Read more: Dr. Robert Malone, 21 July 2022

Devastating RIVM Netherlands Covid vaccine report: ‘Booster and repeat shot needed in the elderly to bring protection up to standard’; Covid injections (mRNA) DO NOT stop severe disease!

Referring to Table 4 in the article published by Netherlands’ RVIM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment), ‘Booster and repeat shot needed in the elderly to bring protection up to standard,’ (Dutch to English using Google translate) Dr Paul Alexander highlights the problem.

As you can see, there is negative effectiveness throughout whether 12-49 age band or pronounced in 70+ age group. Negative effectiveness means one is more at risk of infection post-injection. The injection is playing a role in facilitating infection.

After seven months (30 + weeks), vaccinated people 50 to 69 years old had a 68 per cent greater risk of being hospitalised for Covid relative to the unvaccinated who had a 41 per cent greater risk of needing intensive care. Again, negative effectiveness was abundant.

Read more: Dr. Paul Alexander, 22 July 2022

FDA Relied on Scientific Fraud to Authorise Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine for Infants and Toddlers

Since it is widespread common knowledge that the risk to children of dying from COVID-19 is statistically zero, and the risk of hospitalisation is also extraordinarily low, the FDA in its emergency use authorization decision memorandum highlighted the risk to children of Long COVID.

The FDA acknowledged that the data are “sparse” but cited a report from the UK Office for National Statistics finding that 7.2% of children who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 reported continued symptoms at 12 weeks post-infection.

Thus, the FDA implies that seven out of every one-hundred children infected with the virus may develop Long COVID.

However, because that report was based on a survey of self-reported symptoms and was otherwise not methodologically sound enough to estimate the true rate of long-term symptoms in children attributable to SARS-CoV-2 infection, the UK report explicitly states, “It is not possible to infer from this analysis whether self-reported symptoms are caused by coronavirus infection.”

That naturally didn’t stop the FDA from fraudulently drawing precisely that inference in order to push its emergency use authorisation through.

Read more: James Lyons-Weiler, 23 July 2022

Let’s Celebrate the AMAZING Ivermectin

Ivermectin works – just not for Big Pharma.

I’d like to extend a warm, heartfelt invitation to everyone to join me in celebrating World Ivermectin Day this Saturday. In truth, I feel that every day should be an ivermectin day – but this extraordinary medicine has been so maligned, few people are even aware of its healing properties, let alone have access to it.

You can view a summary of the ivermectin story on the World Ivermectin Day website, which I warmly encourage you to visit. In brief, every strange twist and turn in the Covid-19 crisis has played out in the battle over ivermectin. This is a tale of big pharma cartels, captured media, scientific corruption, compromised scientific journals, lives lost for want of early treatment, and lives saved because of this wonder drug.

Read more: Dr Tess Lawrie, 21 July 2022​

Featured image: Our World in Data, Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccinations, retrieved 23 July 2022

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